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April 25, 2007


Point Pleasant Beach Environmental Commission
April 25, 2007 Minutes

Sunshine Law/ Roll Call (7:00pm) – All members present, except Crowley & Mercuro. Non-members included Councilman DiCicco, Ben Dispoto, Dave Cavagnaro.
Approval of February minutes – Rob to revise errors, resubmit prior to next meeting. (All approved).

Reports of Officers
· Chairman - Agenda distributed
· Treasurer – Funds allocated for Hoffman’s gift certificates (Poster Winners).
· Secretary – Absentee records reviewed.

Committee Task Force and Project Status Reports
· Schoor DePalma – Presented revised Borden’s Parking Lot plan. Members discussed importance for keeping existing River Avenue tree as is and inquired about the placement of underground conduits in order to prevent disturbance of and protect the health of the tree. Members reviewed plantings near walkway and indicated that a fence may be needed to protect shrubs.
· Council status report (Mike DiCicco) – Council authorized trust for public land (Open Space acquisition). Town plans to file FEMA application by 6/15 (1st time in 10 years that town will be in system). Flood management plan will need to be created. Shade Tree Committee meeting the first Monday of the month. Existing mission statement of the group was 100% adopted by Council and read to the Environmental Commission. Plans for Adopt a Spot/Storm Drain recognition of citizens who maintain such areas (St. Peter’s school authorized to stencil). Search for Lake Specialist consultant re-advertised (Environmental Commission to look at new information received). Smart Sponge @ outflow pipe being tested at another site to see if it would be suitable for our needs.
· Shade Tree Committee – Committee held their first meeting and will continue to meet the first Monday of each month. Elaine Hennessy drafted a mission statement for the group that was adopted by the Council. Environmental Commission members reviewed their statement and agreed to their goals and objectives.
· Recycling Task Force - Reached out to vendors who manufactured different styles of receptacle containers. Sites for placement reviewed and discussed. Business areas in town are prime candidates for placement, although the group discussed the need for same size containers of good quality.
· Open Space – No new updates.
· Planning Board – No new updates.

Old/Unfinished Business – Status Reports
· Osprey platform project - $500 grant from Verizon possible. 2 locations need to be reviewed and decided upon. For construction, Environmental Commission would need to pay for materials and install platform prior to anything being reimbursed.
· Spring Clean-up report – Possible locations are “Welcome” sign near bridge and the Route 35 open land areas.
· Lake Consultant Review – Pete to review new submissions given to Council.
· Pet waste stations – Rosa secured the purchase of two new dispensers. All three are due to be installed this Spring. Locations discussed were Lake of the Lillies and the Little Silver Lake/Band Shell area.

Meeting Adjourned – 8:30 pm

Published June29, 2007 | Environmental Commission Minutes | 437

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