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December 19, 2007


Point Pleasant Beach Environmental Commission

Present: Anne Lightburn, Cathy Sogorka, Pete Richards, Sharon Cadalzo, Mike DiCicco, Amy Mercuro, Rob Autenrieth (guest)

Meeting convened at 7:04 PM
Kathy Foley (guest) arrived at 7:07 Roll call

Tom Spader at 7:29

Motion to accept minutes of 11/28/07 meeting - Cathy motion, Amy to accept

Report of officers:

Chair: personally sorry that Mike won’t be our liaison. Would like him to come back as a citizen commissioner. During his tenure several committees and projects got going: Open Space; Shade trees committee, recycling, Borden parking lot redesign, etc. Mike has a strong interest in what we were trying to do and provided a strong voice for the Commission at the Council level. Hopefully Kristine Tooker will be appointed liaison due to her strong interest in the environment.

Treasury: ended up with invoice for ANJEC - $800 for trees & if we don’t purchase the trees, the funds will revert to the town.

Chair asked commission if they wanted to participate in the ANJEC road show program? Sustainable communities may be of interest if we proceed with Cool Cities – Anne will call other commissions to determine if they want to participate. Pete will help.

Cool Cities – Anne reported from Kris Tooker that Mayor Barella will sign on.

Council: Mike reporter that a general permit has been received for restoration of Lake of Lillies & Little Silver – shoreline maintenance, rehabilitation & invasive species – Princeton Hydro report is late (due by end of year). Mike discussed upcoming environmental issues with new mayor – including: access to jetty; outfall pipe, dune, recycling enforcement program. Lake Louise will have an appeal on the lack of dredging permit through an administrative hearing.

Open Space: Trust Fund can be used for maintenance, including lake dredging. However, there maybe restrictions on using these funds for Lake Louise & Lake of the Lillies for reasons of the requirement for municipal ownership.

Shade Tree – working on proposed ordinance for control of cutting of trees on private property – involved with need for permits for cutting down trees & to replace – have data base of trees that have been removed & have notified homeowners

Recycling –letter being finalized to all residents regarding the new single source recycling of paper to be set up around Feb. 4 – article on recycling Xmas trees – Ralph Villani & Perry DiBiase potential new members – Kathy & Louise working w/BoE about recycling in sporting events – for commercial there is an issue about putting cardboard in a container – container w/lid

Tom – Planning Board update – Risden’s subdivision – south beach lot into 5 residential properties – need variances due to lot size, etc. 4 would be ok w/o variances– move to Feb –

Tom – CAFRA update : Lake Of Lillies – Washington Ave family raising house & putting up new house – file letter of interpretation b/c no wetlands on the properties – at end there is 25 feet of dry bank owned by town- if not on property, what does it mean? Pete said Lake Of Lillies isn’t tidal. (Connected to Twilight Lake in BH)

Pete- Osprey Platforms – after holiday push – volunteer of help from VFW auxiliary – needs 4-6 people, just have to schedule
No Idling – Dr Ravally approved the signs – resubmitted press release to ocean star – need to talk to public works about sign capability

Cathy: Estuary Grant -Inlet sign – 4x6 for inlet – sponsor poster contest for science students at high school. Winner honored on earth day & have sign up by Memorial Day weekend – 1/3 must be matched

Tom – Pet Waste – one placed at Silver Lake 2nd one placed by rest area by inlet – it’s informational – something recyclable is put in with dog waste – it is serviced daily – putting 2nd one by Antrim school St Louis Ave – sign alongside school will be replaced by pick up, not just curb your dog – just need the metal plate to create new signs

Cathy on Idling – to be added to inlet signs too – establish an idle free zone – Ted wants less signage – Send comments to Cathy on design – 6-12 & st p

Earth Day poster contest – Anne called Patti Hoffman to coordinate the 2008 contest – last couple of years – St P & Antrim 3 thru 8 – letter to principal, award, Hoffman’s ice cream to do 50/50 –

2008 Pt Boro does earth day – Anne will find out about participation

Sharon commented on Boat Parade for 2008

Inlet Property closing 12/28 or 12/31 –
Next meeting depends on liaison (4 wed of month)

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm

Published February01, 2008 | Environmental Commission Minutes | 505

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