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July 12th, 2006

Meeting Minutes

Point Pleasant Beach Environmental Commission

Sunshine Law/ Roll Call
Present - Anne Lightburn, Joel Cooper, Rob Autenrieth, Jim Harper, Kathy Foley, Amy Mecuro, Mike DiCicco
Absent – Rosa Crowley (Excused)

June 14th, 2006 meeting minutes reviewed and approved.

Reports of Officers
· Chairman – Operating principles and Bylaws (Members discussed creating new guidelines, including motions and quorum procedure, without having domination by the Chairman or any other officer). Motion made to form a committee to entertain ideas for principles (organization and operating procedures). All in favor, motion passed.
· Treasurer – No new funds received or spent. ANJEC dues expected for the coming year (@$300). Members discussed spending tree planting funds for parking lot shrubs as well as for other tree plantings. A contest for a free tree giveaway was proposed.
· Secretary - Minutes will be shortened and reviewed prior to each meeting start. Attendance will be recorded and reported in order to enforce possible membership removal for 2 or more unexcused absences.

· Municipal Employee services (tree plantings and other projects) must be coordinated through Municipal Administrator Christine Riehl in order to avoid conflicts. Chairperson of the Committee/Commission must send the request to Christine so that she may relay the request to the proper department.
· Recyling Letter – Point Pleasant Beach received $6900 this year. A grant of $18,000 for improvements was also mentioned.

Committee Task Force Status Reports
· Council – Educate residents about the benefits of trees. Possibility of ordinance regarding clear cutting, but not maintenance. Tree plans can be on building permits. Engineer approved for recycling center improvements. Dredging may be done at Lake Louise through funds obtained from a loan (fiscal 2006 – 2007).
· Ocean County Shade Tree Grant – No decision made (likely in August/September). Commission will use funds for a year end expenditure on plantings.
· Open Space Committee – Policies and goals will be provided to any interested members. All invited to an upcoming public meeting.
· Planning Board – No report
· Recycling Task Force – Recycling Coordinator is in process of being appointed. Funds will not come out of the Environmental Commission budget. Ben Dispoto is being recommended by the Recycling Task Force for the position. Coordinator will be invited to an Environmental Commission meeting and be given a spot on the agenda to speak about goals/objectives. Additionally, improvements being discussed for curbside leaf removal, although Ocean County Recycling Center doesn’t want to collect them.

Unfinished Business
· CAFRA Permit reviewed for Shrimp Box addition of a deck. Concerns mentioned were that environmentally friendly materials must be used when power washing, due to run-off into river.
· Postponement/Status of Lake Restoration Advisory Group – Mayor to have group sit under the jurisdiction of the Environmental Commission. Eradication decision will have to be made by Sept/Oct.
· Dunes education – Contacted Bay Head Environmental Commission. Info being collected about what this and other towns are doing.

New & Misc. Business
· Tree plantings – tree donations/tree awards to be planned by the end of the year. Funds will be used from budget.
· Topical areas of focus
· Envirothon expenditure – members will not ask for any money back. Motion made to not support this specific event again if there is no interest among the High School advisor/students. All in favor, motion passed..
· Motion made regarding the elimination of $500 from our budget to the Recycling Task Force, as they may have received funds from another source. This will be checked upon as it may eventually come out of the Environmental Commission budget. Motioned failed.
· Review previous tree ordinance information to be resubmitted
· Motion made regarding construction of press release/citizen input form for insertion into a local paper. Letter to be drafted and reviewed prior to next meeting. All in favor, motion passed.
· Motion made for book drive “recycling” contest for elementary school students, in conjunction with the Ocean County library system. Motion failed.

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