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October 23, 2017

Beautification Committee Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM by Gary Mecca
The following members were in attendance: Mary Steiner, Dave Cavagnaro, Gary Mecca, Penny Mecca, Beth Cox, Donna Palsi, Angela Fioretti, Susie Carey, Sandy Pasola.. Mary Lynn Richings, Barbara Favato, Jacqui Glass, Jacqui Reid, Maryann Ellsworth, Elia Desruisseaux, Andy Cortes
Minutes – Mary Lynn Ritchings moved and Angela Fioretti seconded approval of last meetings minutes. Approved unanimously
Bay Head Landscaping and DPW to coordinate work for River Ave Garden (Sandy’s Point)
Flags – Andy and the Mayor removed small flags using DPW bucket truck, took only 1:15. Andy took those flags needing to be disposed to the VFW.
Large flags were rolled up at borough yard and transported to borough hall. These flags will need to be reviewed for any that need to be discarded, and keeping those that are just “ok” for midsummer replacements if necessary.
Gary will look into ordering needed large and small flags for next year
Sandy’s Point will need a larger flag for next year
Scarecrow contest – Eight entries all were voted winners in their own right. Prizes were decided on by Sandy. Pictures sent to Patty Kiel for the Borough’s Facebook page.
Barrels – Need to cleanout by the time greens come due Nov 14. Mary Lynn, Penny and Jacquie Reid to sort and label.
Christmas – Jacqui Reid to check with Barbara Russell about using Women’s club as staging area for doing wreaths and garlands, tentative dates Thursday 11/9 get from borough hall and put up Friday 11/10.
Vote taken to stay with the swags, Andy to get them up before Thanksgiving
Jacqui Glass suggested nicer ribbon be used for the Bows on the wreaths vs those on the barrels as they are more eye catching
Lunch and Holiday baking for DPW will be combined and baked goods to be dropped off at Dave’s Sunday Dec 17
Christmas Party will be Thursday Dec 7 6:30pm, guests included at Dave’s house. Mary to contact everyone about what appetizers or desserts they are bringing. Secret Santa gifts with $15 maximum for those interested.
Flower order for next year – Discussions about changing vendors, changing flowers needed. Jacqui Glass to contact Seemar Green houses with questions concerning their offerings
Members need to review what they had and possible changes for planning what is needed..
Will decide at next meeting which vendor to go with and will then ask for flower input.
Sandy made motion, Mary Lynn seconded to have a tree planted in the Spring in one of the garden spots honoring Marie Pfister. Motion approved. Family will be notified that this is being done.
Andy advised that the dead tree on Bay Ave will be taken down by Davies soon.
Elia wants our support for writing a letter to the town about beautifying the area around the cell tower on Arnold Ave at the Little Silver Lake parking lot.
Motion made by Sandy and seconded by Donna for Penny to purchase daffodil bulbs up to a seventy five dollar value. Motion was approved.
Next Meeting November 28 Meeting adjourned 9:05pm
Mary Steiner

Published December13, 2017 | Beautification Committee Minutes | 2713

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