Rental Properties

The Borough of Point Pleasant is pleased to announce a streamlined online rental registration process for Landlord and Rental registration. Starting immediately, property owners can apply for their rental certificate of occupancy online.

After completing the online form, you will be provided an opportunity to pay conveniently online and submit your application. Should you choose not to make payment online please print the invoice attached to your email confirmation and remit with payment in person or via mail within 15 days to:

Building and Licensing Department
416 New Jersey Avenue
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742

After payment has been received by this office and the review has been completed, an inspection of the property will be scheduled. Please note that failure to complete this application and obtain an inspection for a Rental License for each dwelling unit prior to occupancy or advertising is punishable by a fine not to exceed $500. A thorough and complete inspection will be performed to include smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, all utilities, appliances, and the exterior of the property. The inspector will need access to all spaces including but not limited to the attic, crawlspaces, basements, utility rooms, and owner-occupied areas. The property owner, tenant (in case of renewal), or authorized representative shall be on location at the time of inspection. If the property has to be re-inspected for violations or a missed inspection a $100 fee will be charged. All fees are non-refundable.

Items of Note

  • There is a new revised Rental Ordinance made effective on December 17, 2021. The full ordinance can be found here. Ordinance 2021-33 REVISED 12/06/21
  • All seasonal rentals license expires on December 31st of the year it was issued.
  • All annual rental license expires on December 31st of their third year or at change of tenant whichever comes first. Annual Example Issued on February 10, 2022, expires December 31, 2025.
  • All tenant information is required when filling out an annual rental license application.
  • If available at the time of application all tenant information should be put in for a seasonal rental license.
  • If you have information on new seasonal tenants as the year progresses you must email that information to email that information to the Building Department before the tenant occupies the rental. (Tenant names, permeant address, dates of rental.)
  • Short-term rentals are prohibited. No dwelling, or segment thereof, may be rented or leased for a term of less than a month. For the period between September 30th and May 15th.
  • Exception for seasonal short-term rentals. Minimum rentals of seven days or more of a dwelling unit are permitted during the period from May 15th through September 30th.
  • For more information on short-term rental exceptions please see the linked ordinance above.

Landlord / Tenants Rights Booklet

The State Department of Community Affairs distributes a Landlord-Tenants Rights booklet. This booklet is an excellent source of information for tenants as well as landlords. A copy of this booklet can be obtained by contacting the following address:

Office of Landlord-Tenant Information
Department of Community Affairs
CN 805
Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0805

Or you can visit the Landlord -Tenant Information page.

Guidelines for Inspections

  • Outside of the property clean of trash, debris, high grass, and weeds. No accumulation of any kind.
  • Outside of house and trim, clean and neat (no peeling, chipping, or worn).
  • Number on house
  • Handrails are required where there are 3 or more risers, over 30 inches or more in height, and for all stairs or steps used for egress. Handrails are secured.
  • Decks are secured and free from rotten boards.
  • All windows are properly maintained (open and close freely).
  • Window locking devices in proper working order.
  • Window screens are provided and are free from holes.
  • All basement windows have tight-fitting covers.
  • Sliding entry and privacy doors have knobs or handles that are secure. All doors must open and close freely.
  • Sliding doors must have operable locks.
  • Deadbolt locks have a thumb latch.
  • Interior of the house, all rooms are painted, clean, and neat (not peeling or chipping).
  • The apartment/House was completely cleaned.
  • Handrails inside are secured.
  • Carpets are clean, free of ripped or worn areas, and free from holes.
  • All bedrooms have privacy doors and are free from holes.
  • All bathrooms have privacy doors and are free from holes.
  • All doors are free from holes.
  • Closets have doors, poles, and shelves secured.
  • All sliding closet doors have door guards.
  • The stove furnished by the owner, is clean and operable.
  • All appliances are clean and operable.
  • Electric on and in working order.
  • All electrical switches and outlets are operating properly.
  • Gas on and in working order.
  • The plumbing fixtures are in working order.
  • No leaks in any faucet, pipes, or under the sink.
  • Heating system safe and sufficient heating from October 1st to May 15th. All heat outlets are permanent and secured to the wall.
  • Smoke Detectors are up and in working order.
  • Carbon Monoxide detectors are up and in working order. Please refer to the manufacturers' installation
  • Fire Extinguisher no smaller than 2A:10B:C, less than 10 lbs., rated for residential use, hung in a visible location within 10 feet of the kitchen area, no higher than 5 feet off the floor, near a room exit or travel path to the exterior. Must be accompanied by the owner's manual/written information regarding the operation, inspection, and maintenance of the extinguisher. The extinguisher must be installed with operating instructions clearly visible.
  • The rental unit is maintained in good repair, structurally sound, and in a sanitary condition.

This is not a complete list. However, it is an overview to provide you with an idea of what the inspector will be checking.

Should you have any questions or require guidance on the above please contact us by emailing the Building Department or calling Patty Harth at 732-892-1118, ext. 236