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September 4, 2017

Shade Tree Commission Minutes

Present: Anne Lightburn, Peter Ritchings, Peter Renner, Elaine Hennessy and former member Clem Bremer
Absent: Councilman Vogel

Anne Lightburn called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Minutes from the August 4th meeting were approved as submitted.

To date, no meeting has been scheduled by Chris Riehl to discuss the issue of non-compliance by Brave New Word to replant trees.

Peter Renner reported approval for the removal of the tree at 301 Arnold and that the sidewalk has been replaced. Tree now removed at this time. He will contact Elaine Petrillo regarding the requirement for the replacement of the tree at 213 Harvard.

Anne will try to fix the inventory sheet so that pictures can be added easily.

Peter Renner reported that the $3,000 received from the state for previous shade tree consulting work can’t be transferred to the Shade Tree Trust Fund. It will be taken off our “to-do” list.

Elaine Hennessy will contact the County Shade Tree Commission to prune and remove dead trees on Broadway.

Peter Ritchings will follow-up with Manasquan and Brielle regarding their activities and procedures for tree permits, maintenance and planting.

Peter Renner will contact potential new members.

Meeting adjourned 7:35 pm

Published October04, 2017 | Shade Tree Committee Minutes | 2666

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