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April 7, 2009


The Mayor and Council of the Borough of Point Pleasant Beach met at 6:32 PM with Mayor Barrella and Council Members Mercun, Hennessy, Tooker, Cervino, Dixon and Rizzo present. The Municipal Clerk read the notice indicating compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act.

Mayor Barrella: established Citizens Financial Advisory Board, with Councilman Mercun as liaison, consisting of John Hurler, Seth Sloane, Aleta Weinstein, Curt Leach, John Cheasty, John Mullen, Bill Reilly and Mickey Diaz, to look at revenue issues; established Town Hall Committee with Councilman Hennessy as liaison, consisting of Vince Castin, Anthony Lombardo, Candace Donoghue, Joel Wolber, Stewart Fischer, Dave Cavagnaro and Marilyn Burke – will be given charging memorandum.
Upon recommendation from Councilman Mercun, Mayor Barrella appointed Paul Bonsper and John Bezerra to fill vacancies on Tourism Advisory Committee.

Department head memos and correspondence were discussed with items moved to agenda for action; Mayor Barrella and Councilman Rizzo recused themselves from discussion on Elks request; action was held on Ocean Avenue curb improvements.

Motion by Councilman Cervino, to enter closed session, was seconded by Councilman Hennessy.
Motion by Councilman Cervino, to rescind the previous motion, was seconded by Councilman Mercun.
Councilman Cervino: asked Council to consider introducing an ordinance to increase standby charge for water/sewer service from $90 to $115 for next three years.

Motion by Councilman Cervino, to enter closed session to discuss 6 personnel, 1 litigation and 3 contractual matters, was seconded by Councilman Mercun and carried by the following roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Mercun, Hennessy, Tooker, Cervino, Dixon, Rizzo….YEA

Closed session started at 7:02 P.M. and ended at 8:05 P.M.

Mayor Barrella called the regular meeting to order at 8:16 PM. Present were Council Members Mercun, Hennessy, Tooker, Cervino, Dixon and Rizzo. The Municipal Clerk again read the notice indicating compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act. Councilman Mercun asked all to observe a moment of silence for the families of the individuals who were needlessly slain by a despicable act of violence committed in the city of Binghamton, New York, as well as for the three Pittsburgh police officers, who were killed in the line of duty while responding to a domestic violence call.

Motion by Council Mercun, to approve minutes of the March 3, 2009 and March 17, 2009 Council meetings, was seconded by Councilman Cervino and carried by the following roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Mercun, Hennessy, Tooker, Cervino, Dixon, Rizzo….YEA

The Mayor presented a proclamation to the Library commemorating National Library Week.

Councilman Mercun, Finance Committee Chairman: delivered report on 2009 budget on March 17th and at budget workshop on March 24th – since then, information was reported to the Finance Committee and CFO Riehl that mandated a modification of the original budget proposal – modifications were incorporated and new proposal will be distributed to Governing Body tomorrow – cut legal and engineering fees by $10,000 each; will not seek reelection – decision came with great soul searching – professional commitments, being pursued in 2010, will conflict with duties as Councilman – assured all that it would not affect discharge of duties during remainder of his term – should dispel any thought that his conduct as Finance Committee Chair and participation in drafting budget was motivated by Political aspirations; adopted budget will be the decision of six Councilmen, but Open Public Meetings Act regulations prohibit all 6 from working on it, hence the formulation of a proposed budget falls to the 3 Finance Committee members, who bring proposed budget before full Council –Finance Committee worked on proposed budget with the following conditions in mind: 1) adherence to tax levy cap, taking seriously the DCA’s admonition that town could not seek waiver this year; 2) investments and municipal court revenue, Borough’s traditional revenue stream, was less than anticipated in last year’s budget; 3) other than traditional revenue stream, there are no other sources of additional revenue upon which the committee could legitimately anticipate income for this year’s budget; 4) employee contract obligations and decision of arbitrator imposed additional financial burdens on the Borough; 5) employee contracts, increased pension obligations and health benefit costs added to the Borough’s obligation to meet mandated financial expenditures; 6) all Borough departments saw increases in their operating budgets; 7) contrary to statements made publicly, the Finance Committee did not seek to go to war with any Borough department; in fact, the committee took the approach that it would not consider the laying off of full-time Borough personnel in order to draft a budget that fell within the tax cap; at a meeting with auditors, were advised that $540,000, obtained by extinguishing bond debt, should not be applied to capital surplus – to do so would severely restrict the Borough’s ability to formulate next year’s budget – this left committee with considerable deficit in proposed capital surplus that needed to be addressed; and 8) in addition to safety concerns addressed by the Chief, with respect to a reduction in funds for the employment of Special Officers, he anticipated that $1,176,000 in municipal court revenues could not be met without his ability to employ Special Officers – the committee decided that revenue should be lowered to that of 2002, when Police Department employed 34 Specials, or approximately $1,080,000 – so Committee reduced court revenues by $96,000 and then had to address a $513,000 shortfall in budget – modified budget addresses shortfall and will be discussed at April 14th budget workshop – modified budget includes seeking a pension deferral from the Local Finance Board in the amount of $348,000.
Mayor Barrella: don't think this budget has a chance of succeeding

Clerk Ellsworth added several items to Consent Resolutions 2 and 3; Councilwoman Tooker: should consider other people for Parking Authority vacancy – Mr. Cheasty ran the Maplewood Parking Authority; David Cavagnaro: asked about proposed ordinance increasing water rate; Joe Lemma: asked why Council wanted Dave Bassinder on Parking Authority, since he has no parking lots, and asked why all Authority members were business people; Paul Bonsper, Parking Committee Chairman: live and work in this town – Parking Authority has less power than it did years ago when it had more revenue and came up with more parking downtown – current cost of building parking lots is $8500/spot – Authority takes care of lots west of tracks and railroad lot – also put Inlet lot back into operation from its disaster fund; Ben Dispoto: asked about status of cell phone towers on water tower and if more revenue would be generated this year – Parking Authority could benefit from Mr. Cheasty’s knowledge – asked about DPW weekend hours; Vince Castin: spoke about COAH certification and recommended withdrawing; Kristin Hennessy: Bay Head and Mantoloking Republican Club will be hosting a meeting on COAH on April 16th at the Lobster Shanty – Attorney who defends municipalities from COAH claims will be the speaker.

Motion by Councilman Mercun, to remove item 3/d for separate consideration, was seconded by Councilwoman Tooker and carried by the following roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Hennessy, Tooker, Dixon and Mayor Barrella….YEA
Council Members Mercun, Cervino, Rizzo….NAY

Motion by Councilman Hennessy, seconded by Councilman Cervino, resolutions covering the items listed below, with the exception of items 3/d and 3/y, were approved by the following roll call vote.
a) Proclaim April as Autism Awareness Month
b) Waiver of municipal portion of raffle fees for Ocean Fire Company #1
c) Payments to Galvin Law Firm from Planning Board accounts ($487.50)
d) Payment to Schulman, Wegman from Board of Adjustment escrow accts ($500)
e) Payment to General Sales for emergency equipment for squad car ($9619.13)
f) Payment to Horizon BCBS for employee health benefits ($108,281.53)
g) Performance Bond release – Red’s Lobster Dock
h) Proclaim April as Child Abuse Prevention Month
i) Payment to On Site Truck Repairs for sewer jet repair ($5057)
j) Payments to CMX from escrow accounts ($3120.23)
k) Payment to Allister for copier maintenance ($2515)
l) Payment to Airpower International for fire companies’ service contracts ($3806)
m) Payment to International Salt for ice control salt ($3159)
n) Approval of Payroll #7 ($239,247.38) and Payroll #8 ($237,543.33)
o) Authorization for Michael Gardner to attend FEMA training session as
Borough’s Community Rating System Coordinator
p) P O to Motorola for mobile dash radio ($3027.60)
q) Approval of February and March hand checks ($805,816.10)
r) Progress Payment #5 to Ace Manzo for sanitary sewer infrastructure
improvements ($18,403.15)
s) Payment to Motorola for mobile radios and equipment ($35,077.60)
t) Payment to Motorola for portable radio equipment ($6,242.50)
u) P O to On Site Truck Repairs for emergency repairs to sanitation truck ($8,000)
v) Water/Sewer bill adjustments (18 accounts)
w) Petition COAH for certification of Fair Share Plan
x) Emergency Appropriation to 2009 Temporary Budget
y Release maintenance bond – Jehovah’s Witness
z) Certify recycling taxes paid to Ocean County Landfill
a) Approval of computer generated vouchers ($173,788.14)
b) Approval of changes to miscellaneous water/sewer charges
c) Salary adjustment for J. Coyne for passage of certification course
d) Payment to the Galvin Law Firm from Planning Board escrow acct ($130)
a) Award of contract to En-Tech Corporation for Cured-In-Place sewer main lining at New Jersey Avenue railroad crossing ($15,700)
b) Change Order #1 to C J Hesse for work on improvements to New York Avenue
c) Progress Payment # 2 to C J Hesse for work on improvements to New York Avenue ($31,575.04)
d) Removed for separate consideration
e) Payment to Murphy’s Diesel Svc for repairs to sanitation truck ($873.86)
f) Payment to Ocean County Landfill Corp for tipping fees ($25,000)
g) Change Order #1 to Cambria Automotive for modification of sanitation truck
h) Establish budget workshop meeting on April 14, 2009 at 7:30 pm
i) Accept bids from Metro PCS and Verizon for cell tower placement with Metro PCS – designated as lead secondary bidder – CLOSED SESSION ITEM
j) Authorize Borough Attorney to investigate application process for Civil Service mandatory furlough program – CLOSED SESSION ITEM
k) Authorize four public works employees to change workdays to cover weekend sanitation pickup – CLOSED SESSION ITEM
l) Authorization to proceed with change of title for public works employee – CLOSED SESSION ITEM
m) Salary adjustment for promotion differential – CLOSED SESSION ITEM
n) Approval of S/E application for American Cancer Society ‘Breast Cancer’ walk on
o) Approval of PPB Community Band summer concert on 8/6/09
p) Approval of S/E application for Arthritis Foundation walk on 4/19/09
q) Approval of S/E application for Streetlight Ministries to distribute literature on
r) Approval of Elk’s Lodge 1698 ABC Social Affairs permit for ‘Armed Forces Day’ picnic on 5/16/09
s) P O to Away with Geese for geese lights ($1047)
t) Proclaim 4/8 as ‘National Start Walking’ Day on the Boardwalk
u) Support for Antrim PTO ‘Flamingo Flocking’
v) Approval of contract with Borough Engineer subject to incorporation of Borough Attorney’s comments
w) Approval of contract with Borough Auditor
x) Approval of contract with Bond Counsel
y) Rmoved for separate consideration
z) Authorization to request pension deferral from the DLGS Local Finance Board
aa) Authorization to re-advertise RFPs for former Risden’s property concessions
VOTE: Council Members Mercun, Hennessy, Tooker, Cervino, Dixon, Rizzo (all items
except item 3/r)….YEA
Councilman Rizzo (item 3/r)….ABSTAIN

Authorization for Borough Attorney to amend hot dog cart ordinance was discussed; Kitty Phillip: ordinance permits hot dog carts that move on Route 35 north and south, Ocean Avenue and Broadway – void of fast, cheap food for fishermen at the Inlet – would like to operate stationary cart on Inlet Drive, which could be readily facilitated from restaurant; Councilman Mercun and Attorney Gertner: remedy would be to apply to Board of Adjustment, which can spot zone; Marilyn Madden: concerned on where cars will park, since no parking allowed on street there; Joel Wolber: nice people opening restaurant on corner; Dan Finley: instead of changing ordinance to allow stationary cart, should add Inlet Drive to area for mobile carts.
Motion by Councilman Mercun, to deny request to amend current ordinance, was seconded by Councilman Cervino and carried by the following roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Mercun, Hennessy, Cervino, Dixon, Rizzo….YEA
Councilwoman Tooker….NAY

Council discussed applying for CHRP grant; Councilman Mercun: under stimulus package, due to hard economic times, Police may be hit by furloughs and layoffs – Federal government will give towns money for those that may be laid off for three years, but town has to certify that they will keep the officer for 4 years – have to submit grant by April 14th and Mayor must sign that we anticipate laying off four officers and seek funding for 5, including 25th officer who was not replaced – if financial conditions change and we don't need it, we can refuse it – would be financially irresponsible not to pursue every opportunity; Mayor Barrella: long shot that we will get any funding; Barbara Dervan: support applying for it – if we get money, can always turn it down – Police Department is important – think crime will increase due to economic conditions; Dave Cavagnaro: expressed support for application; Cathy Kelly: should apply – safety is #1 priority and driving force behind town’s property values; Ben Dispoto: good idea to apply, but have to keep in mind that it will place Council in an awkward position in the future when town has to say “no” – agreed with safety issue; Marilyn Madden: asked what happens after money runs out; Pamela Rickman: the more Police she sees the more inclined she is not to misbehave.
Motion by Councilman Mercun, to authorize application for CHRP grant, was seconded by Councilwoman Tooker and carried by the following roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Mercun, Hennessy, Tooker, Dixon….YEA
Council Members Cervino, Rizzo….NAY

Ordinance 2009-07 (Amend Water/Sewer Stand-By Charge) was introduced on first reading. Attorney Gertner: would not be effective until 3rd Quarter 2009.
Motion by Councilman Mercun, seconded by Councilman Hennessy and carried by the following roll call vote, Ordinance 2009-07 was approved on first reading. The public hearing will be held on May 5, 2009.
VOTE: Council Members Mercun, Hennessy, Cervino, Dixon, Rizzo….YEA
Councilwoman Tooker….NAY


Councilman Mercun: Police Officer Grace was injured his back in line of duty when prisoner attacked him in cell block – has since returned to work; during recent Little League parade, the Chief and several police officers volunteered their services, due to recent budget cut proposals.

Councilman Hennessy: read Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, Elilzabeth McLoughlin’s email – they are looking for members and encourage pro-active resident involvement to help police with summer’s higher occupancy, especially now with less Special Officers; Finance Committee discussed having resident volunteers write meter tickets – asked Attorney Gertner about legality (will research and provide answer); Recreation Committee asked about installation of surveillance camera at Pleasure Park and Inlet Comfort Station, to deter vandalism, and keep restroom facilities there open during daytime; David Bassinder approached Councilman Cervino and himself – could bring something to the table by serving on the Parking Authority – heard from residents that Council needs to reach out to Boardwalk owners and better the relationship, which has been pretty scarred in past year – thought it was a good gesture – would have liked to have seen Mr. Bassinder appointed – next Tuesday, public is invited to watch count of monies donated through Martell’s “Ship of Life” – Mr. Bassinder matches monies donated with proceeds going to fire companies, Little League and the library; the Recreation Committee ran the Easter Egg Hunt this year – thanked Carol Ammirata, who took over and got a lot of volunteers, more than 100 kids participated; had budget meeting with DPW Tuesday – echoed Councilman Mercun’s comments – lot of concern about trash build up – DPW employees Alan Tighe, Kevin Napalo, Rusty Sembler and Jack Johnston volunteered to swap a weekday off for one of the days on the weekend, so two will be picking up trash on Saturday and the other two on Sunday – admires their willingness to volunteer to help the town; thanked Mayor Barrella for forming Citizen Financial Advisory and Town Hall Committees; proud of work done while on Finance Committee and took umbrage with Mayor’s comments on the budget being a failure – to dismiss work done by Finance Committee, putting monies back into the budget and asking for cap waiver to raise taxes 13% is atrocious (Mayor Barrella explained why he doesn't think budget has a chance of succeeding – looks to raise $1,175,000 from municipal court revenue, same number as last year, with potentially ¼ of the Specials – not an attainable number – setting up budget to fail and shifting responsibility from raising revenue to the Police Department – if it doesn’t work, they are going to be held accountable – if you pass budget, as proposed, then announce to every Borough employee that there will be layoffs next year) there’s been talk that parking revenue is going to cause the budget to fail – did a detailed report – went back to 2002 when $1.1 million was done with 34 Special Officers and regular overtime budget of $14,000 – asked why we need regular overtime budget of $120,000 and 58 Specials (Mayor: can keep going back & forth – will discuss next week; as far as DPW on weekends, a lot of people felt sanitation employees should not be allowed to leave when they are finished working – last meeting, Council rescinded that policy – now, we are going back to it – doesn’t want anyone thinking those employees are doing anything wrong; would be more than happy to meet with Mr. Bassinder on his willingness to serve – appointed Mr. Bassinder, in the past, to Parking Committee – asked Administrator Riehl to contact him).

Councilwoman Tooker: nothing personal against Mr. Bassinder – disheartening it’s been turned into that; explained “no” vote on water ordinance – will hurt seniors and those who live alone – 54% of residents don’t use 10,000 gallons of water; opposed to metered parking in Borden’s lot, which was donated by her family when her grandfather, a founding member of the Parking Authority, passed away – huge proponent of downtown local business; regarding the erecting of the Osprey Nest – wasn’t informed that VFW helped build them, originally – apologized that they hadn’t been thanked for their efforts; Animal Welfare Committee was presented with “Hero to Animals” award from the Animal Welfare Federation of New Jersey at Rutgers University Banquet – have the only municipally-sponsored committee that deals with animal issues in the borders of our town – also have one of the only municipally-sponsored Trap, Neuter and Release (TNR) programs in the state – went to Budd lake to testify for them – meeting with Ocean County Board of Health next week to help them – “Best Friends,” a national animal group, did a story about Point Pleasant Beach TNR program on their website – Animal Welfare Committee had a great fundraiser – can always use more volunteers; Environmental Commission will go door-to-door with “Bay Buddy” brochures – town is at the top of the bay watershed – need to be diligent about non-point source pollution – encouraged public not to fertilize or, if you must, to use organic or low nitrogen fertilizers and plant native plants – on Earth Day, Jim Young, head of NJ Native Plants Society, will speak at Borough Hall about benefits of native plants – Sustainable NJ program has been on environmental radar – Environmental Commission members will travel to upcoming workshop; working with a contractor for the restoration of Rickover Park – Kitty Phillip succeeded in getting a $1,000 grant for an American Liberty Elm tree, which will replace tree at corner of Bay and Trenton Avenues – asked if Council received letter from Shade Tree Committee and if they can be on caucus for next meeting – they want to discuss forest management plan and becoming a commission (Councilman Cervino: asked to wait until the 5th, so he can be a part of that) – announced two openings on Shade Tree Committee, if anyone would like to join.

Councilman Cervino: Building Department garnered $30,000 in March; new FEMA classification will be issued May 1st – with CRS Coordinator Gardner’s help, hopefully that can be reduced to a #9 classification – the letter can be picked up in his office for use when contacting respective flood insurance carriers; had discussions about third floor issue – interested in hearing from anyone about third floor/attic space; no bids came in for Risden’s – part of that comes from length of document – takes full culpability for that – will be an ad in this Friday’s “Ocean Star” about putting the RFP out again – leaving bid open to bidders; asked Anne Lightburn to talk about Open Space.
Anne Lightburn, spoke on behalf of Ocean Space Committee: Green Acres has approved $500,000 matching grant on Risden’s property – this is just the 2009 funding round – Borough is still on track for getting the $1.5M, but will not happen in one funding round – getting $300,000 for Inlet purchase – to date, have more than $800,000 in matching grants – have been public meetings and discussions about putting non-obstructive shade structure up where the old restaurant building had been – committee appreciates Borough’s economic climate – project could be funded with private donations through capital fund drive – asked committee for a $1,500 budget – would like to hire a professional to do a rendering of the shade structure and produce a promotional piece – would be Council’s decision as to what this looks like, what the cost is and then move forward with fund drive – requested that Council stand behind them – will need financial commitment – if goal isn’t met, Council would be able to use Open Space Trust Fund (Councilman Cervino: asked if she’d spoken to Councilwoman Tooker regarding student renditions) going to potentially get a student artist rendition – but if we are going to solicit significant monies, we will have to show them something we think can be built – not a student’s concept – would be used in promotional material – looking for significant contributions – strategy is not small fundraisers – will talk to community businesses and individuals to make substantial contributions – trying to raise $100,000 -200,000.
Councilman Cervino: appreciated Councilman Hennessey’s remarks concerning Dave Bassinder – echoed sentiment – very successful entrepreneur – his presence on Parking Authority will lead to that sort of wisdom, with respect to his business acumen and potential for that body to raise money – recommends Council consider Dave Bassinder on committee; just heard Mayor call water/sewer ordinance a gimmick, but the vote was five to one for that gimmick (Mayor Barrella: called it a gimmick because individuals can deduct real property taxes on their income tax returns, but cannot deduct water and sewer – when you’re trying to raise money on water/sewer you’re banging the individual taxpayer twice – once, with the payment and again when the taxpayer can’t deduct it on his Federal income tax return – businesses, however, can deduct both real property taxes and water/sewer payments – it’s a great deal for a business owner).

Councilman Dixon: Mayor’s opinion is an individual one – doesn’t reflect what all of us are thinking all the time; in response to resident who asked what Police do all day, noted that residents can’t go by police blotter in local newspaper for all of their activity – had 39 adult arrests in February, 65 in March –had 9 drug arrests and 8 shoplifting arrests in Foodtown alone during February and March – takes hours to process some of these – court revenue is up already this year – Police are worried about staffing, with legitimate reasons – they have shown they will step up and do the job they’re supposed to do – was mention, earlier, about vehicles being stolen – majority were unlocked, with keys in ignition – reminded residents they can fill out surveillance form at Police Department for house to be checked if they’re out of town – shared letter from Mr. Carlson, Channel Drive, who utilized this service and had a most favorable review; grinding work will start on Niblick Street this week.

Councilman Rizzo: referred to Councilman Cervino’s remarks on third floors – asked residents, if they see homes being worked on without permits, to let Council know; received letter from State Commissioner of Education – read portion which recommends freezing all non-essential and discretionary district spending, expressing concern for elderly going through hard times and economic crisis – some people aren’t concerned with taxes going up, but they are scared – the Borough spends $300/student for extracurricular activities while the Beach spends $1,000/student – also, approved was attendance and related expenses for district and staff members for workshops for 2008-2009 – during July, there’s eight people on approved here for dinners, overnight, travel pay, whatever and no mention of dollars – it’s another area where we can cut back – those paying taxes are cutting vacations and the school is using the money for non-essential trips (Councilwoman Tooker: there is another school budget meeting on Wednesday night at Antrim school) attended the other school budget workshop – was a lot of double talk/throwing out of numbers – didn’t say where or what they are doing – prefers to have information in writing – one of the few schools around that pays teachers aides (Councilman Mercun: no matter what we do with our budget, the school its the biggest part of our tax dollar).

Mayor Barrella: has opinions – what you see is what you get and you will get the truth – not always right, but when he says something he truly believes it; re-striping the Route 35/Manasquan River bridge on April 20th; officially appointed members of Citizens Financial Advisory Board and Town Hall Committee (names were listed in caucus); addressed questions about Mayoral duties; Niblick Street is finally getting paved – explained reason for delays; met with Birdsall Engineering, Special Project Attorney Starkey and DEP to secure dredging of Lake Louise - after 13 years, dredge plan has been approved – sub-aquatic vegetation survey will be done week of June 1st – will be ready to move in September – spoke to Freeholder Lacey and confirmed that County will put up $100,000 towards dredging; $540,000 capital surplus will not be available next year to defray any tax increase – causes all kinds of levy cap problems – has to be spent on capital projects, rather than bonding – perfect project to devote it to is Lake Louise dredging; Lake of the Lillies is moving along, although not fast enough; has a lack of patience with legislators who refuse to help us; met with DCA Commissioner Doria – discussed a myriad of subjects, including levy caps and the fiscal irresponsibility of pension deferral – trying to work with and through League of Municipalities to give us exemption from the levy cap waiver – municipalities should not be forced to choose between providing services and acting in a fiscally responsible way – pension deferral and levy cap force some issues that make things mutually exclusive; Councilman Dixon expressed, at last Council meeting, that he’s tired of hearing about local option taxes – if we don’t get this done will be all kinds of problems – problems we face this year are not going away – will be worse next year – if not mitigated, will be disastrous – was in Trenton on April 2nd aggressively pursuing measures, either impact fees or option taxes, which require Trenton’s approval to implement – appeared before Assembly Budget Committee – written testimony is on the Website – pitch is simple: Point Pleasant Beach is a product – a clean, safe environment – when that product becomes diminished, the industry will suffer – the industry has thrived because of the product we provide – when industry suffers, Trenton suffers due to less income and sales tax – it’s all about clean and safe, the two most important things to Point Pleasant Beach – asked for $1.5M, after being awarded $7,600 – didn’t really expect the $1.5M, but felt that, since he was at a budget hearing, would ask for what we need – the only Assemblyman who affirmatively said we don’t think we can give him that was Assemblyman Wolfe, from our district – time has come for him to acknowledge the problem – if he’s not going to do anything about it, at least follow or get out of the way.

Administrator Riehl: no report.


Max Gagnon, Point Pleasant Beach: asked Council’s permission to contact Ocean County Freeholder Bartlett to take care of Inlet; would like bath house to remain open this summer – suggested Open Space pick up that fee.
Dave Cavagnaro, Point Pleasant Beach: thanked Mayor for appointing him to committee – asked to be switched to the one he submitted letter for; spoke about Fisherman’s Run and concerns with blocked roadways - if appropriate information can’t be provided in advance, Council shouldn’t approve event; asked about water increase and fees, geese light situation, and Port-o-Johns at Inlet.
Paul Bonsper, Point Pleasant Beach: spoke about replacing Dave Johnson on Parking Authority, parking and fees.
Cathy Kelly, Point Pleasant Beach: disagreed with Councilman Hennessy’s views on cutting police budget and reducing staff – money does not replace safety-
Bill Knapp, Point Pleasant Beach: spoke about school budget and budgeting process; concerned that Governor Corzine’s proposed budget will not deduct real estate taxes from New Jersey income tax.
Ben Dispoto, Point Pleasant Beach: Council needs a more cooperative, proactive, open communication.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 P.M.

Published May11, 2009 | Council Minutes | 799

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