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February 27, 2008


Point Pleasant Beach Environmental Commission

Sunshine Law/ Roll Call

Members Present: Kris Tooker, Tom Spader, Pete Richings, Paul DiPasquale, Anne Lightburn, Ben Dispoto, Sharon Cadalzo and Patti Hoffman (arrived 7:16)

Members Absent: Amy Mercuro and Rosa Crowley

Public participants: Craig Jones & Ben Dispoto (Recycling)

Anne welcomed Paul as our newest commissioner.

Tom motioned to accept the January minutes, Paul second. Minutes accepted.

Reports of Officers
· Chairman – appointment of representative and alternate to Open Space Committee - Anne reappointed to continue to serve as representative and Pete volunteered to serve as alternate

Committee Task Force and Project Status Reports
· Council status report – Kris
· Shade Tree Committee – Kris – trees were planted today – need ordinance & need Heritage Tree ordinance
· Recycling Task Force - Ben Disposto – more than moderate success on new single stream – county meeting March 7 – Recycling meeting on March 4 – pick up in Bungalow Ocean Ave area – a lot of volumes out of motels or rental facilities – bringing issue to ban all but clear bags – goal to meet with all businesses in town to make recycling easier – hope Public Works improvements will be done by 5/1
· Open Space – Anne – the committee will be working on preliminary plans to restore the borough’s inlet property holdings including extending the northern end of the boardwalk west along the inlet and add a covered space with benches to enjoy the water & the view. They hope to conduct a fund drive to defray borough costs for amenities.
· Planning Board and CAFRA reviews –Tom reported on Risden’s application. EC is concerned about access to the beach. Plan doesn’t deal with public access to beach. After planning board, it will go for CAFRA permit. It’s up to CAFRA to mandate the access & parking.
· Pete dealt with idling in schools – will try to get something in the press again. Buses are subject to state anti idling law
· Paul will deal with putting an article together for Ocean Star

Old/Unfinished Business – Status Reports
· Osprey platform project – Bird Sanctuary – Pete – will know tomorrow or Friday to start LOL installation – above vegetation – following up on the grant
· Education signage at Inlet (non-point source pollution, cigarettes, environment, etc and the Barnegat Bay Nation Estuary Program grant) – Cathy and Sharon – didn’t get grant but moving along with schools
· 2008 Earth Day Poster Contest - Patti – posters delivered to art teachers at schools – Patti will follow up at end of next week
· ANJEC Sustainable Cities Road Show – Amy – may just be us & the League of Women Voters

New Business
· Lake of the Lillies tree removal – possible EC action/involvement? – All – attorney & engineer are reviewing – this is on wetlands, and everyone got a notice that there was a moratorium on cutting – no permit – cut after dark – Fresh Water Protection Act – maybe we should send a letter bemoaning the fact that the tree was cut down – it’s a green issue – EC will try to write something for the paper & then send a letter to the Elizabeth Blodgett Association – doesn’t go to Twilight lake anymore, is supposed to go to pump station.
· Save Lake of the Lillies e-mail correspondence – commission reaffirmed that there was commission give & take on issues – we are looking for a balance in the middle – water quality first. No additional follow-up correspondence with the Save Lake of the Lillies was deemed necessary.
· Potential Project Discussion – Non-point Source Pollution – Save Barnegat Bay – should we have a public education meeting? What pollutants should we be focusing on? Anne will check with Willie DeCamp (Save Barnegat Bay)
· Council reps met again with county & DOT at the office of Maritime Services –studied maps, directed engineer to come up with plans – DOT has contractors who want the dredge – different aspects – as long as no major environmental issue, it looks positive.
· Lake Louise – maintenance dredge was approved – permit now at the shell fish review.
· Silver Lake will be addressed soon – Paul indicates it has changed since 1990- when Ocean came up in 92 storm it changed things

Visitor Comments

None tonight

Tom Spader left at 8:40

8:45 motion to adjourn by Pete Richings with second by Patti Hoffman

Published March31, 2008 | Environmental Commission Minutes | 534

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