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August 4, 2009


The Mayor and Council of the Borough of Point Pleasant Beach met at 8:37 AM with Mayor Barrella and Council Members Mercun, Tooker, Cervino and Dixon present. Council Members Hennessy and Rizzo were absent. The Municipal Clerk read the notice indicating compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act.

Elissa Cummins, project engineer from Birdsall Engineering: addressed Council with regards to Lake Louise dredging project – 99% ready to go out to bid - need direction with respect to hours of operation – have a 2 month window to dredge the lake and any dredger would want to dredge 24/7 – know you can't vote today, but here to make you aware of issue – would not have a great affect on quality of life – generator sounds like a boat and light would be directed at the water – would shorten duration of project and cost less.
Councilman Mercun: would like to know whether decibel measurements of the generators are within accepted readings – concerned with school age children, who live around the lake that may be loosing sleep – maybe within the purview of that lake association to poll the residents around the lake.
Attorney Gertner: suggested putting current hours of construction (7AM – 6PM) in bid specs with an alternate bid of 24/7 operation so the Council could see difference in cost.
Councilman Mercun: suggested starting an hour early and ending 3 hours later than current ordinance allows.
Mayor Barrella: asked Ms. Cummins to contact John Olsen, head of the Lake Association, to get a consensus.
Elissa Cummins: have reached out to Coast Guard regarding any special considerations, but have not heard anything from them – have put onus on contractor to obtain permit from Coast Guard – also, the DEP office of Coastal Engineering has given us no special orders or considerations – have a consent order from DEP to dredge, but don't have actual permit.
Attorney Gertner: the DEP received a court order to issue the permit

Ordinance 2009-30 (Lake of the Lillies Dredge Bond) was introduced on first reading.
William Mayer, Bond Counsel: apprized Council of beneficial EIT interest rates.
Borough Engineer Savacool: have received authorization from one of the arms of the EIT program – have all permits in place and hope that will catapult us into a good spot on their list of projects.
Councilman Mercun: dredge of lake is of vital importance to our stormwater system – to continue to delay is to delay the inevitable, through our inaction this lake will die – setting ourselves up to loose 1/3 of our stormwater system – will seriously impact the lives of residents and wildlife in this town – totally irresponsible to ignore these facts – realize this will financially burden future taxpayers, of which I am one – we have opportunity under EIT to defray some of the costs – costs will only increase – once this lake is gone, it’s gone – the lake will never come back - expressed support to introduce on first reading to invite public comment at second reading of the ordinance.
Councilman Cervino: concur with Councilman Mercun – asked the price on bonding, if EIT funding does not come through.
Bond Counsel Mayer: if this project doesn't make it into the current 25/75 EIT program, would expect it would make it into their current 50/50 loan next year – if you had to do entire project at current market rates, would be about $ 1/2M more in interest over life of bond.
Engineer Savacool: due to magnitude of material taking out of that lake, project will outlast bond cycle – includes installation of two manufactured treatment devices to filter out sediment coming into the lake.
Motion by Councilman Mercun, seconded by Councilman Cervino and carried by the following roll call vote, Ordinance 2009-30 was approved on first reading. The public hearing will be September 15, 2009.
VOTE: Council Members Mercun, Tooker, Cervino, Dixon….YEA.
Mayor Barrella: this is a public safety issue – health of lake is important, but dredging is critical for stormwater management and it’s impact on public safety – have the permits – current contractor prices are more competitive and in our favor – remiss not to get it done.

Bond Counsel Mayer: need resolution to go to Local Finance Board for waiver of bond down payment, approval to borrow from EIT program and authorization to make semi-annual installment payments.
Motion by Councilman Mercun, to approve application to Local Finance Board, was seconded by Councilwoman Tooker and carried by the following roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Mercun, Tooker, Cervino, Dixon….YEA

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 AM.

Published December16, 2009 | Council Minutes | 915

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