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March 26th, 2008


Point Pleasant Beach Environmental Commission

Sunshine Law/ Roll Call – Sharon Cadalzo; Cathy Sogorka; Pete Ritchings; Anne Lightburn, Kris Tooker – meeting convened at 7:02 PM

Approval of January minutes –motion to approve by Pete, 2nd by Sharon – minutes approved
Patti Hoffman arrived at 7:07; Rosa Crowley arrived at 7:11 P

Reports of Officers
· Chairman – after this meeting, Anne is assuming chair of Open Space, so she would like to have someone else chair this committee, Ritchings would accept. Motion to nominate by Cathy, 2nd by Sharon. Motion carried.
· Treasurer – Anne will keep up as treasurer. We have a seed budget of $600.
· Secretary – no report

Committee Task Force and Project Status Reports
· Council status report – Kris – Shade Tree meeting next week to get an ordinance to send to Borough Attny. Good list of trees available. Animal committee at 6PM on 4/11. Applied for egg idling permit. Animal emergency policy for pets.
· Shade Tree Committee – Kris
· Recycling Task Force - Ben Dispoto – met with Jenks today – handout – tried to get across the plus of a green type business – downside is the increased cost of products – could lead to more customer appreciation – volume approach in $ and cents – cardboard only is recycled – they have never been approached by their Waste Management representative about recycling – perhaps 40-60% of tonnage costs could be reduced & generate recycling revenue – they have manpower & storage issues, i.e., where do they put the recycling until it gets picked up – dialogue is started – would county do anything grant wise on the purchase of recycling cans?- issue of recycling days vs. trash days – County won’t put an igloo at Silver Lake Lot- Point Pleasant Boro is able to recycle boat yard shrink wrap – single day trash pick up is in more conversations – going to next Chamber meeting
· Open Space Advisory Committee – Anne – nothing new to report – Greg Cox (Aquatecture) will be helping them to brainstorm on restoration at the inlet. Perhaps some materials can be salvaged from the demolition of 29 Inlet Dr. Fundraising dedications to improve the park.
· Planning Board and CAFRA reviews – no report as Tom Spader out of town

Old/Unfinished Business – Status Reports
· Osprey platform project – Bird Sanctuary – Pete – Gull island platform still looks vacant – LOL isn’t installed yet. – Still no osprey sightings yet.
· Education signage at Inlet (non-point source pollution, cigarettes, environment, etc and the Barnegat Bay Nation Estuary Program grant) – Cathy and Sharon – posters due to be picked up at the end of March for the winner to be selected
· 2008 Earth Day Poster Contest - Patti – Antrim Wed/Thur & St Peter’s on Friday. Time to judge will be picked out. Hoffman’s will provide the gift certs.
· ANJEC Sustainable Cities Road Show – Anne and Amy – trying to get partners – only organization is the League of Women Voters – Bay Head might want to do in summer – teaming up is the way to go with a greater audience -
· Anti Idling signs – Pete -will be available next week -2 on Niblick & 2 on Chicago

New Business
· Potential Project Discussion – Non-point Source Pollution – Save Barnegat Bay – What should our project be? Reduce lawn fertilizers & reduce litter –Bay Head had a meeting with all the lawn maintenance people. Use more organic which is available at Home Depot. Vinegar is a good weed killer – maybe we can have Steve Taylor & Willie DeCamp here for a meeting – maybe we can have them here for the next meeting – maybe we can reschedule the April meeting to accommodate – how do we make a difference? (as the environmental commission) – Bay water quality improved in the 60’s due to the installation of sewers vs. septic systems

Visitor Comments
- No visitors present

Upcoming Dates
· Point Pleasant Borough Earth Day event – April 19th (rain date April 20th) Ocean Road School

Motion to adjourn at 8:21 pm – motion made Rosa, 2nd by Pete.

Published May23, 2008 | Environmental Commission Minutes | 575

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