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May 5, 2008


Minutes prepared by Kitty Philipp

Meeting was called to order at 7:30pm by Chairwoman Kitty Philipp. Proper and legal notice was given. Present: Kitty Philipp, Sharon Caldazo, Kristine Tooker, Elaine Hennessy, Clemens Bremer, Lynn Vasquez. Guest: Nancy Skinner.
A quorum was declared present.

1.April minutes approved.
2.Priority #1: Forestry management plan: As posted on our website (pointpleasantbeachnj.org + Committees + Shade Tree Committee Link), we are seeking bids for a Forestry management Plan. The aforementioned plan is necessary for the PPBSTC to a)reduce or eliminate any liability involving trees of which the groups, itís members and the town might currently be held responsible for b.) to better establish our group status as a commission( although this plan is not required for this), and c.) give the current and future members of the PPBSTC a long term goal of expert opinion regarding removal and planting of trees. PPBSTC is awaiting bid offers. We dicussed an electronic vote in May to select the company between meetings.

3.Endowment Fund: An endowment funds has been set up by the council as a means for residents to make tax-deductible monetary gifts to the town with specific purposes, such as planting trees. Resident Chris Albers has pledged $500 towards the proposed re-planting project on Arnold Ave.
3a. Arnold Avenue: As per a report prepared by CME engineers, the majority of the pears trees lining arnold ave., are diseased or decayed beyond salvage and need to be removed and replaced. As a means to both offset the cost of tree replacement from the town, and to foster community involvement with the trees in our town, the PPBSTC would like to create a donation-based plan to replace the trees with money gifted from the public. Kitty Philipp suggested involving a landscape architect to create a design including tree types and grate covers. Clem suggested that this be included within our Forestry Magmt. Plan. Marketing: town web site, publicity, signs on tree sites. Lynn agreed to research pavers that could be inscribed with names of donors. Possibility: George Miksis of river nursury.

4.Ordinance: PPBSTC members to have ready by June meeting the proposals for what we would like the ordinance to include, and then have the attorney draft it for review.

5.Tree removal application: Kitty has made suggestions to Elaine Petrillo to update the application...such as requesting a phone number from the applicant, and including the most recent ordinance on the back of the application. To expedite this, Kitty may have to do the actual changes.

6. County grant update: So far all documents have been submitted on time. Thanks Sharon!
7. Lake of the lillies: Kitty spoke with the resident who removed a weeping willow tree. She has agreed to replacing it with 2 trees...on the condition that her block committee ok it, and if the PPBSTC helps with planting and with cost. Kitty said that while this seems an inapporpriate request, it would be a good chance to have some trees planted there, and with the residents cooperation (referring to past issues with residents removing trees around the lake).
8. Arbor day: no trees were planted due to time constraints in memberís personal lives.
9. Clem is still awaiting to learn from the DOT who has jurisdiction over trees on Rt. 35
10. Other issues: 2 out of 3 tree removal permits were approved. In both cases the PPBSTC disputed the removal, requested and recieved written evaluations from a Certified tree expert (RT DAVIES)stating that the trees needed to be removed. 1 permit was denied after Kitty spoke with the owner and together they decided the tree could be spared.

Next meeting: Monday June 9, 2008

Submitted by: Kitty Philipp

Published June05, 2008 | Shade Tree Committee Minutes | 578

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