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August 27, 2008

Meeting Minutes


7:05 pm Sunshine Law/Roll Call

Attend: Pete Richings, Kris Tooker, Cathy Sogorka, Sharon Cadalzo, Anne Lightburn, Patti Hoffman
Guests: Candace Donoghue, Ben Dispoto- Ed Donoghue @8:07

Report of Officers

· Chairman – Announcements, mail, Environmental Commission Membership – Paul DiPasquale isn’t able to attend meetings, so he will be sending a letter of resignation. Evan Mayer?
· Applications: Coastal waterfront development permit for 805 Long Point Lane (change of dock design); Ocean County for Gull Island Park – fishing dock, restroom building, ramp repair- we need to comment on the type of fertilizer (Pete to write a letter on low nitrogen) – water line & pit for trees?
· Wall township – watershed impacts through a grant / brochure for public land –green building at Jersey Shore- permit (Frank Zizza) advising that he has come to terms w/DOP @21 Niblick for a dock
· Treasurer Report –$2800 – waiting for invoice for sign at the inlet
· Secretary –nothing

Committee Task Force and Project Status Reports

· Council Status Report – Kris – very close to getting the Lake Louise Permit – permit cost is $21,000, only $10,000 was budgeted – needs to be coordinated when dredgers will be around – LOL: waiting for the Princeton hydro & engineering reports to be fused with comments from meeting – setting up meetings in Trenton to see what % they will contribute & mitigate – County committed to pay for their %. – likely sites for cutting, need to replant at that time (where it won’t interfere with dredging) – New catch & release ordinance on fresh water lakes –thanks to Pete R for being an inspector at the south end of town’s dune systems – dune grass/fencing comes from County for free – demonstration dune with people from Georgian Court – more parking at Maryland Ave, took down signage – looking for another access point;’ bike parking, tree trimmed – bay buddy brochures are complete, we could give out at festival, looking for donation (.10 each)- motion by Anne to order 1000, Pete 2nd. Nitrogen free.com
· Shade Tree Committee – Kris – draft ordinance – Forestree Consultants working – Parkway issue with all wiring/utilities underground
· Recycling Task Force – Ben –insert with tax bill – information is out for a 2nd time – County is going to full single stream within next 2-4 years. – less than 2 dozen employees there. Work staff is down to a 3rd of what it was. Waste Management has been involved with county since 1991. 1.2 million tons of recycling out of the landfill - $16MM – tipping fees have gone down on average – stickers/door hangers still being worked on. Attempting to have 2 offenses & then no trash pick up – Enforcement through code enforcement & police dept – progress with White Sands & with cardboard from Aquarium with Jenks.
· Open Space Advisory Committee – Anne – public meeting 9/15 at 7:30 PM – tree crew trying to save trees @Gull Island Park due to lack of water source – think about where to put 3 trees (band shell & 2 others – give Ann ideas for Oct/Nov)
· Planning Board and CAFRA Reviews – Tom - absent
Patti left at 8:55 to hear convention information

Old/Unfinished Business – Status Reports

· Non point source pollution- Anne & Kris –
· Anti Idling Sign - Installation being installed today or tomorrow

New Business

· Storm water management – brain storming meeting in Sept
· Cigarette receptacles-Cathy – no return calls from RJ Reynolds
· Environmental Commission Scrapbook, file, archives
· Sea Food Festival participation – Anne has a full roster of people.
· Save Barnegat Bay Fundraiser – in place of our 9/24 meeting
· Monofilament recycling

Pete to ask if hardware store will put environmentally friendly on shelf for low nitrogen fertilizer & Cathy will work on signage

Public Comment Period

How do you get out if you fall in? Discussion of ladder off of the inlet in case someone is in the water. (Pete)

Upcoming Dates/Events

Vegetative swales – where no parking (look at Manasquan) – trees –ask Willie/Steve T – pervious area between curb & asphalt

Ordinance on books to not use pesticides/herbicides – integrated pest management

Motion to adjourn at 9:50PM by Anne Lightburn, 2nd by Cathy Sogorka

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