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June 25, 2008

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Environmental Commission

Attendance: Pete Ritchings, Chris Tooker, Anne Lightburn, Tom Spader, Evan Myer, Sharon Cadalzo(late) and recycling coordinator Ben Dispoto

Guests: Clem Bremmer and Peter Renner

The April 30th and May 28th meeting minutes where approved as submitted.

Anne discussed New Jersey Green Acres Open Space Funding requirements.

Georgian Court professor Dr. Woolen has made a request to have access to borough dunes to study Japanese dune grass. As the town has limited beachfront, Tom Spader suggested using Bradshaw’s Beach as a potential site for dune study.

Kris commented on the need for a borough dune inspector and Pete Ritchings may consider volunteering.

Anne and Sharon updated the commission on the Monmouth Lake Symposium. The main problem facing the Monmouth and Ocean County Lakes is storm water run-off and sediment loading. Several of the Monmouth County Lakes have significant aquatic weed growth that requires herbicidal treatment and mechanical harvesting – as with dredging finding sites to deposit harvested weeds is an issue. As follow-up a regional group may be set up to address shared issues and keep abreast of state and federal activity and projects.

Recycling – issue with motels – don’t want Board of Health coming in

Outreach with Lake of the Lillies will start next year

Brownies public community awareness program

Kris – language at public events – igloos at county -Moved some receptacles to better spots by high school & Bay Avenue -Couple of new members – lively group, not calm meeting at all – divergent opinions – Gold’s Gym recycling on floor – Ocean County doesn’t want bags at all – cafeteria visit at Antrim is a horror show – next to tackle – parent members will get PTO involved – Foodtown is recycling plastic bags to treks- Tom feels larger bin is proof that people are recycling, Sharon disagrees – we need greater compliance – we need more education – we aren’t fully compliant, but there is an increase in volume

Working with Code Enforcement – biggest issue is businesses – Committee feels more emphasis needs to be placed on picking up recycling, it’s the law

Kris on Council – meeting with Willie DeCamp & Steve Taylor – spoke about an ordinance on on-point source pollution – waiting on County ordinance – Storm Water Management – there is a new planner on board
More education
We are part of 2 watersheds

Bay Buddy & Manasquan Water Shed information will be available for Seafood Festival

Permit Extension Act – letting things happen due to economic times

Farmers Market starting July 13

Shade Tree – commemorative trees - Donna Miller of GellerSiv in Howell

Anne on Open Space: nothing to report – 10x 10 site with tent near the information booths of the Seafood Festival – Shade Tree, Recycling, Animal Treatment to also participate.

Tom: Planning Board – nothing on CAFRA – Risden’s plan is coming back – 14 years ago the cost of the beach was $3million

Route 35 Ricover Park – what are we going to do? – Agate Construction there now – speak to the DOT – Let’s make it environmentally friendly – project for Evan – bunch of trees and not much to mow

No idling signs

7/15 at 6 PM is Lake of the Lillies meeting

Comment on LOL study: not installing mechanical trapping devices – phragmities not that bad – Anne will draft a letter – eradicating the phragmities is very expensive and not cost effective – if we do it, must be with chemicals – MTDs need to be done right away

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM

Published October27, 2008 | Environmental Commission Minutes | 679

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