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August 9, 2006


Point Pleasant Beach Environmental Commission
August 9th, 2006 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Start 7:00 PM

Sunshine Law/ Roll Call
Present - Anne Lightburn, Joel Cooper, Rob Autenrieth, Kathy Foley, Amy Mecuro, Peggy Cadigan, Councilman Mike DiCicco
Absent Rosa Crowley (Excused) & Jim Harper (Unexcused)

July 12th, 2006 meeting minutes reviewed and approved pending minor changes. Members initiated a meeting policy that any guests at this meeting would be addressed at the end of the agenda.

Reports of Officers
Chairman New member Peggy Cadigan was introduced to all.
Treasurer No new funds received or spent. Planned expenditures will be reviewed at the next meeting as the Commission prepares for the 2007 budget request.
Secretary - Minutes were shortened and were reviewed prior to meeting start. Website in need of updating (Maryann Ellsworth to be contacted).

CAFRA Notifications List of applicants in Point Beach looking to make alterations of existing properties. Amy Mecuro to review any new notices.
New Jersey Shade Tree Federation - Discussion of organization

Committee Task Force Status Reports
Council Authorized Shade Tree ordinance modeled after other municipalities. At future meeting, Council plans to provide incentives to home and business owners who plant and maintain trees (aesthetic and environmental concerns). Regarding Lake of the Lillies, dredging is being done for sediment sampling. Although there was no existing ordinance for cutting on public property, a new and more precise ordinance regarding trespassing developed. Meeting regarding different views (cutting vs. non-cutting) to be held on 8/21 with Schor Depalma being consulted afterwards. Herbicide use (if decided) may take until 2007 to initiate. A dune replenishment (sand) permit was applied for and FEMA is being contacted to certify that we are in flood compliance. At the Seacoast location, off site contamination found (including in ground water), but not in high levels and will likely absorb/evaporate naturally.
Ocean County Shade Tree Grant No decision made yet. Notification will come through Mayor.
Open Space Committee Consultant working with Committee. Final report due to Council in December of this year regarding master plan.
Planning Board No report
Recycling Task Force Recycling Coordinator is in process of being appointed. Funds will not come out of the Environmental Commission budget. Ben Dispoto is being recommended by the Recycling Task Force for the position but needs to meet with the Environmental Commission prior to appointment. 8/10 Task Force meeting was postponed.

Unfinished Business
Operating Principles/Commission Organization Ideas to address are quorum/voting/motions, attendance (excused/unexcused), subcommittee appointments, Chair responsibility during meeting, member/alternate member responsibilities, removals, meeting behavior (formal/informal discussions), correspondence @ any gathering relating to the Commission, guests @ meetings.
Municipal Trees Ordinances/Private Property (cutting/private property) Being reviewed by Amy Mecuro.
Resident Survey Article written for and published by Ocean Star. Survey form unpublished for unknown reason. Editor said that they will try to run it in a future edition.

New & Misc. Business
Tree Plantings/Contests Rob Autenrieth discussed a resident tree award; Joel Cooper discussed plantings in Municipal lots (Parking Authority re-doing River Ave lot this fall).
Pontoon Boats Planned for early September. Rob Autenrieth will be the contact person. $100 for advertisement budgeted (if needed). Future Kayak tours may be looked into.
Memory Trees (Marla Williams) possible location may be River Ave municipal parking lot after refurbishment.
Lake Projects citizen input sought. Osprey structures suggested by a resident and will be researched by Joel Cooper (with assistance of residents and Dept. of Wildlife & Fish).
Lake Resident Comments wildlife in lake making a comeback. Snapping turtles and birds more abundant due to rising quality of lake water and surrounding vegetation.
Washington Avenue (County Road) Curb Crumbling resulting in storm water run-off difficulties. OCEA should investigate; Borough Clerk to secure Municipal Storm water Management Plan.

Meeting Adjournment 8:30 PM

Published November29, 2006 | Environmental Commission Minutes | 333

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