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New Ordinances in Point Pleasant Beach

ORDINANCE 2017-27 Amendment to Bond Ordinance 2016-09
ORDINANCE 2017-26 Handicap Parking Space in front of 514 Delaware
ORDINANCE 2017-25 Bond for Improvements to Parkway Phase I & II
ORDINANCE 2017-22A Eliminate 2 15-Minute Parking Spots on Broadway/Add 2 on Arnold
ORDINANCE 2017-24 Replace Reference to BOCA Code with ICC
ORDINANCE 2017-21 Amend Salary Ordinance
ORDINANCE 2017-20 Amending Ch. XII to Waive Demo Fees for Fire Training
ORDINANCE 2017-19 Establishing a Fire Lane on Parkway, Pursuant to BOA Approval
ORDINANCE 2017-18 Amending Ch. III to Add Unmanned Aircraft Regs
ORDINANCE 2017-17 Amending Definitions in Development Ordinance
ORDINANCE 2017- 16 Vacating Portion of Land Pursuant to Resolution of Boylan Litigation
ORDINANCE 2017-15 Updating Municipal Beach Regulations
ORDINANCE 2017-14 Creation of Parking Services Agency
ORDINANCE 2017-13 Dissolution of Parking Authority
ORDINANCE 2017-12 Water/Sewer Utility Bond
ORDINANCE 2017-11 Multi-purpose Bond
ORDINANCE 2017-10 Amend Ch IX - Issuance of Parking Pass
ORDINANCE 2017-09 Amend Ch IX, Scheule XXII - Handicapped Spaces
ORDINANCE 2017-08 Amend Chapter XII - State Permit Fees
ORDINANCE 2017-07 Amend Chapter X - Parking Meters & Pay Machines
ORDINANCE 2017-06 Cap Bank
ORDINANCE 2017-05 Extend Fire Co Applicant Residency Radius to 7 Miles
ORDINANCE 2017-04 Refunding Bond Ordinance
ORDINANCE 2017-03 Amend Ch. VI Section 7 - Taxi License Term
ORDINANCE 2017-02 Amend Chapter XIX
ORDINANCE 2017-01 Amend Chapter XIX - Definitions & Encroachments
ORDINANCE 2016-22 Amend Development Ordinance to Remove Ambiguity
ORDINANCE 2016-21 Increase Fees for Private Parking Lot Licenses
ORDINANCE 2016-20 Amend Police Salary Ordinance
ORDINANCE 2016-19 Amend Salary Ordinance
ORDINANCE 2016-18 Invasive Plants
ORDINANCE 2016-17 Amend Borough Code 15-14 to Designate Long Point Lane a Fire Lane
ORDINANCE 2016-13 Amend Code Replacing Requirement to Publish Special Event Map with Requirement to Provide Map/Route to Newspaper
ORDINANCE 2016-16 Water/Sewer Utility Bond
ORDINANCE 2016-15 Amend Borough Code Chapter XIX, Sections 7, 8, 9, 11 & 13 to Permit Additional Parking West of Ocean Ave
ORDINANCE 2016-14 Multi-Purpose Bond
ORDINANCE 2016-12 Amend Borough Health Code to Revise Noise Violation Fine
ORDINANCE 2016-11 Revision to Parking Rates
ORDINANCE 2016-10 Capital Ordinance
ORDINANCE 2016-09 Bond Ordinance Little Silver Lake Drainage
ORDINANCE 2016-08 Paid Parking at Inlet Drive Commercial Lots
ORDINANCE 2016-07 Towing Fees
ORDINANCE 2016-06 Cap Bank
ORDINANCE 2016-05 Additional Ocean Ave Parking
ORDINANCE 2016-04 Amend Parking Plan to Include Fisherman Passes
ORDINANCE 2016-03 Bid Taxi License
ORDINANCE 2016-02 Rezoning - 5 Riverwood Parcels
ORDINANCE 2016-01 Flood Damage Prevention
ORDINANCE 2015-27 Amend Salary Ordinance-Titles
ORDINANCE 2015-26 Bond Ordinance Little Silver Lake Dredging
ORDINANCE 2015-25 Appropriation from Capital Surplus
ORDINANCE 2015-24 Revision to Noise Ordinance
ORDINANCE 2015-23 Authorize Auction of Annual Taxi License
ORDINANCE 2015-22 Atlantic Avenue Parking Revisions
ORDINANCE 2015-21 Amendment to Taxi Ordinance
ORDINANCE 2015-20 Residential Permit Parking Plan
ORDINANCE 2015-17 Revision to Ord 2015-13 - Principal Bldg Area
ORDINANCE 2015-16 Dog Tethering
ORDINANCE 2015-15 Multi-Purpose Bond
ORDINANCE 2015-14 Water/Sewer Utility Bond
ORDINANCE 2015-13 Amend Chapter X1X - Principal Bldg Area
ORDINANCE 2015-12 Amend Chapter XIX - Height
ORDINANCE 2015-10 Reserved Loading & Unloading Spots on Forman
ORDINANCE 2015-09 Creating a Shop Local Program
ORDINANCE 2015-08 Height Ordinance
ORDINANCE 2015-07 Repealing & Replacing Ordinance 2013-51
ORDINANCE 2015-06 Amend Front Lawn Parking
ORDINANCE 2015-05 Cap Bank
ORDINANCE 2015-04 Amend Code 9-3.6 - American Legion Way Parking
ORDINANCE 2015-03 Amend Code 2-13 - Fire Vehcile Use Limit
ORDINANCE 2015-02 Repeal Unconstitutional Religious Activity Regulations
ORDINANCE 2015-01 Create Floodplain Management Plan Committee
ORDINANCE 2014-26 Amend Salary Ordinance
ORDINANCE 2014-25 Second Hand Dealers
ORDINANCE 2014-24 Amend Fire Lane Ordinance
ORDINANCE 2014-23 Refunding Bond Ordinance
ORDINANCE 2014-22 - Handicap Parking Space - Randall Ave
ORDINANCE 2014-20 - Multi-Purpose Bond
ORDINANCE 2014-19 - Water/Sewer Bond
ORDINANCE 2014-21 - Curb Cuts
ORDINANCE 2014-18 - Amend Taxi Insurance Provision
ORDINANCE 2014-17 Establish $3.00 Fee for Weekend Garbage Bags
ORDINANCE 2014-14 Bond Ordinance Fire Truck Acquisition
ORDINANCE 2014-16 Provide for auction of annual taxi license with a minimum bid of $7,500.00
ORDINANCE 2014-15 Amending Ordinance 2014-08
ORDINANCE 2014-13 Cap Bank
ORDINANCE 2014 -10 Acquisition of Property
ORDINANCE 2014-04 Front Lawn Parking
ORDINANCE 2014-11 Bond Ordinance - Acquisition of Property
ORDINANCE 2014-12 Alternate Bond Ordinance - Purchase of Property
ORDINANCE 2014-09 Amendment to Ordinance 2013-44-Taxi Licenses
ORDINANCE 2014-08 Amendment to TWU Salary Ordinance
ORDINANCE 2014-07 Extending Hours for Home Construction/Reconstruction for NJ RREM Contractors
ORDINANCE 2014-06 Amend Zoning Ordinance - Definition of Story
ORDINANCE 2014-03 Meeting Procedures
ORDINANCE 2014-02 Amendment to Nepotism Ordinance
ORDINANCE 2014 -01 Repeal Ordinances 2013-47 through 2013-50
ORDINANCE 2013-52 Capital Surplus Funds
ORDINANCE 2013-51 Temporary Disability Benefits
ORDINANCE 2013-50 Rescind Meeting Protocol Ordinance
ORDINANCE 2013-49 Guidance for Borough Professionals Regarding Referrals
ORDINANCE 2013-48 Amendment to Nepotism Ordinance
ORDINANCE 2013-47 Amendment to Special Events Ordinance
ORDINANCE 2013-46 Stop Sign - Griffiths and Arbutus
ORDINANCE 2013-45 Bond Ordinance - Fire Rescue Vehicle
ORDINANCE 2013-44 Taxi Licenses
ORDINANCE 2013-42 Condemnation for Dune Project
ORDINANCE 2013-41 Vacate Portion of Alley
ORDINANCE 2013-40 International Fire Code 2006
ORDINANCE 2013-39 Energy Aggregation
ORDINANCE 2013-38 Amend Zoning Ord - Definition of Story
ORDINANCE 2013-37 Amend Titles & Salaries
ORDINANCE 2013-36 Capital Surplus
ORDINANCE 2013-35 Non-FEMA Boardwalk Bond
ORDINANCE 2013-34 Multi-Purpose Bond
ORDINANCE 2013-33 Non-Union Personnel Salaries
ORDINANCE 2013-32 Dune Easement
ORDINANCE 2013-31 - Amend Ordinance 2013-23
ORDINANCE 2013-30 Zoning Amendment - District Regulations
ORDINANCE 2013-29 - Resident Parking in portion of District 3
ORDINANCE 2013-28 - Overnight Parking in Central Boardwalk Residential Area
ORDINANCE 2013-26 District 4 Parking Plan
ORDINANCE 2013-25 Parking - West Side of Beacon Lane
ORDINANCE 2013-24 Establish Cap Bank
ORDINANCE 2013-23 Teamster's Salary Provisions
ORDINANCE 2013-22 Clarification Hotel/Motel License Exception
ORDINANCE 2013-21 Public Defender
ORDINANCE 2013-20 Parking Pass Placement
ORDINANCE 2013-19 Multi-Purpose Bond
ORDINANCE 2013-18 Refunding Bond
ORDINANCE 2013-17 Appeals to the Board of Adjustment
ORDINANCE 2013-16 Rain Gardens & Curb Plantings
ORDINANCE 2013-15 Boardwalk Bond Amendment
ORDINANCE 2013-14 Amend 2013-02 Parking Regulations in Designated Areas
ORDINANCE 2013-13 Rescind Ban on Meeting Attendance Via Telecongerencing
ORDINANCE 2013-12 Title 39 Rights
ORDINANCE 2013-11 Miscellaneous Water/Sewer Charges
ORDINANCE 2013-10 Reconstruction of Single-Family Residential Units
ORDINANCE 2013-09 - Salaries for New Hires
ORDINANCE 2013-08 - Water/Sewer Rates
ORDINANCE 2013-07 Non-referral of Business by Borough Professionals
ORDINANCE 2013-06 Move Single Family Residential Zone Line
ORDINANCE 2013-05 Permission to Increase Dwelling Height
ORDINANCE 2013-04 Zoning Changes Due to New ABFE Maps
ORDINANCE 2013-03 Amendment to Parking Rates Certain Streets
ORDINANCE 2013-02 Overnight Parking Portions of D3 & D4
ORDINANCE 2013-01 - ABC License Hours of Operation
ORDINANCE 2012-37 Reconstruction of Singe Family Residential Housing Units
ORDINANCE 2012-36 Watr/Sewer Rates
ORDINANCE 2012-35 Fleet Vehicle Parking
ORDINANCE 2012-33 Noise Control
ORDINANCE 2012-32 Boardwalk Rehab Bond
ORDINANCE 2012-31 Parking Restrictions on Richmond Avenue
ORDINANCE 2012-29 Restrict Pet Sales
ORDINANCE 2012-30 Boardwalk Assessment Bond
ORDINANCE 2012-28 Establish Handicap Parking
ORDINANCE 2012-27 Third Pary Payroll Disbursement
ORDINANCE 2012-26 InfraRed Patch Road Restoration Requirement
ORDINANCE 2012-25 Communications Operator Salary
ORDINANCE 2012-24 Licensing TaxiCabs
ORDINANCE 2012-23 Seasonal Rentals
ORDINANCE 2012-21 Noise Control
ORDINANCE 2012-20 Amending 2012-12
ORDINANCE 2012-19 Placement of Resident Parking Pass
ORDINANCE 2012-18 Water/Sewer Utility Bond
ORDINANCE 2012-17 - Mult-purpose Bond
ORDINANCE 2012-16 Modify hours of ABC license operation upon petition of licensee
ORDINANCE 2012-15 ABC License Hours of Operation
ORDINANCE 2012-14 Vehicle Weight restrictions on Laurel Ave
ORDINANCE 2012-13 ABC License Hours of Operation
ORDINANCE 2012-12 Pilot Parking Program for District 4
ORDINANCE 2012-11 Establish Cap Bank
ORDINANCE 2012-10 Police Salaries
ORDINANCE 2012-09 Composition of Police Department
ORDINANCE 2012-06 Residential Parking Pass
ORDINANCE 2012-04 Open Space Committee Members
ORDINANCE 2012-08 Seasonal Rental & C O Fees
ORDINANCE 2012-07 Waste Materials & Collection
ORDINANCE 2012-05 Boardwalk Bond
ORDINANCE 2012-03 Combination Sewer Cleaner Truck Acquisition Bond
ORDINANCE 2012-02 Amusement Game License Fees
ORDINANCE 2012-01 Remove Bus Stop/Washington Ave
ORDINANCE 2011-26 Reorganization Meeting
ORDINANCE 2011-25 Shade Tree with Amendment
ORDINANCE 2011-23 Public Urination, Disrobing and Tailgating
ORDINANCE 2011-22 Sanitary Sewer Rehab Bond
ORDINANCE 2010-21 Seasonal Rentals
ORDINANCE 2011-20 Smoke Alarm Certification Fees
ORDINANCE 2011-19 Single Stream Recycling
ORDINANCE 2011-18 No Parking on portion of New York Avenue
ORDINANCE 2011-17 Tax Refund Bond
ORDINANCE 2011-16 Traffic Amendment in Conjunction with Ocean County
ORDINANCE 2011-15 Amusement Games License Fees
ORDINANCE 2011-14 Traffic Signal Cameras
ORDINANCE 2011-13 Establish Cap Bank

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