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JUNE 11, 2007


JUNE 11, 2007
Chairman Ammirata stated that this is a regular meeting of the Point Pleasant Beach Planning Board and adequate notice of this meeting was given by publication in the Ocean Star and by posting a copy of said notice in the front office of the Borough Hall.
Members present: Chairman Ammirata, Councilman Corbally, Mary Mossa, Elaine Koscinski, Cornelia Caldarone, Tom Spader, Sonya Lopez, Tom Neumaier (Mike Brodeur – after hearing on #2007-320)
Also present was James DeBenedett, Planning Board Attorney and Raymond Savacool, Planning Board Engineer.
Motion Councilman Corbally, seconded by Mrs. Koscinski and unanimously carried by roll call vote: Vouchers submitted approved for payment.
Motion by Mrs. Koscinski, seconded by Councilman Corbally and carried by roll call vote of those members present: Adoption of Resolution approving application; Resolution attached hereto and made a part of these minutes. Abstaining: Mr. Neumaier.
Motion by Mrs. Koscinski, seconded by Mr. Spader and carried by roll call vote of those members present: Adoption of Resolution approving a one year extension; Resolution attached hereto and made a part of these minutes. Abstaining: Councilman Corbally, Ms. Lopez
Clerk confirmed the Affidavit of Service, Notice to property owners and Affidavit of Publication in the newspaper was reviewed and found to be in order.

Lawrence McIver, attorney for the applicant, advised the Board that the applicant proposes to replace and existing one story building with a new two story building; pre-existing variances five feet and boardwalk and driveway more than 70% impervious coverage; pre-existing / no change proposed. Mr. Savacool confirmred.

Anthony Storino, 311 Curtis Avenue, Point Pleasant Beach was sworn in and on questions from Mr. McIver stated:
1. he is vice president and manager of Jenkinson’s South and in charge of business operation
2. proposing to construct a new candy and ice cream store; same use as presently exists
3. new building will be constructed within the blue print of the existing building
4. trash will be placed in common dumpster; picked up by private hauler
5. no additional parking proposed
Responses to questions from Board members, engineer, attorney:
1. project would be started in fall in response to Chairman Ammirata
2. no residential use on second floor in response to Board Engineer
3. 2nd story will be used for storage of dry goods, paper products, candy, supplies and the back entrance will be used only for employees in response to Councilman Corbally

Mr. Neuman asked for confirmation that the height was measured from Ocean Avenue and that the height of the building as measured from Ocean Avenue is 33.9; that is as shown on the plan. Mr. McIver stated that the applicant is bound by the plan submitted and approved by the Board.

Mrs. Calderone commented that when she went looking for the site and the candy store on the Boardwalk to prepare for the hearing, there were no numbers on any of the buildings. She expressed her concern that there were no addresses – how do police, medical assistance etc. no where to go when they get a call; what about visitors coming into town etc. Mr. Storino advised that the police have a map of the boardwalk with the location of each business. Discussion was held among Board members regarding numbering buildings i.e. where would you actually put a number. Mr. DeBenedett advised the Board that this issue would have to be addressed by the Mayor and Council not really something the Planning Board has control over. Councilman Corbally indicated he would bring it up at the next meeting.


Mathew Zahorsky, P.E. was sworn in and stated;
1. gave background and was accepted by the Board as an expert in his field
2. prepared site plan, which complies with site plan ordinance requirements
3. existing drainage with existing building and proposed new building will be about the same; new building will also have gutters installed; represented that there are presently no existing problems with the drainage on the site
4. if it is determined variances are required for the rear set back and impervious coverage both variances are existing, not excaberating the site;

Mr. Spader stated that private residences require a recovery system for drainage. Mr. Savacool stated that this property rain water goes back into the sand not a bad thing or problem in his professional opinion. Discussion was held regarding the drainage. Mr. Zahorsky indicated that most concerns are because of impact on neighbors. In this case, there is no neighboring property.

Mr. Neumaier questioned the architectural plan – scroll vs. straight. Mr. Storino indicated that they are going to come as close to the drawing as they can, roof color will be dark.

There being no further questions from the Board, Chairman Ammirata opened the meeting to public participation. There being no public that portion of the hearing was declared closed.

Motion by Mrs. Koscinski, seconded by Mr. Neumaier and carried by roll call vote: Application approved and Planning Board attorney directed to prepare resolution of approval for adoption at the Board’s next meeting. (Ms. Lopez abstained.)

Discussion was held regarding the new application fees that were recently adopted by Mayor and Council. Clerk advised the Board that the problem is that when there is a change of use on commercial property like the various applications the Board has just heard – Schwebel / Coleman Properties there are no set fees. Motion by Mrs. Koscinski, seconded by Mr. Brodeur and unanimously carried by roll call vote: Recommendation to Mayor and Council to amend new fee schedule to include a “commercial change of use” category with application fee of $200.00 and escrow fee of $1,000.00.

Discussion was held regarding outstanding old vouchers, specifically due from Zarra’s Café for services rendered by Raymond Savacool, Board Engineer and James DeBenedett, Board Attorney and also Gold Fever. The Planning Board accepted both the engineer’s and attorney’s waiver for payment on the Zarra’s Café voucher. Gold Fever voucher for engineering services will still remain open.

New application of The Schwebel Family Trust for commercial change of use processed and can be scheduled for the Board’s next meeting scheduled for July 9, 2007.

There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane F. Johnson,

Immediately following the regular meeting the Planning Board held a Master Plan Reexamination workshop session. The public was invited to attend but not participate.

Published June28, 2007 | Planning Board Minutes | 434

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