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January 22, 2018

Recreation Committee Minutes

Members in attendance:
Carolan Ammirata
Bob Santanello
Allison Sheehan
Pat Cavanaugh (arrived around 8:35)
Debra Bodine-Vazquez

Also attending
Tom Toohey

Meeting began at 8:00

New Business:
#Recreation Wrestling Program
Tom Toohey would like to start a Recreational Wrestling Program for ages K-8. He is already involved with the program they have in the Boro and would like to do a similar program here in the Beach. The proposal would be to use gym two nights a week with an open mat concept that would run year round. Cost would be nominal to cover t-shirts, singlet, and headgear. Carolan made the motion to accept Toms proposal, Allison seconded. It was voted unanimously to accept the proposal and move forward with a wrestling program.

#New meeting time
Debra Bodine-Vazquez made a motion to move our meetings to 7PM. Carolan Ammirata accepted the motion, Allison Sheehan seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Repeat and ongoing business
#Easter Egg hunt will be held on Saturday March 24
Bob will reach out to the Key Club for extra help that will be needed.
Debra will touch base with Lynn Vazquez (aka the bunny) to make sure she is available.

#Summer Recreation Camp will run from Monday June 25- Friday August 3
We are in need of a Director for this year. Carolan Ammirata will check with Victoria to see if she feels any members from last year are suited/interested for the job.

#Recreation Basketball
The basketball program will run from November 1-March 1.

#Best Day Program which is planned to be held on July 7 and 8. It is planned to be held at the beach on NJ Avenue as the beach as wheelchair access, parking, bath house. We have learned the beach replenishment program (Army Corp of Engineers)will begin this summer, and therefore are not sure if the beach will be ready to be used for the program. Local donations are that Surf Taco will provide lunch. Still needed is breakfast (bagels/doughnuts) and goodie bag (no food items) donations that Pat Cavanaugh is researching more.

Reminder that this Thursday is the first for our Book Club (7:00) program and
Chair Yoga. (8.00)

Meeting ended 9:05pm
Respectfully submitted
Debra Bodine-Vazquez

Published January25, 2018 | Recreation Committee Minutes | 2741

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