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March 16, 2009


1. Minutes prepared by Kitty Philipp
Meeting was called to order at 7:30pm by Chairwoman Kitty Philipp. Proper and legal notice was given. Present: Kitty Philipp, Sharon Cadalzo, Elaine Hennessy, Clemens Bremer & Pete Renner
Guest: Lisa Simms, NJ Tree Foundation. A quorum was declared present.

Attendance. There were no February ’09 minutes
Guest Speaker: Lisa Simms, NJ Tree Foundation. NJ Tree Foundation is avail for contract work. No CTE on staff, but if needed can arrange for a CTE to be on sight. NJTF charges approx. $350 to plant a tree, sized 2 1/2 - 3 inch caliber. They do not do tree removal (ex. They would not remove the trees along Arnold Ave.) Ms. Simms also spoke about their memorial program. For $600 donors can have a tree planted at Liberty State Park, no plaque. In contrast, Asbury Park similar program -$300/tree, and includes a cement plaque. Ms. Simms told us that their previous memorial program did include a plaque, and trees were able to be parked in various locations throughout the state. Under the new program (liberty state park, no plaque), there was only ONE donor last year. The PPBSTC determined that, based upon Ms. Simms experience, it is critical to have a commemorative plaque at the trees.
Ms. Simms asked us about our own funding & why we didn't pursue NJ State grant money, as a $25,000 grant is being offered. Sharon responded that until our FMP is approved, we are not eligible for a state grant. Another possible funding source: JCP&L
The PPBSTC asked Lisa to follow up with the address of a lawyer knowledgeable about the legal benefits of having a commission -v- a committee. Also, the PPBSTC asked for nursery resources. Ms. Simms referred us to Angelica in Maryland, but said that she would provide more.

3.2009 Budget: No temporary budget has been issued.
4. Core Classes: B/C no temporary budget has been approved, PPBSTC members would have to pay for the classes themselves. These classes, called “core classes” are mandatory to make us eligible to be a commission. Also, because the state also mandates that a municipal employee be “core trained” in order for us to be a commission, it is critical that a municipal employee gets this training.
5. Commission Status, ordinance & FMP update. Final comments on FMP and updated ordinance sent to Andrew Alpaugh (Kitty & Sharon). Council indicated resistance to making us a Commission. It is suggested that they don’t know the principal benefit: Being a commission would limit the town’s liability with tree related matters. 3. Kitty: to write a letter to council explaining benefits of a commission (reduction in town liability for trees issues, increased eligibility for grant funding.
Sharon to follow up with Andrew Alpaugh.
6. Street Tree List: Kitty is waiting for a list of viable substitutes from Waterbrook Nursery. She is also aware of some corrections (website address) needed. Kitty’s suggestion is to allow for viable substitutes that are not on the list, with PPBSTC approval. Kitty to remind Code Enforcement Agent Elaine Petrillo.
7. Pete: To compile a list of Tree Committees in other towns on the barrier island.
8. New Projects: a sidewalk pamphlet: To inform residents that sidewalks can & should be shaped around the tree trunk. Kitty’s working on it. (Sharon to help)
9. Endowment fund: Our #1 issue, as funds will be needed in the near future to replace the many diseased and decayed trees on Arnold Ave., without using town money. Ideas: Ocean First Bank may donate. Press: Ocean Star. Stella y Luna offered to display our cause, free of charge...but the town would be able to reimburse them for any credit card fees they incur (if a donor was to put the donation on the credit card) (kitty had originally proposed that they receive money for any donations they receive. The endowment fund committee did not want this). Resident Chris Albers has already donated $500 to spearhead this project. Kitty proposed ecommerce/pay pal (Pete proposed Pay pal) on the town website, to make it easy for donors. Sharon will check with Provident bank (where the endowment fund bank account is) & ease of implementation.
Also, Kitty researched other towns nationwide with a similar endowment plan. She indicated that popular plans included tier donations, starting at $25. Kitty proposed that once we have a plan in place, we should then have a professionally designed pamphlet to promote this.
Kitty met with a landscape architect to discuss cost of having a professionally designed tree scape for Arnold Ave. approx. $5,000. To reduce this cost Kitty obtained a professional survey of Arnold (done a few years ago by Schoor DePalma Engineering for sidewalk redesign). Kitty and Paul (Point Interiors) inspected each tree on Arnold Ave. and noted any relocation suggestions and accurately marked trees on survey.
Rt. 35 North/Bridge landing: Clemens update. Background: Clemens met with Mike Moran of the NJ DOT. Results were disheartening: plans to restore to 2006 condition (before bridge repair) are already made. (PPBSTC wanted to request rain gardens, swale, etc). At the very least, we wanted to see the now compacted soil aerated by using an air spade. Clemens to meet with another DOT authority to see if PPBSTC can have input. Kris & Clemens to meet with contractor this week to review plans, and possibly discuss. The only obligation of the contractor is to “restore property to its previous condition” [before equipment was staged]. DOT was willing to look at rain gardens, etc... But contract is already let.
10.2009 County Grant: We would like to include some of the Arnold Ave. trees.
11. County Grant Trees: review locations ...Sharon will email list of locations. Clemens to photograph to post on our website.
Kitty asked the group to direct tree related questions to our group BEFORE asking the Mayor and Council, as they look to US for the answers. Kitty also followed up with Elaine H., regarding her inquiry with the mayor and council about 2 removed tree on bay Ave. The county forester confirmed that the county removed said trees, as they were diseased/decayed/dying. There are no plans to replant at this time. Elaine will contact county and request replanting.
Next Meeting, April 6, 2009, 7:30 pm. PPBeach Town Hall

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