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November, 17,2008


Monthly Meeting PPBSTC
November, 17,2008 7:30 pm
Pt.Pleasant Beach Town Hall

1.Attendance & approval of Oct. minutes.
2.Update: Ordinance
3.Update: Forestry Management Plan
4.Update: Outstanding tree removal permits. Motion to issue fines. addresses: 1100 Richmond, 202 Seymour, ?Homestead. (Im in Florida and will have to check my notes back home!).
5.KITTY: Tree List...completed!
6.New Projects:
a.sidewalk phamplet
b.Endowment fund: ALL MEMBERS: Please come to the meeting prepared with ideas on marketing, and selling ideas; including recognizing donors, donation levels (how much should we ask?), implementation of our ideas (who will be in charge of this? Is there an outside company who will work on commission?), comparisons of other towns in the US with similar programs, Basically, I am asking that we create a marketing plan for our endowment fund. It would be good to emails ideas to our group before meeting.

c.discuss watering solutions. ALL MEMBERS: Please come to the meeting with researched ideas on how we can get our trees watered(ex: water buffalo)
8.Grant updates: SHARON: county grant, elm tree grant. SHARON: Are there any other grants that you now of which we should be persuing?
9.Reminder that in December we will be reviewing outstanding permits for 2008.
10.Report from DPW who attended County Shade Tree training.
11.Report from SHARON AND CLEM, who attended core training sessions.
12.Update: LOL weeping willow. Kitty has not heard from Bonnie Scott, the resident who removed said tree and said that she wanted to replant it...with our help.
Inquiry from resident Marty Stillufsen (Kittys Dad)...would the PPBSTC consider targeting along the boardwalk for trees, to prevent erosion and block wind?
Please email me with any other issues.

Published November10, 2008 | Shade Tree Committee Agendas | 685

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