Community Endowment Fund 2024


  • Mayor Doug Vitale
  • Christine Riehl
  • Maryann Ellsworth
  • Scott Greenberg
  • Peter Wolf


The Point Pleasant Beach Community Endowment Fund Inc. is an independent, community-based, non-profit organization, which seeks to set an example of community involvement in and support for the needs of the Borough of Point Pleasant Beach. The Point Pleasant Beach Community Endowment Fund seeks to assist the Mayor and Borough Council by securing private sector resources and community support to provide for worthwhile capital improvement and other projects and events and purchases for the community to lessen the burden on the local taxpayers and to improve the quality of life for our residents.

Any donations to the Foundation are considered tax exempt (if goods or services are received, the portion in excess of the cost of the goods or services is tax exempt). Donations may be earmarked for how you want them applied, i.e., to plant a tree, purchased recycling containers, obtain plants for the Beautification Committee, animal neutering, etc.