What the taxpayer is dissatisfied with the proposed assessment?

The notice that includes the appraised value will also explain how to arrange for a personal informal hearing to review and explain the proposed assessment. A property owner planning to attend such a review should be prepared to support any disagreement regarding the appraised value of his/her property. For example, recent sales of similar or comparable properties are an indication of value. A recent purchase price of the property may also help to support a view as to value. Also, the cost of recently constructed comparable buildings could support a belief of fair market value as well as a recent certified appraisal of the property.

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1. Will the Borough of Point Pleasant Beach gain more tax dollars as a result of the revaluation?
2. What is a revaluation?
3. Is this revaluation program voluntary?
4. What is meant by “full and fair value”?
5. What has to be done during a revaluation program?
6. What if I am not home when they come to do the inspection?
7. Will a revaluation increase taxes?
8. How can my assessment increase and my taxes not go up?
9. Then why do a revaluation?
10. Will taxpayers be informed of their proposed assessment?
11. What the taxpayer is dissatisfied with the proposed assessment?
12. What can a taxpayer do if he / she is unsuccessful in having the valuation of his / her property revised as a result of attending the informal hearing?
13. How can I estimate the fair market value of my property?
14. How can property owners help to make the process more efficient?
15. What determines how my property will be valued?