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Janaury 26 ,2009


Minutes: Monthly Meeting PPBSTC
Monday, Janaury 26 ,2009 7:30 pm
Pt.Pleasant Beach Town Hall

Minutes prepared by Kitty Philipp
Meeting was called to order at 7:30pm by Chairwoman Kitty Philipp. Proper and legal notice was given. Present: Kitty Philipp, Sharon Caldazo, Kristine Tooker, Elaine Hennessy, Clemens Bremer, Lynn Vasquez, Pete Renner, and Pam Rickman. Note: Pete became a member in Dec. 08, Pam in Jan. 09),
Guest: Councilman Sean Hennessy. A quorum was declared present.

1. Attendance & approval of Dec. minutes.
2.Ordinance final edits discussed. Kristine to present to Council in Feb.. Grammatical changes made, ordinance details reviewed. (Note for the pubic: To best understand any changes or to read ordinance, refer to ordinance when it is available to the public. Group discussion was too detailed to record in the limitations of these minutes) Kitty to email edits to Borough attorney Sean Gertner.

3.Forestry Management Plan: Sharon requested comments from PPBSTC members so that the FMP may be presented to council. Comments still needed from Pete and Pam. Kitty said that she concurred with Clemens (Dec.07)

1. Street Tree List: Kitty is waiting for a list of viable substitutes from waterbrook nursury. She is also aware of some corrections (website address) needed. PPBSTC decided to allow for viable substitutes, that are not on the list, with PPBSTC approval.
2. Pete: Compiling a list of Tree Committees in other towns on the barrier island.
3. New Projects: a.sidewalk phamplet: To inform residents that sidewalks can & should be shaped around the tree trunk. Kittys working on it.

7.Endowment fund: Background: In a 2007 report paid for by PPBeach, CTE Shari Spero (of CMX engineering) identified many of the trees that line Arnold Avenue as hazard trees. These trees, all of which are dying, need to be removed, and replaced. In light of the budget tightening in PPBch, the PPBSTC is anticipating that there will be no municipal funds for tree replacement. As such, the PPBSTC is focusing its efforts on courting donations to the town endowment fund, specifically for the PPBSTC.
Update: Last week, Kitty consulted with Landscape architect Sam Mellilo, re: scope of project and estimated cost of a professional firm to render a professional drawing for Arnold Ave. When said drawing is complete, it can be posted in stores, in the town hall , and on our town web site . It will clearly mark each tree to be replaced, and the requested donation to do so. Kitty suggested a tier donation plan; the highest being $500 or more, the lowest being $25. Recognition of donations will be proportionate to the tier; the more money (higher tier) the more regonition. At the very least, all contributions will be recognized with a thank you note from the town. If the donation is a gift, then a note to the giver and receiver. To reduce professional costs, Kitty will inspect all trees (with Paul from Pt.Interiors). Using a 2001 survey rendered by CMX engineers, Kitty will mark each tree & determine if it is to be replanted in same location.
It was suggested that Ocean First Bank may donate. As it turns out, Sam melillo is on the Ocean First board of trustees.
Resident Chris Albers has already donated $500 to spearhead this project.

8.Watering Solutions: Sharon has coordinated with the Fire Dept., to assist with watering. While it is ideal to water trees using a trickle of water over 2 hours, the PPBSTC is grateful for ANY water our trees can get ,esp. when first planted.

9. 2008 Outstanding tree replacement permits:
a.11 Niblick : Kitty will issue them a hand written warning notice, as she is not certain if they already received an official warning notice. Re-inspection in June.
b.1100 Richmond (Camp Marine), a 2-4 vote was cast to request 2 trees (instead of one) be replanted. (See Dec. mintues). Re-inspection in June.
10. Rt. 35 North/Bridge landing: Clemens met with Mike Moran of the NJ DOT. Results were disheartening: plans to restore to 2006 condition (before bridge repair) are already made. (PPBSTC wanted to request raingardens, swale, etc). At the very least, we wanted to see the now compacted soil aerated by using an air spade. Clemens to meet with another DOT authority to see if PPBSTC can have input.
11.County Grant: Sharon wrote and sent Thank you letter. No info yet on 2009 grant .
12.Trees about town: Elaine H., reported that 2 large trees were removed by the county on Bay ave. She will call the county to learn about replacement. Also, reported that 2 large trees on Private Property (elsewhere in town) removed. This is not in our jurisdiciton.
13. Councilman Sean Hennessy inquired about Rt.35/Bridge landing (see #10 above), and about shrubs at RailRd intersections. Cars cannot block tracks, but have no choice but to do so in order to see oncoming traffic. replacing shrubs would not solve this problem. However, Clemens suggested including this in the FMP.
14. 2009 Budget: Pending Council approval

Next meeting: : Monday, Feb. 2. Kitty will not be able to attend.

Published March25, 2009 | Shade Tree Committee Minutes | 761

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