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March 17, 2009


The Mayor and Council of the Borough of Point Pleasant Beach met at 6:32 PM with Mayor Barrella and Council Members Mercun, Hennessy, Tooker, Cervino, Dixon and Rizzo present. The Municipal Clerk read the notice indicating compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act.

Attorney Gertner: addressed Council on Special Improvement Districts (SIDs): statutorily granted under N.J.S.A. 40:65 - a positive vehicle, across the country, in engaging the vesting municipal government and those stakeholders, projected to be affected, in the growth and orderly development of the specified district – a tool to create local public/private partnerships, became fashionable in early 80s – generally stakeholders meet to define SID boundaries and decide who is excluded (often, single family, owner-occupied residences) – funding mechanism is usually an additional assessment -a district management corporation is formed, simultaneously, to provide administrative, programming and other services - corporation is ideally a 501-C3, so it may receive funding from other sources –make-up of the corporation is also determined by an enabling ordinance, based on consultation with stakeholders – normally a mix between governing body members, as ex-officio members, business owners, renters and alike – some municipalities also allow a floating resident, someone who doesn’t necessarily have any relation to the district, but who participates within that organization – the ordinance usually provides for an appeal process, both for the assessment and the actual inclusion in that district – once the SID is formed and the determination is made that the annual operation and maintenance costs relating to services particular to that district are different than the operation and maintenance services normally provided by the municipality outside that district, those annual costs are assessed or taxed to the benefited properties or businesses – goal of SID is to provide mechanism through which owners and businesses may organize and assess themselves in order to pay for services – often, such services include promotion, garbage pick-up and security – while sometimes perceived as an additional tax, they have the advantage over other levies of being guaranteed to be spent in that district – by insuring that dollars raised are spent as determined by localized stakeholders, SIDs foster the district’s economic development, encourage the district’s revitalization and strengthen the district’s economic and commercial contributions to residents and property owners in the entire municipality – they allow those who live, work or invest in the district to contribute to its improvement – they foster the building of non-partisan private/public partnership to implement the improvement - they foster and create self-help programs to improve local business climate – there was a movement around 2002 to create a SID here – attempt was quite large, encompassing many Borough district areas – in my experience, they are particularly localized – the key is citizen involvement, first within the district and, secondly, within the municipality – focus is on the particular defined district – the previous Beach SID was an ambitious undertaking, with four separate districts within one SID – SIDs are a powerful tool in a state that gives few options to localities to fiscally manage affairs and bring together elements of the community for positive growth.
Mayor Barrella: asked Attorney to highlight how a special assessment district and a SID dovetail (similar – ultimately, those property owners are assessed an additional price, based on one of the three ways for measurement, and it becomes a special assessment – primary difference is, unlike coming from on high, the 501-C3 management company has presumably worked with the stakeholders to come up with a rate for that special assessment so those involved are all on board – mostly, the three areas that the assessments fund are promotion of the district, sanitation and safety).
Attorney Gertner, in response to question on the next series of steps: Council should review previous reports and reach out to Chamber of Commerce - three different areas: Downtown, Broadway fisheries and Boardwalk – recommends choosing one of the four areas talked about in previous SID attempt and focus on that, getting stakeholders involved in citizen-participation planning meetings and move forward.
Councilman Mercun: SID is not a novel idea in New Jersey - would like to obtain information from towns that have already done so - gather what Seaside and Dover have done (Attorney had ordinances from around the state which he will provide via e-mail).
Councilman Dixon: nice way to say you’re going to tax a certain area to collect money to improve that area - or does Governing Body decide what to do with it (Governing Body has ultimate approval, based on recommendation, but the money raised there can only be spent there) asked if those people have a big say and what happens if someone decides they’re not interested (there is an appeal process).
Attorney Gertner: Council should choose one area and focus – then get the business owners involved and find out who wants to be involved and who doesn’t - don't think Council needs to redo the entire report – there is enough information to focus on one area – can help encourage and incorporate citizen participation meetings, the planning meetings, that are part of the first processes to move it along – a tough go, early on, to get people to realize that this is not just an additional tax – non-partisan deal driven by economic values more than political values.

Councilman Mercun requested Finance Committee report be held for regular session.

Department head memos and correspondence were discussed with items moved to agenda for action; Councilman Mercun suggested a change in wording, on time clock and log sheet policy, to “uniformed members of the police department” – Attorney Gertner suggested adding “as those uniformed members have their own procedure”; CFO Riehl reported that Finance Committee is considering closing Inlet area comfort station, as a means to closing the budget gap, at a savings of $17,000 – asked for authorization to solicit for volunteers to man the bathrooms - there will be port-a-johns, should the comfort station be closed; CFO Riehl reported that, in an effort to streamline overtime, Public Works recommended eliminating eight non-essential holiday pick-ups, for a savings of $12,000; as to request on extended area for hot dog cart, it was decided to hold action for comments from the Code Department.

Motion by Councilman Mercun, to enter closed session to discuss two personnel and two contractual matters, was seconded by Councilman Hennessy and carried by the following roll call vote:
VOTE: Council Members Mercun, Hennessy, Tooker, Cervino, Dixon, Rizzo ….YEA

Closed session started at 7:19 P.M. and ended at 7:45 P.M.

Mayor Barrella called the regular meeting to order at 7:52 P.M. Present were Council Members Mercun, Hennessy, Tooker, Cervino, Dixon and Rizzo. The Municipal Clerk again read the notice indicating compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act.

Motion by Councilman Cervino, to approve minutes of the February 17, 2009 Council meeting, was seconded by Councilman Rizzo and carried by the following roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Mercun, Hennessy, Tooker, Cervino, Dixon, Rizzo….YEA.

Councilman Mercun: former Finance Committee started to address this year's budget in December 2008 when Department heads, Committees and Fire Department were asked to submit budget proposals and First Aid Squad was asked to submit its donation request for calendar year 2009 - in January 2009, Mayor Barrella appointed a new Finance Committee, with myself as Council Chair, along with Council Members Tooker and Hennessy, to work with CFO Riehl in developing a 2009 Municipal Budget - proposed budget is for presentation at a public Council budget workshop, when entire Council will have an opportunity to publicly inspect, analyze and address questions and concerns regarding budget proposals developed by the Committee, with the purpose of developing a proposed final budget for public scrutiny and, ultimately, adoption - since January, have received all information sought, which formed the framework of the Budget's appropriations - in its present framework, along with increased expenses, our appropriations levy exceeded budgetary cap by approximately 1.5 million dollars - examination turned to an analysis of traditional revenue sources to determine what revenue we could responsibly project for calendar year 2009 - analysis disclosed that we sustained a significant financial setback, with respect to investments, and that our Municipal Court revenue for 2008 was lower than anticipated – Committee decided to take a very conservative approach when it came to 2009 revenue projections, and turned our efforts to developing financial strategies to reduce excess levy - Committee was able to propose a reduction in $1.5 million excess by approximately $530,000 through the elimination of outstanding bonds - this is a one-time possibility if accepted for this year - cannot happen again in 2010 - Committee then turned toward budget proposals with the idea that layoffs of full-time employees would only be recommended as a last resort - came up with cost saving measures that could be implemented immediately including elimination of Public Works holiday garbage pickups, except for three summer holidays, to save overtime -additionally, Council has authorized the CFO to conduct other exploratory measures - Finance Committee will not and cannot recommend employment of 25th Police Officer for this calendar year, nor the purchase of two new police vehicles - Committee then developed certain scenarios, with respect to salary budgets, that will affect all Departments, including a substantial reduction in overtime monies in all departments and a substantial reduction in Special Police Officers budget - these scenarios also include elimination of part-time help and possibility of furloughs of full-time employees - Administrator issued a written directive to all departments that overtime is not to be granted, unless there is an emergency - overtime must be approved by the Department Head and CFO/Administrator - all departments are operating with temporary budgets, including overtime - Committee will not recommend increases in temporary overtime budgets - overtime budgets will be fixed when 2009 Municipal Budget is approved by Council - departments are advised that exceeding budget expenditures at this time is not only in violation of State-mandated municipal budgetary guidelines, but also a potential violation of criminal law - since developing budget scenarios, Committee has had an opportunity to meet with our two largest departments, Police and Public Works - they have expressed concern over scenarios developed and have asked for the opportunity to provide alternatives for the Committee to consider - we have agreed and will give all other departments and committees the same opportunity - will be reaching out for PBA, Teamsters and TWU unions to ascertain whether they are willing to discuss concessions to help the Borough and people they work for by eventually minimizing some of the budget cuts in the recommended scenarios - Department, Committee and Union heads will be given the opportunity to be heard within the next week and we will maintain an ongoing dialogue with all those affected - Committee is requesting that Council authorize the scheduling of our public Municipal Budget workshop for March 24th, 2009 at 6:30PM -if Council reaches accord on the budget at the end of that meeting, it will be requested that the budget be introduced at the April 7th Council meeting - it is important that Council and residents understand that the recommendations the Committee will put forth at the March 24th workshop will only address our ability to deal with the budget this year - government and financial commentators, are predicting that matters will get much worse before the economy improves - therefore, it is Council’s responsibility to begin working on ways to address and improve our financial condition for 2010 and upcoming years - Committee has commenced talks with Point Pleasant Borough Finance Committee to address possibility of shared services - talks probably will not affect this year's budget but must be pursued to address future budgets - Lt. DiCorcia and the Finance Committee will look into whether Point Pleasant Beach can qualify to obtain monetary relief by way of financial grants through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, specifically the COPS Hiring Recovery Program (CHRP) - these monies will be competitively sought and my belief is that the bulk will go to more urbanized locations - however, we will leave no stone unturned and the Finance Committee will aggressively pursue grant opportunities offered by the Act - Municipal Court and Municipal Parking provided significant revenue to the Borough in the past - these revenue sources for 2008 were unable to provide all the assistance needed in addressing budget shortfalls, which is why the Committee is considering recommendations involving significant cuts that may adversely affect these revenue-generating sources, as well as public services - for example, Chief DePolo has predicted that significant cuts in Special Police Officers budget will reduce department's ability to police and enforce Borough's parking ordinances - if this happens, our 2009 revenues will insure that department layoffs will no longer be a possibility but, in all likelihood, will become a reality for 2010 - this week, the Division of Local Government Services commenced its examination of our Police Department - Chief anticipates that the report will not be finalized until after summer - when independent analysis and report is completed, we will know if public safety of this town can afford to lose any more police officers - we are going to recommend elimination of all weekend garbage pickups during summer and the elimination of the use of street sweeper and machine vacuum on weekends, in order to reduce overtime - these actions are necessary to reduce DPW appropriations for 2009 - have also considered and are recommending elimination of part-time summer help in DPW as an additional cost savings - as a member of Council and a resident, I am not opposed to continuing to explore responsible ways to generate additional revenue from parking - the efforts expended by those individuals who volunteered to become members of the Parking Committee and give their best efforts in coming up with a plan were clearly, not only responsible, but demonstrated great citizenship - don’t want them to feel that what happened at Antrim School last week, by the cheering and the jeering, was directed at their efforts - Mayor and Council need to continue to pursue an active dialogue with residents, non-resident taxpayers, businesses, elected County and State officials, and State tourism industry to come up with ways to generate future revenue, including parking - I will not, or am I, engaging in the politics of fear, but we have to face financial realities - if something is not done this year to address future budgets, it is not unreasonable to foresee the need for substantial property tax increases and additional cutbacks in municipal services.
Councilman Hennessy: very comprehensive report - not just trying to fix this year’s budget but have to look at the years to come and the financial situation this town is in – thanked CFO and rest of Finance Committee for hard work – confident that Committee will get budget under control – still think the number one thing is to be responsible in running the town and getting more out of what we have.
Councilwoman Tooker: thanked two colleagues and CFO Riehl for hard work
Mayor Barrella: thanked Finance Committee and CFO for their work and sobering comments.

Clerk Ellsworth added several items to Consent Resolutions; Councilman Mercun: clarified item 2/m, if adopted, would have sanitation workers going back to an 8-hour work day – with respect to special events, there are no freebies - locals will reimburse town’s actual costs, will not waiver parking fees; Patti McAndrew: thanked Councilman Mercun for presentation - spoke to American Cancer Society – they commonly ask town’s to waive parking and police fees as part of their business protocol - thanked Council for not waiving parking fees – almost $1,000,000 for those three events (have 683 paid parking spots - would only be a few thousand dollars); Joe Lemma: don't see business people waiving parking or beach fees - people come down here and spend money – it all goes into the businesses pockets, so maybe they should give something free; Ben Dispoto: asked for clarification on agreement with sanitation workers; Joel Wolber: seems logical that they would work an 8-hour day, because they are being paid for 8-hours - town has too many people picking up garbage and if you release two or three, the others will have to fill in – concerned that what happens is the work expands to the time allotted; Anthony Lombardo: saw Mayor on TV about police force and bars in town - no statute that town has to protect liquor licenses - by hiring extra police officers that's what we are doing; John Deter: VFW runs a fluke tournament every year - hire police officers and pay for them - people from outside of town should pay as well; Bill Knapp: don't want to see anyone losing jobs – has another house in Hillsboro, which has privatized snow removal and only has one guy on truck – here there are two guys on every truck - Hillsboro collects garbage once a week and recyclables every two weeks – these are things Council should look at.
Motion by Councilman Mercun, seconded by Councilman Hennessy, resolutions covering the items listed below, were approved by the following roll call vote:
a) Payments to Galvin Law Firm from Board of Adjustment accounts ($1350)
b) Payment of Brick Utilities for February water usage ($50,996.88)
c) Payment to Woszcak Mechanical Cont for repair of hydrant spur ($4950)
d) P O to Callander Plumbing for installation of gas line for generator ($1000 thru grant)
e) P O to Albright Electric for generator at Police substation ($17,222)
f) Payment to Pedroni Fuel for gasoline and diesel fuel ($15,269.98)
g) Payment to Maxor for employee health benefits ($23,199.86)
h) P O to Metric Group for parking meter paper ($5,760)
i) Scheduled payment to PPB Board of Education ($774,463)
j) Payment to Muskrat Jack for animal control services ($880)
k) Payment to CIT Technology for copier lease ($387.13)
l) Payment to NJ DOT for highway occupancy applications for I&I ($2000)
m) Salary correction for Assistant Basketball Director
n) Authorization for O’Donnell, Stanton to proceed with cured-in-place sewer main lining at New Jersey Avenue railroad crossing ($17,100)
a) Approval of ABC Social Affair Permit for Elks Fluke Tournament on 7/24-7/25/09
b) Adopt Time Clock/Log-In Sheet recommendation as part of the Borough’s Personnel Policy
c) Approval of Alzheimer’s Association special event application for ‘Memory Walk’ on 9/26/09
d) Approval of American Heart Association special event application for ‘Heart Walk’ on 10/4/09
e) Approval of Memorial Day Bicycle Parade on 5/23/09
f) Approval of Deborah Flea Market/Craft Show on 6/13/09
g) Approval of Chamber of Commerce special event application for Seafood Festival on 9/19/09 with reduced rate for police fees
h) Approval of Chamber of Commerce special event application for “Tree Lighting” on 11/27/09 with reduced rate for police fees
i) Elimination of eight public work’s holiday sanitation pick-ups
j) Approval of Clean Ocean Action’s annual spring and fall beach sweeps
k) Reduction in police fees to $1200 for Chamber of Commerce “Jazz Fest” – Chamber will only reimburse Borough for actual costs of public works and police services
l) Authorization to advertise for position of MAC Coordinator – CLOSED SESSION ITEM
m) Authorization to rescind Memorandum of Agreement with sanitation workers – CLOSED SESSION ITEM


Councilman Mercun: was asked, along with Councilwoman Tooker, to address issues regarding dumpster pick up and receptacle ordinance - some issues need to be addressed particularly in definition section of ordinance - for example, a garbage bag is considered a receptacle - would rather see a garbage can with a lid at curbs than garbage bags - problem in that raccoons and seagulls attack bags - less likely to happen if you have a sealed top receptacle - certain buildings actually qualify to put out enough garbage cans to fill a 2 yard dumpster – committee discussed what people would rather see, fifteen garbage cans or one dumpster in front of a building - ordinance specifically states that there will be no dumpster pick up - members of committee are not all in agreement -will make a recommendation at April 7th meeting – will pose it to Council to discuss.

Councilman Hennessey: Safety Council will meet March 26th at 7PM - asked Administrator to relay information to DPW about plank missing on southern end of Boardwalk, north of New Jersey Avenue; clarified his statement at Parking Meeting regarding statement from Lt. Dikun that fifteen additional officers were needed – meant 15 enforcement officers not full-time police officers; Antrim School will be holding Open House on March 26th and Antrim PTO will host ‘Night at the Races’ fundraiser on March 20th; suggested formation of a Citizens’ Advisory Board – idea was suggested by a resident who felt Board could investigate how the numerous departments currently operate and make suggestions as to how operations could be made more efficient, effective and economical - would be up to Governing Body to determine what action, if any, should be taken on suggestions from this Board – Board should be comprised of volunteers with experience in audits, assessments, business, government, finance, management or labor relations; thanked Dave Cavagnaro for recommendation and supported establishment of a Citizen’s Revenue Committee - need a source of revenue to balance this budget and for years to come, shrink size of government and run it more efficiently; volunteered to act as liaison to both Committees.
Councilman Mercun: recommended marrying both boards into one - if responsible people are willing to step forward, would welcome all help Council can get.

Councilwoman Tooker: Animal Welfare Committee (AWC) has been chosen to receive “Hero to Animals Award” from Animal Welfare Federation of New Jersey – prestigious statewide award – was contacted by Best Friends (nationwide animal organization) which will likely feature AWC in their magazine – what we have here is unique and we can be a model to other towns - the only municipal-sponsored animal welfare committee in New Jersey and one of the only officially-sanctioned TNR program in New Jersey – AWC hasn’t spent one dime of municipal funds this year - committee does its own fundraising, they work very hard - met with Brick officials concerning huge problem with feral cat population – next AWC fundraiser will be at the Ark Restaurant on March 29th; Recycling Task Force has made up stickers to put on recyclables mixed with garbage - need to step up enforcement - every recyclable that is taken out of the garbage is tax dollars saved - Code Enforcer is doing a great job, but is only one person - DPW has agreed to help - task force members would like approval to help by putting a sticker on garbage if they see a violation - process works through issuance of warning for first violation - then a summons may be issued either by the police or code enforcer (caution was urged as encounters between task force members and residents could quickly turn into a brawl - if town is going to approach this idea, will need some type of training - people are shooting at others on the LA Freeway for cutting in front of them – think what could happen when you walk on someone’s property and put a sticker on something) would be at the curb (sticker people can get very aggressive, wouldn’t want to see them digging through people’s garbage) no digging, opening, slicing - it would just be egregious violations (Attorney Gertner: have to make sure they’re insured properly – asked if warning stickers were going to count as first violation) - suggested giving stickers to some of the bike guys (more appropriate for sanitation workers); Environmental Commission met to discuss changing storm water ordinance and practices - discussed allowance of rain gardens, reducing pavers, low vegetation on curb lines, and waterway buffers – encouraged all to pick up ‘Bay Buddy’ brochure, which notes numerous things residents can do to help with non-point source pollution - town does not use fertizlizers, herbicides or pesticides on public land - will meet with Beautification Committee and School Board to make sure they aren’t using these toxic substances; encouraged the use of native plants – invited all to check out Shade Tree Committee on the web - have a memorial tree program – have two openings, need members; land use meeting is Friday; Point Pleasant Beach Education Foundation Hall of Fame Dinner is on March 27th.

Councilman Cervino: applauded Councilman Mercun and Finance Committee for their work; complimented freshman Councilman Hennessey for making quite an impact; will be a meeting regarding impact of tourism in Trenton on March 30th - Mayor Barrella published an article in League of Municipalities magazine regarding local option taxes; congratulated DPW Superintendent Trout, for saving town money - came up with adhesive regarding dog signs; will be a pre-bid walk through-Risden’s concession/bath house on Thursday for people who have picked up RFP; Community Endowment Fund met regarding fundraiser topics; Building Department garnered $44,000 in revenues; Councilman Rizzo made excellent points with respect to 3rd floors – thanked Councilman Rizzo and indicated that he would like to meet with Building Department officials to discuss interpretation and enforcement of that ordinance; Beautification will be conducting spring planting in days and weeks ahead; Open Space will have an education program soon.

Councilman Dixon: Boardwalk very busy two weekends ago due to warm weather - received complaints about no tickets issued for dog walking and for overtime parking – police had a shortage of personnel - same day, 50 summons were issued with DWI and disorderly persons arrests during one of the shifts; past weekend, 12 summons were issued for dog walking on Boardwalk - zero tolerance for that; bicycle awareness going out in quarterly newsletter; MAC Coordinator notice going out in newspaper - difficult job with a lot of hours - small pay involved; asked when paving will resume on Niblick Street - had been delayed due to weather (Administrator Riehl will follow-up).

Councilman Rizzo: Animal Welfare Committee benefit March 29th - doing a fantastic job; Councilman Hennessey and Finance Committee have done an outstanding job - echoed Councilman Hennessey’s comment that it’s time to look for solutions - asked public to volunteer their expertise, skills and ideas on how to save money and do a better job in providing municipal services - encouraged residents to come on March 24th.

Mayor Barrella: thanked Finance Committee for their effort - have a number of talented people in town - asked that “Ocean Star” reporter include in her article a request for resumes of anyone interested in serving on a Citizens Finance/Advisory Committee - requested that resumes be forwarded to him through the Borough Clerk; past couple of weeks have been extremely trying for the Borough – unfortunate that some would choose to take the work, put forward by others on a committee, and either denigrate and/or misrepresent it - “Asbury Park Press” has been shameless, inaccurate and showed no journalistic integrity in their coverage of recommendations from the citizens’ parking committee – as a result of their coverage and website presentation on 2/26, NJ101.5 radio’s morning show spent an 1½ hours ripping Point Pleasant Beach (don’t know how someone can go on the air and be so misinformed - used to listen to the guy in the morning, but has no credibility now - didn’t know what he was talking about and didn’t have the facts - guess that’s what he does every morning) – called into radio station and had a hard time getting through – finally got through to try to set the record straight concerning our ownership of the beaches and what the town garnered from tourism, but it was a set-up, though not unexpected - only fair, accurate and balanced reporting was done by Alena Competello from the Ocean Star.

Administrator Riehl: RFP issued for placement of cell equipment on water tower with bid opening scheduled for next Tuesday - has potential to garner us up to $60,000 in revenue a year - thanked everyone for their articles for the newsletter.


Patti McAndrew, Point Pleasant Beach: spoke about local option taxes and need for other options regarding budget.
Joel Wolber, Point Pleasant Beach: spoke about flood insurance discount - agent advised that wrong letter was given to him by town – correct letter will not be issued until 5/1/09 – suggested that letter be mailed to every resident; if town gets 194 more community rating points, residents will get a 10% discount.
Anthony Lombardo, Point Pleasant Beach: offered to help Attorney Gertner with SID – attended previous meetings – was involved with Resident Business Association.
Dave Cavagnaro, Point Pleasant Beach: asked when charging will begin at former Risden’s south parking lot; thanked Councilman Mercun for holding the line on fees and numbers of special events; thanked Councilman Hennessey for suggestions on two committees – urged Council not to combine committees; asked if Council will consider special assessments that Council itself generates – asked if special assessments was not listed on agenda (Attorney Gertner: yes, but that isn’t what was spoken about – wanted clarification to be part of the record); asked about reinstatement of Adopt-A-Spot group for Lake of the Lillies.
Kristen Hennessey, Point Pleasant Beach: clarified that it is illegal for teachers to strike in New Jersey; suggested proposed committee be named RAGE (Resources for Accountability and Government Efficiency); asked to act as mediator for ongoing Lake of the Lillies dispute – spoke about Lake of the Lillies and shoreline restoration – asked Council to amend RFQ by merging Dr. Sousa’s and Dr. DeVito’s plans.
Vince Castin, Point Pleasant Beach: Route 35 has been cleaned up; offered to help Councilman Hennessey on revenue committee.
Max Gagnon, Point Pleasant Beach: spoke about garbage problem, fees on parking lots and petition floating around town; read quotes from petition which he found to be insulting to himself and to Council - asked Councilman Rizzo if he’s taken any signatures on petition - asked Council to pass an ordinance to subpoena and return petition (due to no permit) - wrong that Open Space Committee would have to answer these type of things; asked if Council was talking to people on the Boardwalk; reiterated that the reason he brought up the petition is not because of the petition but because they didn’t get a permit to solicit signatures – they broke the law.
Ben Dispoto, Point Pleasant Beach: thanked Finance Committee for work on budget - asked if there’s still a million dollar gap – asked about prior notice of layoffs; spoke about trash pick and asked about rotating schedules; asked how many Council people read the Risden’s RFP – 18 page proposal with addendum and submission cost of $500 isn’t business friendly; asked about town newsletter and the cost to town.
Joseph Miele, Point Pleasant Beach: in effort to avoid litigation Council should be aware that Councilman Cervino’s comments should be taken seriously - spoke about the ordinance on 3rd floor habitable spaces – would like to see ordinance addressed; suggested that council look into private waste business.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:13 P.M.

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