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May 5, 2008


Point Pleasant Beach Shade Tree Committee Monthly Meeting
7:30 pm,
Pt.Beach Town Hall

SHARON/KITTY: Priority NUMBER 1: Forestry management Plan: As posted on our website (pointpleasantbeachnj.org + Committees + Shade Tree Committee Link), we are seeking bids for a Forestry management Plan. The aforementioned plan is necessary for the PPBSTC to a)reduce or eliminate any liability involving trees of which the groups, itís members and the town might currently be held responsible for b.) to better establish our group status as a commission( although this plan is not required for this), and c.) give the current and future members of the PPBSTC a long term goal of expert opinion regarding removal and planting of trees.
PRIORITY NUMBER 4: KRISTINE: Endowment Fund: An endowment funds has been (is being?) set up by the council as a means for residents to make tax-deductible monetary gifts to the town with specific purposes, such as planting trees. Resident Chris Albers has pledged $500 towards the proposed re-planting project on Arnold Ave.

3.PRIORITY NUMBER 2: Ordinance: Borough attorney Sean Gertner is drafting an ordinance regarding trees on private property. PPBSTC to review draft and make comments.

4.PRIORITY NUMBER 3: Kristine: Councilwoman Tooker to introduce an ordinance to make us a commission.

5.Kitty: Tree removal application: Kitty has made suggestions for updates to Code enforcement officier Elaine Petrillo. Also, pending applications to be approved/discussed.

Sharon/Kitty: County Grant update (thank you acknowledged)
Kitty: Lake of The Lillies Weeping Willow update.
Kitty, Elaine, and resident Nancy Skinner: Arbor Day tree planting update. No trees were planted due to time constraints in members personal lives.
Clemens: DOT update
Kitty: Street tree list update

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