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December 1,2008

Mintues: Monthly Meeting PPBSTC
Pt.Pleasant Beach Town Hall

Minutes prepared by Kitty Philipp
Meeting was called to order at 7:30pm, by Chair Kitty Philipp.
Proper and legal notice was given. Present: Kitty Philipp, Kristine Tooker (Council Liason), , Sharon Cadalzo ,Elaine Hennessy & new appointee Pete Renner Guest: Doug Kniss, owner of Bartlett Tree Experts
Absent:Clemens Bremer, Lynn Vasquez

1.Attendance. November minutes approved.
Guest Doug Kniss stated that while he is currently a PPBorough resident, his heart is in the Beach. As the owner of a tree company, he made avaialble to the group his knowledge and opinions on any tree issues that may be affecting us. Overall, he indicated that his reason for attending the meeting was to be aware of what was happening in PPBeach with regards to tree issue. We thanked him,discussed improvments to the street tree list, and generally included Mr.Kniss in the meeting.

Kristine reported that the ordinance is completed. Kristine apologized for not emailing it for review to PPBSTC members, and promised to do so. Kitty questioned a charge for$775 for implementing the tree memorial program. She asked if this was correct, and if so what results had been produced. Krisitine is investigating.

3.Forestry Management Plan:Sharon to re- email it to group for review. Then will be presented to council in January.

Outstanding tree permits: Seymour replanted! Also, 2008 permit at 310 Atlantic replanted! 1100 Richmond did not.
1100 Richmond (Camp Marine): Owner provided a letter from a CTE (Note: Kitty confirmed CTE #),stating the the 2 trees in front of his property were planted by the town, and were not planted correctly (i.e: no room to grow, as needed in an urban landscpe plan) and this caused his sidewalk to be lifted. He provided receipts for over $6,000 incurred in costs to repair sidewalks. He feels that because the tree was planted incorrectly, and he never requested said trees, not only should he not have to replant, but the town should repay him the $. Also, he has a letter from a CTE stating that a tree cannot be replanted in this location because the soil is too compact. Members voted: 2- to have camp marine replant 1 tree in a location approved by the PPBSTC, 2- to have camp marine replant 2 trees 1. in front of a house on NJ Ave that removed 2 trees and replanted only 1, and another tree in a ppbstc location. Kitty indicated that there is also another reident with an outstanding tree permi
t who has indicated financial difficulty , so why should this tree go to NJ ave? Kitty felt that Camo Marnie has a unquie case, and suld not have to replant at all ,considering it was the town planted these trees which caused his sidewalk to be lifted and caused Camp Marine considerable expense and aggrivation. Elaine countered by saying that the other trees on Rt. 35 appear to have been planted correctly, so why would his have been planteed wrong? Elaine said that his real reason is that he hates trees. Pete agreed, and added that even though someone may say they have a reason for doing something, the real reason might be very different. Kitty said his liking or not likng trees is irrelevant. The issue is his arguement of the trees in RT. 35 not being planted corretly for an unban area. The problem with how the trees along route 35 were planted is that they were not given room to grow, which is needed in an urban landscape plan. If there is not room to grow, the trees inevitably
lift the sidewalk, creating a hazard. In fact, Camp Marine could not get property insurance until the sidewalks were fixed. As the vote was tied, the PPBSTC decieded to wait until january for a re-vote so that Clem and Lynn could vote. While Kitty and Eline disagreed on this issue, Kitty thanked Elaine for being so passionate about trees!

Street Tree List: Kitty is waiting for a list of viable substitutes from waterbrook nursury. She is also aware of some corrections (website address) needed.
New Projects: a.sidewalk phamplet: To inform residents that sidewalks can & should be shaped around the tree trunk. Kittys working on it.
b.Endowment fund: Kitty stressed that this issue should become our #1 issue, as funds will be needed in the near future to replace the many diseased and decayed trees on Arnold Ave., without using town money. Kristine suggested asking Ocean First Bank. Sharon suggested an article in the Ocean Star. Kitty suggested a display in a local store where the store would receive a % of donation in return for floor space and expediting donations. Sharon needed to check IRS rules first. Residnet Chris Albers has already donated $500 to spearhead this project.

c.discuss watering solutions: It is a waste of time and trees if we plant trees but cannot water them. Kitty suggested buying a water buffalo and sharing it with other towns. Check first to see if a neighboring town already has one.

2008 Outstanding tree replacement permits: Kitty will provide a list to members for inspection.
Rt. 35 North/Bridge landing: Clemens to set up a meeting with Mike Moran of the NJ DOT to learn: a. current landscaping plans, b. be involved with future plans (raingardens, swale, etc). Doug Kniss suggested repairing the now compacted soil by asking the State to aerate it by using an air spade
9.2009 Budget: Due by Dec. 1....completed.

Next meeting: : Kitty cannot make the Janaury meeting and has asked if it could be resceduled for after January 13.

Published December22, 2008 | Shade Tree Committee Minutes | 711

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