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September 13, 2006


Point Pleasant Beach Environmental Commission
September 13th, 2006 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Start – 7:05 PM

Sunshine Law/ Roll Call
Present - Joel Cooper, Rob Autenrieth, Kathy Foley, Amy Mercuro, Peggy Cadigan, and Councilman Mike DiCicco. Local Recycling Coordinator candidate Ben Dispoto also in attendance .
Absent – Anne Lightburn (Excused), Rosa Crowley (Excused) & Jim Harper (Unexcused)

August 9th, 2006 meeting minutes reviewed and approved pending minor changes. Rob to update and send to all members and OCEA contact within one week after tonight’s meeting.

Reports of Officers
· Chairman – Chairman Anne Lightburn not able to attend meeting. Rob Autenrieth to assume duties for the evening and will relay correspondence received from Anne to all members. As discussed prior to the meeting, members have thought about a change to our meeting dates. It was decided that we will meet once a month on the 4th Wednesday of the month in order to accommodate all members as well as our Council Liaison.
· Treasurer – Funds to reimburse Anne Lightburn for expenses incurred during tree grant project approved by Commission, although it was brought to the attention of all Commission members that the purchases weren’t originally brought forth for expenditure approval. All future expenditures must be approved by Commission members prior to the purchase being made in order to avoid non-reimbursement.
· Secretary - Website in need of updating (Maryann Ellsworth to be contacted). Past members will be removed and new members to be added. Now that meeting date has been adjusted, notice on the website will also be made.

· Informed members of ANJEC meeting (October 28th). Expense to be reimbursed if attending.

Committee Task Force Status Reports
· Council & Borden’s parking lot resurfacing – Environmental Commission w/ Beautification Committee sent letter to inquire and express interest about the situation.
· Ocean County Shade Tree Grant – No response as of 9/10. Notification will come through Mayor and is expected by October.
· Open Space Committee – Consultant working with Committee. Final report due to Council in December of this year regarding master plan. Sites currently being discussed as possible “wish list” acquisitions, whether they are for sale or not.
· Planning Board – No report due to Jim Harper’s absence.
· Recycling Task Force – Recycling Coordinator is in process of being appointed. Ben Dispoto was present at the meeting and discussed his interest and credentials as a candidate for the position. He is being recommended by the Recycling Task Force and is now being approved for recommendation by members of the Environmental Commission. An official notice was passed over to Councilman DiCicco for discussion at the next Council meeting.

· Pontoon Boat Tour – The Town Council organized the event for the 2nd year in a row. The town paid for the gas and was able to advertise the event without any expense to the Environmental Commission.

Unfinished Business
· Survey of Residents/Environmental Concerns – No concerns received. Proposed survey wasn’t published due to limitations of including a chart/coupon item in the Ocean Star Newspaper.
· CAFRA Response – Cedar Street Sewer Development (Being reviewed by Amy Mercuro)
· CAFRA Response – DeCandia 102 Harvard Ave (Response regarding issues w/ pool backwash/pumping near a tidal body of water was drafted and submitted to the New Jersey State Department of Environmental Protection).

New & Misc. Business
· Authorization of Anne’s Shade Tree Expense – As mentioned above, payment to Anne approved but all future purchases must be approved prior to reimbursement request.
· Osprey Nest Project – Joel Cooper researched the costs and specifications for erecting approximately 2-3 osprey nests in town. Citizens will be sought to aid in the project along with the assistance of Public Works.
· County Storm Sever Liaison – Kathy Foley will try to obtain table drainage charts to see the severity of the current situation.
· Resident Tree Contest – Rob Autenrieth suggested having the Beautification Committee, Girl Scouts, Environmental Science Club, etc make a recommendation for planting locations. Trees need to be purchased prior to the end of the year but may be delivered in the spring.
· Discussion of Meeting Date – Members decided to meet at 7pm on the 4th Wednesday of the month.
· Chefs International Permit – Being reviewed.

Public Comments
· Storm Water Education – Suggestions made by resident discussed. Seek installation of screens on drains and other methods to improve problem.
· Lake Meeting (8/21) Update – Lake being dredged. Vision of Mr. George Makin (circa 1965) is for lake to remain in its natural form, be maintained in healthy condition and to be continued to be used as is.

Meeting Adjournment – Approximately 8:45 PM

Published November29, 2006 | Environmental Commission Minutes | 334

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