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December 1,2008


Agenda: Monthly Meeting PPBSTC
December 1,2008 7:30 pm
Pt.Pleasant Beach Town Hall

1.Attendance. Approve November minutes.
2.Update: Ordinance: Kristine reported that the ordinance is completed. PPBSTC members asked to review the ordinance before it was presented to council. Reminder: Kristine, please email it to group. Also, problem with the billing. Council approved $6,000 to be spent on ordinance, anticipating much less. We were billed for 51 hours! Kristine thinks this is too much time for the authoring of the ordinane to have taken. Borough attorney Sean Gerner agreed to chat with owner of firm to discuss & validate so many hours. Note: this cost will not come from the PPBSTC budget, but from the engineering department. Kitty noticed that same firm charged town $775 for tree memorial? Is this correct?
3.Update: Forestry Management Plan: when will we present this to council?

4. Outstanding tree permits: Seymour replanted! Also, 2008 permit at 310 Atlantic replanted! 1100 Richmond: Owner has written proof from a CTE that tree was planted incorrectly by the town and this caused his sidewalk to be lifted. He paid $700 to fix the sidewalk. He feels that because the tree was planted incorrectly, and he never requested said tree, not only should he not have to replant, but the town should repay him the $700. Also, he has a letter from a CTE stating that a tree cannot be replanted in this location because the soil is too compact. Members decided to wait until Dec. meeting to render a decision, as Elaine was absent. Note: Kitty confirmed CTE #.
5.KITTY: Tree List6.New Projects: a.sidewalk phamplet: To inform residents that sidewalks can & should be shaped around the tree trunk. Kittys working on it.
b.Endowment fund: Main issue: replacing the many diseased and decayed trees on Arnold Ave., without using town money. All agree this could be best done by encouraging endowment donations. Kristine suggested asking Ocean First Bank. Sharon suggested an article in the Ocean Star. Kitty suggested a display in a local store where the store would receive a % of donation in return for floor space and expediting donations. Sharon needed to check IRS rules first.

c.discuss watering solutions: It is a waste of time and trees if we plant trees but cannot water them. Kitty suggested buying a water buffalo and sharing it with other towns. Check first to see if a neighboring town already has one.

6.Reminder that in December we will be reviewing outstanding permits for 2008.
7.Kitty to ask DPW for report on their experiences at the County Shade Tree training.
8.Rt. 35 North/Bridge landing: Clemens to set up a meeting with Mike Moran of the NJ DOT to learn: a. current landscaping plans, b. be involved with future plans (raingardens, swale, etc).
9.2009 Budget: Due by Dec. 1....completed.
10. new members needed.
Next meeting: Monday, Dec. 1 7:30, Town hall. Please email me with any other issues.

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