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June 14th 2006

Meeting Minutes

Point Pleasant Beach Environmental Commission

Meeting came to order with a quorum at 7:05 pm. Members present were Anne Lightburn (Co-Chair), Robert Autenrieth, Rosa Crowley (alternate), Kathleen Foley, Jim Harper and Joel Cooper. Councilman and liaison Mike DiCicco was in attendance. Members Denise Lord and Amy Mecuro were absent without notification. Guests included Peggy Buccino, Kitty Philipp, and Pete Ritchings.

Secretary’s Report / Review of Minutes
· Minutes of the May 10th meeting were reviewed and approved. Rob will also look into the attendance record of all members for the current 2006 calendar year.

Financial Report
Member Joel Cooper reviewed our current monthly audit statement. No funds were taken in nor spent. A $743 charge was mistakenly charged to our account. This will be corrected and reflected on our next invoice. Currently we have $2766 available.

Membership Status
· Chairwoman Anne Lightburn indicated that member Denise Lord is planning to resign. Member Joel Cooper motioned that we recommend the removal of Denise Lord and an immediate replacement. Motion passed. Member Rosa Crowley motioned that the Environmental Commission recommend the filling of the second alternate slot. Motion passed.
· Members discussed a possible replacement for Denise Lord. Member Joel Cooper motioned that Alternate Member Rosa Crowley be recommended to a regular member and that we recommend Peggy Buccino as an alternate member. Motion passed.
· Chairwoman Lightburn will notify the Mayor regarding the commission’s membership recommendations.


Lake Restoration Advisory Group
· Chairwoman Anne Lightburn asked members to review a draft regarding the Lake Restoration Advisory Group. Member Joel Cooper motioned that the Environmental Commission postpone consideration of the Lake Restoration Advisory Group. Motion passed.
· Brian Marsh Follow-Up – Chairwoman Anne Lightburn indicated that Brain sent a form w/ recommended species and native plants. This information can be used if any plans for re-planting are done in the future.
· Lake Water Testing – Member Anne Lightburn indicated that will be able to test the water as a citizen group.
· Agenda for Lake Restoration Advisory Group – An agenda was developed w/ possible Lead Member Pete Ritchings. Proposed sub-groups were identified. Member Rosa Crowley asked that all Environmental Commission members be involved to attend any meeting where there is discussion revolving around the Lake Restoration Advisory Group or any other Environmental Commission business. Members agreed.

Manasquan River Watershed Association (MRWA)
· Member Kathleen Foley motioned that we renew our membership to the MRWA. After debate motion defeated.

Recycling Advisory Task Force
· Liaison Kathleen Foley said that the Task Force is currently keeping tabs on the recycling efforts @ boardwalk businesses, in addition to the effectiveness of containers for public use.
· Recycling Coordinator – Liaison Kathleen Foley and Councilman DiCicco said that the position of a Recycling Coordinator has been created by the Council. Duties will be to oversee recycling center improvements as well as seek ways to improve the recycling efforts of businesses in town.

Public Relations
· Member Anne Lightburn suggested that we focus on a new topic to publicize in the Ocean Star newspaper. Member Rob Autenrieth volunteered to research the topic of dunes and will draft an article for submission.

· None of note

Committee/Task Force Status Reports
· Ocean County Shade Tree Grant – Chairwoman Anne Lightburn informed members that the grant has been submitted and that the Commission should hear back about any tree awards in late July or early August.
· Open Space Committee – Chairwoman and Liaison Anne Lightburn reported that professionals for the Open Space committee are currently being appointed.
· Planning Board – Member and Liaison Jim Harper indicated that there wasn’t a meeting during the past month.

Old Business
· Recording of Meetings – In previous discussion, Member Denise Lord proposed the idea of recording the meetings of the Environmental Commission. Member Joel Cooper motioned that we do not record meetings as a Commission. Motion passed. Member Rosa Crowley motioned that members be allowed to record meetings using their own equipment. Motion passed

New Business
· CARFA Permit (Shrimp Box) – A permit regarding construction in and around the Shrimp Box was received by the Environmental Commission. Chairwoman Anne Lightburn asked members to determine our procedure regarding site plans. Member Rosa Crowley motioned that all such site plan submissions to the Environmental Commission go to the Chairwoman/Chairman first in order to make recommendations and inform the Commission, and then will be discussed by the Commission members together. Motion passed.

Chairwoman Anne Lightburn received information from the Mayor about the Adopt-A-Storm Drain program for the commission’s consideration. The motion was made by Member Joel Cooper not to participate in the Adopt-A-Storm-Drain program. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned – 8:30

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