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June 2, 2008


Point Pleasant Beach Shade Tree Committee
7:30pm, Pt.Beach Town Hall

Note: Sharon Caldazo excused

1.Approve May minutes
2.Forestry Management Plan: Update Forestree approved by council to complete our FMP. PPBSTC Members should be prepared with any tree-issues to be included in plan. Consultants will meet with the PPBSTC at a later date to discuss. (example:Arnold ave., tree replanting plan, weeping willows replacement around lake of the lillies, etc...)

Ordinance: PPBSTC members should be prepared with suggestions as to what the new tree ordinance should include.
Tree removal application: still not changed.
County Grant Update
DOT/Route 35...who has jurisdiction?
Tree removal application: St. Louis and Washington
6 month review of past Tree Removal Applications:
Kitty: (2004) 300 Curtis Ave., 215 Harvard Ave., 208 Princeton Ave.
Clem: (2005) 304 Atlantic Ave., 703 Atlantic Ave., (2006) 118 St. Louis Ave.,
(2006) 1100 Richmond
Kristine: 113 Chicago Ave., 207 Harvard., 106 harvard, 206 Yale.,(note: 206 yale contacted me and requested to replant a tree elsewhere on municipal property in the Fall)
Elaine: 205 Central Ave., (2007) 803 Briaircliff, 211 Harvard., 200 Homestead.
A resident contacted the PPBSTC via email and offered a cherry tree for donation, providing we dig it up.
Arnold Ave: Lynn: Paver information

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