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ORDINANCE 2011-16 Traffic Amendment in Conjunction with Ocean County
ORDINANCE 2011-15 Amusement Games License Fees
ORDINANCE 2011-14 Traffic Signal Cameras
ORDINANCE 2011-13 Establish Cap Bank
ORDINANCE 2011-11 Parking Fees - Inlet Recreation Area
ORDINANCE 2011-10 Special Event Public Works Fees
ORDINANCE 2011-09 Quasi Police Duty Fees
ORDINANCE 2011-08 Public Assembly
ORDINANCE 2011-07 Amusement Games Licenses
ORDINANCE 2011-06 Real Estate Signs
ORDINANCE 2011-05 Parking Machine Locations
ORDINANCE 2011-03 Size of Recycling/Refuse Containers
ORDINANCE 2011-02 Department of Fire
ORDINANCE 2011-01 Increase Hotel/Motel Tax
ORDINANCE 2010-55 Parking Machine Bond
ORDINANCE 2010-54 Lake Louise Dredge Bond
ORDINANCE 2010-53 Four Ton Weight Limit on Various Borough Roads
ORDINANCE 2010-51 Amend OPRA Fees
ORDINANCE 2010-50 Waste Materials and Collection
ORDINANCE 2010-49 Reappropriation Bond/2008-30
ORDINANCE 2008-48 Reappropriation Bond/2007-17
ORDINANCE 2010-46 Development/Structures & Height Limits
ORDINANCE 2010-45 Ground Cover, Rain Gardens & Curb Planting
ORDINANCE 2010-43 Bed & Breakfast Inns
ORDINANCE 2010-41 - Building East of the Boardwalk
ORDINANCE 2010-40 Amend Water Sewer Rates
ORDINANCE 2010-39 Amend Coin Toss Regulations
ORDINANCE 2010-38 Resident Parking Permit Limitations
ORDINANCE 2010-37 Amend OPRA Fees
ORDINANCE 2010-36 Hanicapped Parking Penalties
ORDINANCE 2010-35 Prevent Refuse from Mixing with Stormwater
ORDINANCE 2010-34 Private Storm Drain Retrofitting
ORDINANCE 2010-33 Shade Tree
ORDINANCE 2010-32 Handicapped Student Drop Off
ORDINANCE 2010-31 Mobile Vendors-Hours of Operation
ORDINANCE 2010-30 Establish Loading Zone on Baltimore
ORDINANCE 2010-29 Building East of the Boardwalk
ORDINANCE 2010-28 Pedestrian Crossings
ORDINANCE 2010-27 Seasonal One-Way Harvard Avenue
ORDINANCE 2010-26 Water/Sewer Rates
ORDINANCE 2010-25 Resident Parking Pass
ORDINANCE 2010-24 Parking on Baltimore and Ocean Avenues
ORDINANCE 2010-23 - Establish Cap Bank
ORDINANCE 2010-22 Coin Toss Regulations
ORDINANCE 2010-21 Wastewater Discharge Prohibitions
ORDINANCE 2010-19 Establish Position of Police Director
ORDINANCE 2010-18 Vacate Portion of Carter Avenue
ORDINANCE 2010-16 Metered Parking on Portion of Channel Drive
ORDINANCE 2010-15 Road Opening Bonds
ORDINANCE 2010-12 Reduce Hotel/Motel Tax
ORDINANCE 2010-11 Establish Two 15-Minute Parking Spaces
ORDINANCE 2010-10 Amend Building Fees
ORDINANCE 2010-09 Amend Parking Fees
ORDINANCE 2010-08 Meeting Protocol Policy
ORDINANCE 2010-06 Advisory Bodies to Council
ORDINANCE 2010-05 Waste Materials & Collection
ORDINANCE 2010-04 - Establish Geese Force
ORDINANCE 2010-03 Amend Anti-Nepoltism Policy
ORDINANCE 2010-02 Advisory Committees
ORDINANCE 2010-01 Authority to Draft Ordinances
Ordinance 2009-40 Water/Sewer Service Lines
ORDINANCE 2009-39 Salary Ordinance Amendment
ORDINANCE 2009-38 Identify Theft Policy
ORDINANCE 2009-36 Amend Special Event Ordinance
ORDINANCE 2009-35 Bonding for Fire Truck
ORDINANCE 2009-34 Amend Administrative Code
ORDINANCE 2009-33 Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Bond
ORDINANCE 2009-32 Salaries
ORDINANCE 2009-31 Towing Regulations
ORDINANCE 2009-30 Lake of the Lillies Dredging Bond
ORDINANCE 2009-29 Parking on West Side of Beacon Lane
ORDINANCE 2009-28 15 Minute Parking on Broadway
ORDINANCE 2009-27 Handicap Parking
ORDINANCE 2009-26 Amend Ordinance 2009-07
ORDINANCE 2009-25 Amend Water/Sewer Charges
ORDINANCE 2009-24 Lake Louise Dredging Bond
ORDINANCE 2009-23 Duties of the Mayor
ORDINANCE 2009-22 ABC License Proximity Amendment
ORDINANCE 2009-21 Parking Authority Appointments
ORDINANCE 2009-20 Parking Requirements for Beaches
ORDINANCE 2009-19 Nepotism Ordinance Exceptions
ORDINANCE 2009-18 Bicycles on Boardwalk
ORDINANCE 2009-17 Capital Bond
ORDINANCE 2009-16 Parking on Municipal Way
ORDINANCE 2009-14 Amend ABC License Proximity Restrictions
ORDINANCE 2009-13 Amend Massage Parlor Code
ORDINANCE 2009-12 Establish Cap Bank
ORDINANCE 2009-11 Amend No Parking on Bay Avenue
ORDINANCE 2009-10 Establish Shade Tree Commission
ORDINANCE 2009-09 Extend Seasonal One-Way on Niblick Street
ORDINANCE 2009 08 Establish Developers Agreements
ORDINANCE 2009-07 Amend Water Sewer Ready To Use Charge
ORDINANCE 2009-06 Amend Grease Trap Ordinance
ORDINANCE 2009-05 - Duties of Plumbing Sub-Code Official
Ordinance 2009-04 Parking Lot at Ocean and N J Aves
Ordinance 2009-03 Add Parking Machines and amend start date
Ordinance 2009-02 Amend Electric Sub-Code Fees
Ordinance 2009-01 Use Resident Pass in Railroad Lot
Ordinance 2008-62 Establish a Development Fee
Ordinance 2008-61 Establish Handicap Parking Space
Ordinance 2008-60 Amend Health Insurance Opt-Out Provisions
Ordinance 2008-59 Amend Performance Guarantees for Street Openings
Ordinance 2008-58 Resident Pass Use in Railroad Parking Lot
Ordinance 2008-57 Bicycles on the Boardwalk
ORDINANCE 2008-56 Water Utility Bond
ORDINANCE 2008-55 Multi-Purpose Bond
Ordinance 2008-54 Amend GC and SF-5 Zones
Ordinance 2008-53 Dogs on Municipal Beach
ORDINANCE 2008-52 Pre-Existing Curb Cuts
Ordinance 2008-51 Parking of Bicycles
Ordinance 2008-50 Prohibit Professional Offices on First Floor in GC Zone
Ordinance 2008-49 Teamster Salary Ordinance Amendment
Ordinance 2008-48 Land Acquistion Bond - Block 45, Lot 4
Ordinance 2008-47 Recycling Regulations
ORDINANCE 2008-45 Ocean Avenue Land Acquisition
ORDINANCE 2008-42 Prohibit Single Family Homes in GC Zone
ORDINANCE 2008-41 Eliminate Handicap Parking Space
ORDINANCE 2008-40 Commercial Parking Pass
ORDINANCE 2008-39 - Parking of Bicycles
ORDINANCE 2008-38 Management of Feral Cats
ORDINANCE 2008-37 Teamsters Union Salaries
ORDINANCE 2008-36 Grease Traps
ORDINANCE 2008-35 - Games of Chance
ORDINANCE 2008-34 - Catch & Release
ORDINANCE 2008-33 - Police Salaries
ORDINANCE 2008-32 - Establish Handicap Parking Space
ORDINANCE 2008-31 Returned Check Fees
ORDINANCE 2008-30 Amend Bond Ordinance 2006-44
Ordinance 2008-29 Reappropriating Bond for Boston Avenue
Ordinance 2008-26 - Establish Position of Deputy Municipal Court Administrator
Ordinance 2008-25 - Vital Statistics Fees
ORDINANCE 2008-24 Parking on Maryland Avenue
ORDINANCE 2008-23 - Amend Parking Fees
ORDINANCE 2008-22 - Amend Certificate of Occupancy Fees
ORDINANCE 2008-21 Establish Electrical Sub-Code Fees
ORDINANCE 2008-20 Establish Penalties for Graffiti
ORDINANCE 2008-19 - Amend Special Event Fee Schedule
Ordinance 2008-18 Establish Position- Superintendent of Pubublic Works
ORDINANCE 2008-17 Establish Position of Supervisor Sewers/Supervisor Water
Ordinance 2008-16 Eliminate Director of Public Works Position
ORDINANCE 2008-15 Amend OPRA Fee Schedule
Ordinance 2008-14 Amend Road Opening Permit Regulations
Ordinance 2008-13 Exceed Budget Appropriations & Establish Cap Bank
Ordinance 2008-12 Captial Improvements Reappropriation Bond
Ordinance 2008-11 Capital Budget - Parking Lines
ORDINANCE 2008-06 Construction Fees
ORDINANCE 2008-05 Late Fees for Annual Fire Registration
ORDINANCE 2008-04 Late Fees for Mercantile Licenses
ORDINANCE 2008-03 Certificate of Occupancy Fees
ORDINANCE 2008-02 Additional Handicapped Space by High School
ORDINANCE 2008-01 Amend No Parking on portion of River Avenue

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