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October 6, 2008


Point Pleasant Beach Shade Tree Committee
Agenda Mon.,Oct. 6th, 7:30pm, Town Hall

1.Attendance and approval of Sept. minutes.
2.Resident Linda Murphy wishes to appeal the decision of permit denied, re: sycamore tree on St.Louis & washington. She may come to the meeting.
3..Annual STC meeting update: 2 BPW employees to attend, as well as Sharon & Clem.
4..Notes from Listening Session with FMP team Forestree, 10/2/08:
Kitty, Clem, Sharon and Elaine met with Les & Andy Alpaugh, owners of Forestree. Reminder: An FMP (Forestry Mangement Plan) is required by the state as part of the requirements to become a commission. This is a management plan which inventories our community forest, and outlines a clear 5-year plan for managing it. In conclusion of of meeting, we determined the 4 most important elements of the FMP for PPBeach will be 1.Identifying hazard trees and making a plan for remediation, 2.Tree planting, specifically to replace the trees on arnold ave.,(Forestree received a copy of the engineers tree inventory for arnold & richmond ave.) 3.Tree maintenance, including developing a watering system like a water buffalo, 4.Public education and increasing donations to our endowment fund. Also, if we are to be involved with any Arbor Day activities we should include it on the April 21, 2009 Council agenda.
Questions asked: Does PPB have a Geographic Information System (GIS), which is a layered map of the town? As part of this GIS, the tree inventory cold be included using a device called a “GPS” unit, which programs trees directly into said map if you are standing in front of the tree! Without this device the trees wold have to be manually recorded. Sharon confirmed the county has one on order ( according to Rich reenstra, county forester).
Before the meeting, Sharon provided Forestree with information they had requested, such as the PPBSTC budget, our proposed ordinance, a summary on how trees are currently maintained, etc..
4.Ordinance: Sept. 29,2008 Kitty, Clem, Elaine and Kristine met with landscape architect/certified town planner Diane Miller, to finalize proposed ordinance. Throughout this 3 hour meeting, kitty continually pressed for an easier application process and larger tree minimum. Clem suggested less verbiage. Conclusion was that ordinance needed to be specific to prevent misinterpretations. Finalized ordinance to be presented at 10/7/08 council meeting. PPBSTC members,friends and families are encouraged to attend and speak out in favor of ordinance.
Thank you note to Chris Albers (donation $500)
Trees: PPB may received an American Liberty Elm in the Spring! Update: LOL weeping willow, resident Bonnie Scott, High School, second opinion needed, Resident donated a cherry tree...if we dig up and replant.
PPBSTC field work needed: to contact nurseries about carrying trees on our list. Kitty to present finalized pamphlet.

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