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October 12, 2009


Monday, Oct.12,2009 7:30 pm
Point Pleasant Beach Town Hall

1.Approval of Sept. mintues.
2009 Budget: $3750. Sharon is under the impression that this money is already earmarked for ’08 on the FMP. Kitty will clarify with Kris Rhiel. UPDATE: email from Chris Rheil:For the budget, we expended the grant of $3,000.00, and another $1,240.00 to Forestree Consultants that was charged to shade tree. Your current balance in the shade tree account if $106.00. I would be willing to set aside $400.00 out of my admin budget to get you through year end. Chris indicated she would send FMP to State Forester Todd Wycoff for reimbursement of $3,000 .
3. Endowment: Can we get paypal on our town website?
C.Rheil responded: Not sure about the legalities of paypal, but will email the borough auditor to see if they have any objections. If allowed, do you know the procedures to set up an account, or should I research same?
4..To maintain our status as a commission: we must fulfill 4 requirements:
1 member and 1 borough employee must be “Core Trained”. These people must be actively involved in our town tree programs. We have 2 members CT (clem & sharon), but no borough employees. John Trout (Director of Public Works) to send an employee.
Two or more people representing our town must accrue 8 educational credits annually. (Done: sharon, pete & Clem)
An approved Forestry Management Plan. This plan is a 5 year plan of action for our group.(done)
4. An annual accomplishment report submitted before Feb. 15 of the following year.

4. Tree City USA: How do we do this? We are considering applying for status as a tree city usa. Clemens said the benefits would be having our group as part of a long recognized program endorsing the benefits of trees. Problem is that we need to show a per capita expense for trees. Kitty was concerned that recognition was pointless, and would only result in another metal sign and that metal has to be extracted from the earth and that would be countering our point as an eco-group. Clemens pointed out the benefits of being part of a larger group.
5.Pete: To compile a list of Tree Committees in other towns on the barrier island.
6.New Projects: a.sidewalk phamplet: To inform residents that sidewalks can & should be shaped around the tree trunk. Kittys working on it. (sharon to help)
Kim to create a public outreach campaign
Cramer ave (Blue Spruce).... permit denied... Orginally, Kitty & Elaine thought this tree was not in our jurisdiction. Kitty asked Elaine Petrillo to forward an email on her behalf pleading to spare the tree. However, it was decided at this meeting that this this tree is within our jurisdiction. The PPBSTC deemed this tree to be within our jurisdiction. We recommend pruning up. Kitty expressed conflict b/c this homeowner has approval for a modular home. This tree might be terminally damaged from the work, by no fault of the homeowner (based on past cases). In that case the homeowner would have to replace anyway. Others argued that every case is different. Tree damage is the responsibility of the homeowner. Also, others said that the ordinance states we have jurisdiction 25 feet from the center of the street on both sides of the center. Kitty to check this with town engineer & code enforecement. Update: Elaine denied permit as per PPBSTC suggestion. Lawyer representing homeowner asked for the legal definition of a shade tree. Kitty responded, a tree planted primarily for the purpose of providing shade, or any tree that has the potential of producing shade. Is this definition in our ordinance?
Arnold Ave.: Time to start tree removal & replacement. Sharon: working on a grant from Ocean First Foundation . Press: Ocean Star. Store Stella y Luna offered to display endowment fund info in store. (Stores who accept donations can be reimbursed for crdit card fees).Resident Chris Albers has already donated $500 to spearhead this project.Sharon Cadalzo donated $600. Kitty’s concern is the execution of the program...once donations are made there must be one person in charge of overseeing that the tree actually get planted & planted correctly. Kitty researched plaque costs.
update: Kitty met with a landscape architect re: cost of a professionally designed tree scape for arnold ave. Approx. $5,000. To reduce this cost Kitty obtained a professional survey of Arnold (done a few years ago by Schoor DePalma Engineering for sidewalk redesign). Kitty and Paul (Point Interiors) inspected each tree on Arnold Ave. and noted any relocation suggestions and accurately marked trees on survey. Kitty’s idea: remove most dangerous trees first. Replant in sections according to financial ability.
Rt. 35 North/Bridge landing: any update?Clemens : State still working with us on the rickover park rehab. Contractor did not aerate. We are workin towards a long term plan.
Sharon: County grant update: We applied for 25 trees on arnold ave., using species suggestions from Rich Reenstra. No response yet.
American Liberty Elm: Planted! To fufill our grant obligation we will have a dedication ceremony and mount the plaque provided. oct. 29 at 1:30. Kitty left message for HS shop teacher to discuss students building a bench.
High school: leaning tree... who can straigten it out?
Ordinance: PPBSTC to review before introducing. We intend on intorducing this at the jan. meeting.
FMP: Approved by town council. Now we must have it approved by the state.
703? new jersey: did they have a permit to remove tree?
204 princeton: removed tree without a permit. Did they replace the tree?

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