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JUNE 3, 2009



Chairman Ammirata stated that this is a regular meeting of the Point Pleasant Beach Planning Board and adequate notice of this meeting was given by publication in the Ocean Star and by posting a copy of said notice in the front office of the Borough Hall.

Members present: Chairman Ammirata, Councilwoman Tooker, Jim Harris, Elaine Koscinski and Mary Mossa.
Also present was Raymond Savacool, Planning Board Engineer and Dennis Galvin, Esq., Planning Board Attorney.

Motion by Mrs Koscinski, seconded by Mr. Harris and approved by roll call vote of those members present: Vouchers submitted approved for payment.

Motion by Mr. Harris seconded by Councilwoman Tooker and carried by roll call vote of those members present: Planning Board minutes from May 6, 2009 regular meeting approved. (Not Voting:
Mary Mossa, Elaine Koscinski)

Motion by Mr. Harris, seconded by Mrs. Koscinski and unanimously approved by roll call vote of those members present: Adoption of Resolution approving Ordinance #2009.09. Copy of Resolution attached hereto and made a part of these minutes.

1. Copy of Ocean County Planning Board minutes from their May 20, 2009 meeting; no action taken on property within Municipality;
2. Copy of Ocean County Planning Board minutes from their May 6, 2009 meeting wherein approval was give to 524 Arnold Avenue Associates;
3. Letter dated May 18, 2009 received from Steven Pardes, Esq., attorney for VanShoick application noting some errors in Resolution adopted by the Planning Board approving the application; letter referred to Dennis Galvin, Esq., for review to determine if an amendment to Resolution necessary.
Application #2009-340 submitted by 1500 Richmond Avenue Associates and Point Beach Spirits, LLC (Storino) for property at 1506 Richmond Avenue (old Surf Chevrolet Site) for preliminary and final site plan approval for a retail liquor store, restaurant and bar. Clerk advised the Board the application and plans were submitted to Ray Savacool this evening for review. Discussion was held regarding upcoming Planning Board meetings for scheduling purposes. It was also discussed about Board members being eligible to participate in this hearing because of either the applicant, Storino as members of the LLC or because of the applicant's attorney, John Jackson, Esq. Chairman Ammirata confirmed he would be recusing himself; also, Jeff Dyer, although not present, would also be recusing himself

Clerk advised Board she is in receipt of an application from Salty's Enterprises for property at 57 Channel Drive, known as Fisherman's Dock Coop. Apparently, prior site plan approval did not include signs on the property and at the instruction of Elaine Petrillo, Code Enforcement Officer, they must provide proof that they are proceeding to the Planning Board to amend the prior approval. Clerk advised the Board that she did speak with Britta Forsberg Wenzel, Salty's Enterprise who requested that once we received her application that Ms. Petrillo be notified. The application was received, but the Clerk advised the Board there were no plans, drawings, photos, no fees etc. etc. Clerk directed to return what was received with a letter of explanation as to what must be returned.

For the record,
1. Board member, Jason Shamy is now present
2. Chairman Ammirata recused himself from the hearing
3. Board member, Elaine Koscinski, chaired the meeting for this hearing
4. Clerk advised the notice of publication in newspaper and affidavit of service on property owners was reviewed and in order

John Jackson, Esq., attorney for the applicant stated the property in question is Point Pleasant Hardware, application for interior renovations only for rental offices on the second floor; no change to the outside blueprint of the building; type of use for office space is permitted.
Gregory Cox, architect and planner, was sworn in and gave background; accepted by Board as expert in his field. Marked into evidence:
A-1 Application, site plan map w/proposed renovations
A-2 Plan dated 3/20/09 showing existing conditions
On questions from Mr. Jackson, Mr. Cox stated:
1. property located on the corner of Arnold Avenue and Route #35; building over 100 years old; two story structure with attic and basement; some additions to original building over time; Point Pleasant Hardware Store is in front; in back is Curves, wood workshop known as Splinters, Creative Expressions, which host parties for kids; building in terrific condition; full basement; has elevator that goes from basement to attic;
2. 2nd floor and attic has open storage space and office spaces used by the hardware store; office spaces still there however they are not being used; 2nd floor consists of 4,600 sq. ft.; open storage area, couple of offices, elevator and stairway
Photos of offices marked into evidence: A-3/A-4/A-5/A-6/A-7
3. northwest corner of 2nd floor is open space; proposing to take open space and divide into two, three or four individual office suites; number may vary but square footage will remain; new staircase proposed in southwest corner down to first floor;
4. no enlargement of building is proposed; we do not want to change outside at all;
5. good location for type of professional offices; 2nd floor professional offices in downtown area outlined in Master Plan; most likely tenants will be engineering office, lawyer or other type of professionals which will bring visitors and clients into the downtown area
Page 3
1. applicant is not seeking any type of variance for possible tenants; will comply with Ordinance and permitted uses;
2. existing and proposed uses already addressed;
3. parking - agree with comments; presently agreement with Joe Leone regarding parking lot; confirmed he worked on site application with Mr. Leone; agreement provides for shared parking; 50 / 50 split; 27 1/2 spaces for this application; parking on street; took radius of 150 yards and there are approximately 175 parking spaces available on Arnold Avenue, Route #35 South; American Legion Way and Borden's parking lot; used 150 yards because this is a reasonable distance for walking patrons; there is a high turnover of patrons for the hardware store; type of use you want to encourage; further stated that he believed there is adequate parking on site;
4. employee parking: Per Mr. Jackson, this issue will be handled by the landlord with prospective tenants and also with co-owner of the lot;
5. confirmed engineer has no objection to granting any waivers from items requested within the Development Application pertaining to submission of required documents and plans;
6. handicap access: front and rear of building entrance is flush with grade; no change needed; handicap bathroom will be installed on 2nd floor with appropriate doors etc.; stairs will be widened; applicant will comply with requirements
7. attic: Per Mr. Jackson attic will be used strictly for storage for hardware store;
9. applicant will comply with emergency access requirements
10. hours of operation: general office hours 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
11. applicant will comply with proposed improvements to be done in accordance with regulations
12. condition of sidewalk/curbs: all new pavers
13/14 will be addressed by owner, John Bezzera
15/16 applicant will comply
Additional Permits/Approvals: Applicant will obtain Borough Fire Official approval and will comply with conditions of approval received from the Ocean County Planning Board.

Mr. Harris questioned Mr. Cox if he would provide the parking calculations:
Hardware Store 58 spaces
Curves 12 spaces
Splinters 1/2 space
Creative Expressions 14 spaces
TOTAL 84 1/2 spaces
Applicant is short 57 spaces

Mr. Jackson stated that the downtown area also provides parking on the street; also encourages pedestrian traffic; professional tenants put people in office in town, creating more foot traffic.

Mr. Harris commented that peak parking is on Saturday and Sunday for hardware store; what about other uses also peak on weekends? Mr. Cox indicated that the anticipated professional businesses will not have peak parking requirements on Saturday and Sunday if closed. Mr. Harris commented that it would appear then that the additional uses would have a minimal impact on the parking situation.

Mr. Galvin questioned whether or not there would be real estate offices on the 2nd floor as they are quite active on the weekends. Mr. Jackson indicated that the applicant would not want a restriction.

Acting Chairman Koscinski opened the hearing to the public for questions of Mr. Cox. There being no public inquiry that portion of the hearing was closed.

John Bezzera, sworn in and stated:
1. purchased property in November of 2008;
2. he and his family have been a part of Point Pleasant Beach for 30 years as owner of Europa South; which he has been involved in for the past ten years;
3. our plan is to rent the office space to architect, lawyers, engineers
4. signage: existing sign in parking lot - 50% for our property 50% for co-owner - Joe Leone; our 50% of the sign will be split by our tenants; back of proposed stairwell is wall space for signing for offices on 2nd floor; True Value sign on outside of proposed stairwell; small sign for offices; unlighted
Photos of sign marked into evidence A-8/A-9/A-10
Mr. Shamy questioned when the last time the 2nd floor offices were used; Ans. Approximately 1990.

There being no further questions from the Board, Acting Chairman Koscinski opened the hearing to public for questions of Mr. Bezzera.

Joseph Leone was sworn in and stated that he has a good working relationship with applicant; regarding the sign if they need greater area than 50% he would not have a problem with it; feels this is a good project which would bring more people into town.

There being no further questions, the hearing was opened for public participation. There being none that portion of the hearing was declared closed.

Board Deliberation:
Mr. Galvin stated the only condition he had was attic storage area would be for hardware store, which was proposed by Mr. Jackson. After discussion, it was agreed attic storage area would be used for hardware store and tenants only.
Mr. Harris indicated he was originally concerned about the parking situation; town does provide more parking; application is deficient in parking requirements however opening 2nd floor for additional office space, bring more business into town will off set.
Mr. Shamy stated he agreed with Mr. Harris and that 2nd floor professional offices would be an economic plus and bring people into town; town would benefit.
Councilwoman Tooker agreed and also stated she was glad that there are no plans to change the outside of the building.
Mrs. Mossa indicated she thought it would be good for the town.
Mrs. Koscinski stated the proposal is a nice addition.

Motion by Mr. Shamy, seconded by Mrs. Mossa and unanimously approved by roll call vote of those members present: : Application approved and Planning Board Attorney directed to prepare Resolution of Approval for adoption at the Board's next meeting scheduled for July 1, 2009.

There being no further business to come before the Board, on a motion by Mrs Koscinski, seconded by Mr. Shamy and unanimously carried by roll call vote - meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Diane F. Johnson,

Published July17, 2009 | Planning Board Minutes | 834

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