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July 7, 2008


1.Approve June minutes.
2.Sharon: Update re: Forestree...what is the next step?
3.GUEST:Diane Miller, a landscape architect and certified town planner ( dmiller@geller-sive.com ) to chat about creating a comprehensive ordinance regarding trees not on municipal property. Payment for her services to come from the town engineer budget. Ms.Miller will also assist us with the replanting plan of arnold ave., and in fact has already spoken with Forrestree to collaborate efforts. (See #9).
4. Recommendations from Members re:ordinance:
notes from June meeting:
Clemens recommended that the opening paragrah(of the new ordinance) should explain existence (maintain/increase property values, noise pollution, energy control, pollution control-removal of CO2 from atmosphere, wildlife habitat, erosion control, rain permeation, aesthetics).
b.Companies working on town property should have a CTE on staff. Also, ordinance should state what is NOT allowed (topping, tipping, etc..)(or specifiy what IS). Fines should apply per branch, not per tree.
Require more lot coverage on new construction &existing properties. Kitty suggested this be a separate but related ordinance to prevent the entire ordinance from being voted down b/c of this clause.

Kitty: Ordinance should include an appellate process, sidewalk replacement guidelines, specify the grounds for removal, incorporate various ways to remove a tree where a permit would be required (poisoning, cutting, careless construction work, etc...)Application approval time frame, tree replacement time frame, trunk diameter minimum, tree planting guidelines, application should be on website, enforcement (who), evaluation (who).,what trees need a permit (trunk diameter, historic)., replacement ratio: one tree for every one removed, clause allowing specified reasons of replanting of trees on municipal property - should have PPBSTC approval.,fines., exceptions., the ordinance should have flexible standards within reason., the application should be the 2008., construction protection measures (bulldozing near roots, digging utility trenches, dumping of construction waste close to the tree...these can result in the slower, but certain tree death.), replacement tree species (PPBSTC shou
ld work in conjuction with a local nursury so as to make it easy for residents to replant.) Specific exceptions when a permit is not required( ex: emergency)
Ordinances referred to: NYC, Princeton,Roseland and American Planning assoc. (Zoning Practice July’07)

4.CLEMENS: Update :Tree Removal Application update
7.6 month review of outstanding applications: UPDATE: The reminder letters were sent out in the Spring. According to these letters the homeowners have until September to replant. Therefore the PPBSTC should review the outstanding applications in september. note: The PPBSTC concedes that if a homeowner makes an attempt to replant, we acknowledge and appreciate the effort and waive the fine.
8.Resident donated a cherry tree. PPBSTC must make arrangements to dig up an replant in the Fall.
9.Arnold Ave.: SEE ALSO #3; Resident Chris Albers to donate $500. LYNN: request copy of memorial bench application to use as a sample. Price of replacement tree? Anne Lightburn reminds PPBSTC to include a watering/maintenance plan.
Tax bills to be mailed out...our opportunity to put in a PPBSTC “ad”. Did we miss this?
Core Training Program: need to maintain 8 credits annually. (CLEM to research)

Next meeting August 4’08 7:30pm Town Hall

Published July09, 2008 | Shade Tree Committee Agendas | 612

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