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April 6 ,2009


Agenda: Monthly Meeting PPBSTC

Monday, April 6 ,2009 7:30 pm

Pt.Pleasant Beach Town Hall

1. Attendance & approval of March. minutes.

2.Budget: No money has yet been given for the PPBSTC 2009 budget.

4.Core Classes: Pete, Clemens, Sharon and Kitty to provide a brief on tree tacking class they attended today . Kitty missed a core class b/c PPBSTC had no money.

5.Commission Status: Kitty to write a letter to council explaining benefits of.

6.Ordinance & FMP: FMP to be introduced to council. Kitty suggests not introducing ordinance & FMP at the same time. Kitty feels that ordinance may be very controversial, while the FMP should not be. Confusion might prevent approval.

7.Street Tree List: Kitty recieved a list of viable substitutes from Waterbrook nursury. Omitted one invasive species. Approved the rest! Will provide copies of substitute list to town hall. Waterbrook nursuries carries most of them during planting season, making it easier for residents to obtain them.

8.Pete: To compile a list of Tree Committees in other towns on the barrier island.

note: The Brielle STC offers free trees to residents (Sharon)

8.New Projects: a.sidewalk phamplet: To inform residents that sidewalks can & should be shaped around the tree trunk. Kittys working on it. (sharon to help)

9. Endowment fund: Our#1 issue, as funds will be needed in the near future to replace the many diseased and decayed trees on Arnold Ave., without using town money. Update: Sharon applied for a grant from Ocean First Foundation. Press: Ocean Star. Store Stella y Luna offered to display endowment fund info in store. (Stores who accept donations can be reimbursed for crdit card fees).Resident Chris Albers has already donated $500 to spearhead this project. Kitty has a call out to chris rhiel for developing e-commerce/paypal to make it easier for people to donate. Sharon will investigate with Provident bank (endowment fund bank account).

Donation model: Kitty suggests a tier program: donations may start at $25. Cost of a tree with a plaque at the tree: $700.

update: Kitty met with a landscape architect re: cost of a professionally designed tree scape for arnold ave. Approx. $5,000. To reduce this cost Kitty obtained a professional survey of Arnold (done a few years ago by Schoor DePalma Engineering for sidewalk redesign). Kitty and Paul (Point Interiors) inspected each tree on Arnold Ave. and noted any relocation suggestions and accurately marked trees on survey

Rt. 35 North/Bridge landing:KT & Clemens to meet with contractor this week to review plans, and possibly discuss. The only obligation is to “restore property to its previous condition [before equiptment was staged]. DOT was willing to look at raingardens, etc... But contract is already let.

Sharon: a.County grant b. List of memorial/dedication trees & costs

Follow-up: Kitty sent a letter to St. Louis homeowners remindeing them to replant 2 trees. Also, sent a letter to Joe Lemma suggesting seeking advice of a CTE before removing tree in his front yard. Update: tree has been removed.

Gull Island: budgeted for renovations. Prob too late for PPBSTC input, but PPBEC did request water to be installed for planting.

American Liberty Elm: Kitty to provide update.
15. Tree donation Library area; kitty

Published April21, 2009 | Shade Tree Committee Agendas | 778

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