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November 28, 2007


Environmental Commission
Minutes of meeting 11/28/07

Meeting called for at 7:01 PM

Members Present: Cathy Sogorka, Pete Richards, Anne, Kris Tooker (guest), Sharon Brenner Cadalzo, Ben Dispoto

Members Absent: Tom Spader, Rosa Crowley & Patty ,Hoffman and council liaison DiCicco

No quorum at last meeting, so no official minutes
Pete reported on no idling signage project for Antrim School
Cathy & Ann reported on inlet signage

Thank you to Amy for ANJEC article

Verizon funds will go into next year’s budget if they get returned. Money will be given once platforms installed

Anne met with Dr. Ravally & Jeff Brown from Green Schools program yesterday morning - There are some costs associated – Dr. Ravally will set up meeting set up in Dec to include other districts so that training of $1400 will be amortized across 2-3 districts. There is an expense of science kit that goes w/program which costs $700 – maybe we could donate – Need to speak to Chris Riehl about that – would we want to make a donation of the kit if we are able to? – consensus of commission was yes, if it’s allowed

Sharon Cadalzo is our newest member. And she has agreed to be our secretary.

ANJEC has a leadership conference on 12/7 & 12/8 if anyone is interested in going

Ocean County Environmental Commission – Borough doing flyer for “greening the town”. This will be included in applications for building permits - might be good for next year

Council/Open Space Report – to support the Inlet Drive purchase – in negotiation with owners for months. First reading is out to acquire the property & finance a $1MM bond ($950 for property). 2nd reading on Tuesday Dec. 4th. It is important that people in favor come to the meeting or contact the council person or Mayor. The Open Space Committee is very much in favor of this. Propose to take building down, open view & do native plantings.

Kris Tooker -Shade Tree Committee – only 4 members – strengthening of tree site tree ordinance – dead or dying, not a sidewalk. Want to expand into private property. Other towns have done (Manasquan/Ocean Township). Within a buffer, you can’t touch the trees. If it’s 15 feet outside the footprint, you don’t have the right to clear the property. Developed native species list with the arborist. We don’t know when the grant trees are coming in. Environmental Commission will be buying the watering bags.

Ben – recycling: date on single stream (2/4). Not publishing because we want to be sure that it is the date. This weekend we will have an article in the Ocean Star to tell public about it and what the rules are going to be. More info to follow.
Plastic bag recycling at Foodtown. Foodtown is part of a coop. Ben has written correspondence with the CEO (chief executive officer). They may be trying to initiate a plastic bag recycling program (Acme & Shop Rite have it). The way the coop is structured, a majority has to agree (group of 60). Didn’t fly in the past. It may work now. The state has a resolution about ‘banning’ the issuance of plastic bags in 2010/11. Initially response was no, but it was broached again and there seems to be a growing consensus to try. Target date of 1 quarter 2008.
May have 2 new members for the Recycling Committee, 1 has been to a meeting before. 2nd person interested. They will attend (next Wed @7pm) to see if they are interested. Article in middle of Dec on recycling of Xmas trees, wreaths, greens purchased. Recycling has no budget. Memo will be drafted to get a budget for next year. ($800 towards public education used at sea food festival) Wants to purchase more recepticles in town & for boardwalk). Informal quote of $15,000 for 16 receptacles. Bay Ave got short changed in first round. Mike DiCicco & Mayor Vogel agreed not to create any further capital expenditures for the new administration. It may be difficult to obtain with a new administration. New budget tough to get created when funds are tight. Looking for $10,000-$12000. Encouraged to do separately from Public Works budget.
Information on recycling program will be in Ocean Star – need town wide mailing by middle of January.
Met with Antrim School – program really starting there. Kris Tooker got the kids into it.

Ann: Planning Board – look like CAFRA people are sending smaller & smaller documents – dock on Niblick Street – approx 90 feet, but no longer than the one adjacent to it.

Pete: Osprey Platforms– in Pete’s backyard – a lot of attempts to schedule the installation. Looks more like early winter – need a boat to install – waiting on fishing boat availability. Just waiting on scheduling and getting it done. The sites are difficult to get the platforms into. Scoped out access at the park, but it’s not necessarily the best place.
No idling zones at school: sent Dr Ravally an insert for Wed envelopes & put in local papers (school). Included info about signage. No opposition to putting signs on existing sign posts (size of parking sign). May be article in Ocean Star.

Anne and Cathy: Education signage at the inlet – going to meet with Barnegat Bay Folks to brainstorm after the meeting. Applying for grant 50% match for educational signage – on the bathroom or on the railing – mostly non point pollution. Native species signage to go in Loughran fishing area at later time. No idling. 2 pet stations are in (5 in total). Tom Spader suggested (at the Inlet) near restroom & other at little Silver Lake near west side.

Guest speakers, Lois Jacobson & Sheila McVeigh from League of Women Voters. – “Cool Cities”


Recommended reading “Unsustainable” Patrick Hassay,

Phase 1 signing on
Phase II what do you do next? Networking with other communities, who can help with agenda. Have to get the information out to the community to see what the mayor has signed on to. (Sierra Club Cool Cities). Every town is doing something different, but what is the same is each town is on the ‘water’. Want to be the first county to say that every town has signed on. This county really cares about the environment. Sharing resources, sharing ideas & things going on. Middlesex County is a resource. Committee looks into what the town is already doing, what else can we do? These are suggestions to implement suggestions. Carbon foot print, recycling, energy foot print. 18 ideas from best practices. They aren’t the environment police. Whatever you can do and then add on as you go along. NJ has 80 towns signed on. 2nd to California. Having an energy audit (ICLEI – cost depends on size of town or Patrick Hassey with students from Stockton, need to get on schedule, but it’s free) Project is sanctioned by ANJEC. Energy audit from the schools: computerized, look at every building to see where you can save on energy. Green Schools, take the energy bills & map to the energy degree days. In Green Schools program, you take steps to reduce & then you can go back to review. Helps establish base lines and to see where you are actually using less, even though costs are going up. “Save Barnegat Bay” becomes resources, grant sources, finding people, etc.
-Belmar using hybrid carts to do police patrol on Boardwalk
Committees so far are more municipal committees – Cool Cities moves out to business people, 80% of use is residential & business. Municipal is the model, and that reaches out to the residents & the businesses. Gives homes, businesses, schools, ideas of what to do. You have to involve the whole town. Small steps to educate. In Point Boro, the Cookie Lady going green on her own.

Mayor’s agreement is separate from cool cities – sign on to US Climate agreement – started in Seattle – Building Cool Communities

At next meeting we will vote on whether or not to recommend to new council.

Focus is Energy reduction – master plan for the environment

Discussion of budget – add $300 for additional signage. Trees weren’t purchased in 07, due to grant, shrubs weren’t purchased for Silver Lake due to lack of water. Kitty doesn’t feel the need for trees. Let’s accrue $1000 of this year’s budget for trees coming in ’08.

Next meeting 12/19 at 7 PM (usually the 4th Wed of the month)

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM

Published December31, 2007 | Environmental Commission Minutes | 489

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