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April 7 ,2008


Meeting was called to order at 7:40 pm by Chair Kitty Philipp. Proper and legal notice was given. Present : Kitty Philipp, Sharon Cadalzo, Elaine Hennessy, Clemens Bremer,, Kristine Tooker. Absent: Anne Lightburn,Lynn Vasquez (excused, personal). Guests: Nancy Skinner, Bruce Winters, Chris Albers. A quorum was declared present.

1.CTE Bruce Winters is being considered by the PPBSTC for paid position of compiling town tree inventory and forestry management plan, as well as future as-needed basis. The aforementioned plan is necessary for the PPBSTC to a)reduce or eliminate any liability involving trees of which the groups, it’s members and the town might currently be held responsible for b.) to better establish our group status as a commission( although this plan is not required for this), and c.) give the current and future members of the PPBSTC a long term goal of expert opinion regarding removal and planting of trees. Issues discussed with Mr.Winters : a.) his knowledge of grants b.)his knowledge of trees, especially trees in the beach area. (He responded that he needed to do research on this, but at least could suggest the london plane. PPBSTC concurred.) c.)His fees: $75-85/hour. He agreed to provide a quote for doing the tree inventory and plan.
Mr. Winters did not provide a resume, but said his experience included completing 85% of the field work (along with one other person)of the O.County tree survey. Worked for CMF Lavallo.
He prefers to be contacted by cell. Kitty has his contact information.
NOTE: Sharon reminded PPBSTC that CME (engineers) agreed to do the survey and plan for $4500 (the amount of our grant plus required matching funds). Usually this would be much higher, but they are seeking experience for future business!

2.Chris Albers: PPB resident who pledged $500 to start a tree memorial fund. PPBSTC feels this is the perfect opportunity to designate Arnold Ave, as the (first) sight of a tree memorial fund. The Pear trees lining this ave., need to be removed as they are diseased & rotting (from both age, and a horrible pruning job several years ago). This project would transfer cost of replanting from the town to the public (i.e: anyone who wants to purchase a memorial tree/plaque), as well as increase community appreciation for our trees (hopefully!). Kitty has Mr.Albers contact info.
Steps: 1. Tree inventorty/mgmt. Plan (PPBSTC PRIORITY #1)
2. Consult a landscape architect and engineer to design a memorial
3. Professionally market/advertise with ads, phamplets and ordering forms.

3.Ordinance: Borough attorney, Sean Gertner , is drafting an ordinance regarding trees on private property. Via email, PPBSTC members are to collaborate on items they feel should be included . Draft will be reviewed and agreed upon by PPBSTC before being introduced to council. Note: Important to emphasize to public that having a tree is a matter of protecting property values, and for energy management. Property and neighborhoods w/trees usually command a higher selling price. Trees cool in Summer, let sunlight thru in Winter.

4.Commission status: Councilwoman Tooker to introduce an ordinance to make us a commission (currently we are a committee). Important to reduce our liability.

Tree inventory & forestry mgmt. Plan: Lists all hazardous trees on public roads. Creates a plan to remove said trees and replant. State recognizes that if we have a plan, and corresponding budget approval, and a tree was to fall before we were able to have it safely removed, our liability is limited...because we had a plan and were aggressively working towards it.

6.To expedite existing tree removal application responses, Kitty suggested:
Applicants to be as location specific as possible. (so that we are sure to inspect correct tree.)
If available, applicants should include a letter from a CTE regarding condition of tree. As a measure of expertise, CTE must have minimum 10 years experience.

7.County Grant: Sharon to call R.Reenstra regarding 2008 application. Kitty to write an official thank you to county, Rich and freeholders.

8.Email lists: Kitty to create 2 lists:
1.PPBSTC members : all correspondence
2.PPBSTC members & public: agendas and minutes, and announcements.

9.Arbor Day Trees: PPBSTC changed Arbor Day plan & voted not to replace W.Willows at LOL until lake is dredged. Replanting plan to be included in Mgmt. Plan. Instead, Kitty committed to planting ONE W.Willow at L.Silver Lake. Elaine H. and guest Nancy Skinner committed to planting 1-2 trees at said lake.

website: to include “Anyone interested in donating a tree, contact us..”

gator bags: Kitty gave gator bags to Borough workers to put on trees. Not yet done. Kitty also has gator bags to give to H.School for trees on that property.
Tree removal Application/ Walnut st. : PPBSTC waiting for CTE letter from homeowner. Seymour Ave: Approved because applicant provided a letter from a CTE. PPBSTC objected, but ultimately deferred.
Motion was passed and the meeting was adjourned at 9:30pm

Next meeting: Monday May 5,2008, 7:30 Town hall.

Prepared by Kitty Philipp

Published April10, 2008 | Shade Tree Committee Minutes | 545

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