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March 3, 2008


Minutes Monthly Meeting PPBSTC
Prepared by Kitty Philipp

Meeting was called to order at 7:30 by Chair Kitty Philipp at PPB Town Hall, 416 NJ Ave. Proper and legal notice was given. Present: Kitty Philipp, Sharon Cadalzo, Elaine Hennessy, Clemens Bremer, Lynn Vasquez, Kristine Tooker. Absent: Anne Lightburn, Alyssa Miksis. A quorum was declared present.

1. 2008 Tree Replacement:
A. Elaine Petrillo received a request for a tree removal at 1601 West Street. After Clemens, Sharon and Elaine personally inspected the tree, the opinion was reached that this tree is healthy and should not be cut down. We agreed to hire a CTE to write a written report. (Elaine Hennessy agreed to contact Marty Davis for this) Application denied. Kitty called applicant and explained. Applicant said that they would prefer pruning the tree, to removing anyway.
B.Elaine is in the process of sending out tree replacement letters. She is waiting for an approved tree replacement list from Kitty.

2. Tree Grant:
At least 10 of the 16 awarded trees are planted.
1. It took a long time to plant these trees due to lack of communication between departments.
2. A thunderball tree at the H.Scool instead of a Newport Cherry Plum. The plan was to have 2 identical trees framing the front staircase entrance
3. The serviceberry trees planted at Gull Island park turned out to be Serviceberry bushes. Bushes are not appropriate for this location, as they block the view of the water from the street. Trees are appropriate, for shade and for the view. I have spoken with Anne Lightburn of the Environmental Commission. She agrees that the bushes need to be replanted elsewhere, and said that the E. Commission can pay for new trees to be planted at the gull island site. I will speak with the borough works about transplanting A.S.A.P., as these bushes are still dormant.
4. Bay Ave. resident does not want a tree, but the neighbor across the street does.
5. Atlantic Ave. resident received 2 different tres, but had requested 2 identical trees.

When all the trees are planted in the correct locations, we can re-evaluate locations for any extra trees. The PPBSTC would like extra trees, if any, to be planted at the train station, and the H. School on the south east area.

3. 2008 Budget: $5,000 allocated, but not approved.

4. New Ordinance:
Sharon brought copies of the Ocean Twp. tree ordinance for us to review & possibly adopt.

5. State DOT :
Clem: Still investigating our responsibility and jurisdiction over trees on state highway property.

6. 2008 Green Communities Challenge Grant:
Kitty: Our next step in securing the $3,000 we were awarded is for PPB & NJDEP to enter into a grant agreement. Update: Kitty called the DEP/Div. of parks & forestry and is awaiting paperwork.

7. Street Tree List
Kitty: Still working on it! Will provide at least a basic list to Elaine for residents.

8. Arnold Avenue: The PPBSTC is aware that many of the trees on Arnold are damaged beyond saving, and will need to be replaced, including grates and sidewalk reshaping. Funding issues: Clemens said that since the trees were planted by the town, the money should come from a town maintenance budget. Sharon will research possible grant opportunities. Also, Kristine indicated that the town is creating
a tax deductible fund to secure donations from the pubic. As a Councilwoman, she will discus this further at the next council meeting. Since our town engineer, CMX, does not have a CTE on staff, we will consider hiring CME (Shari Spero), who is already familiar with this area as she prepared the original tree inventory for Arnold & Richmond Aves.
Note: Current town engineer: Ray Savacol, CMX Engineers :
rsavacol@schoordepalma.com Tel: 732-451-0100

9. Resident Ted Tobiaski: In response to Mr. Tobiaski’s request for street tree recommendations, Kristine Tooker provided him with a list of street trees for PPB.

10. Alternate member Alyssa Miksas has abdicated her position as an alternate member as she has not been to any PPBSTC meetings, nor made any attempt to contact us.

11. 2008 Ocean County Tree Grant: Sharon and Kitty will work on this application, targeting trees for Lake of the Lilly (Washington Ave.), and interested residents.

12. Other News:
Elaine Hennessy asked Kitty to inspect the trees at CVS and BN World for possible need for pruning and sidewalk care.
Lake of the Lillies: Several PPBSTC members were upset over the removal of a weekping willow tree at LoL, on a Saturday night at 6pm by a resident named “Bonnie”. At this time the town may not have the authority to issue a fine, nor does the State. As Kristine explained, even though this tree falls under the wetlands preservation act, the town had previously secured a permit for the town, under a specific plan provided by the town, to cut along this lake. Even though the tree was removed by a private resident, and may be eligible for a fine from the State, Kristine felt that it would be complicated to compel the
State to do this, given the confusion of the permit. The PPBSTC feels it is appropriate to send a letter to Bonnie requesting a replacement tree.
The PPBSTC 2008 goals: To become a Commission, and to instate a stronger tree ordinance.
Clemens attended a Core Training Session.
PPBSTC accepting applications for a CTE. (Bruce Winters has indicated interest).
Residents on Bay & NJ (Red House) requested a tree.
PPBSTC wants to plant 2 weeping willow trees at LoL, funding from our budget.

Motion was passed and the meeting was adjourned at 9:30pm

Next meeting: Monday April 7,2008, 7:30 Town hall.

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