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August 7, 2017

Shade Tree Commission Minutes

Present: Anne Lightburn, Peter Ritchings, Peter Renner and former member Clem Bremer
Absent: Councilman Vogel
Guests: Guy and Carol Dempsey

Anne Lightburn called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Minutes from the June 5th meeting were approved as corrected.

The commission discussed Carol and Guy Dempsey’s permit request to remove two trees at 301 Arnold. The commission agreed that one tree should be removed and replaced. However, it was the opinion of the commission that the tree on Arnold Ave. was healthy and that cutting the root that was over the water shut off would alleviate the Dempsey’s concern and keep what is otherwise a healthy street tree.

The commission discussed the non-compliance of Brave New World to replant trees. It was recommended that a certified letter be sent to Mr. Lamers stating that his non-response to the borough’s letter about the situation was tacit agreement on his part for the town to plant trees according the plan he originally agreed to. Anne will discuss with Chris Riehl sending such a letter.
The commission decided to take a wait and see approach to stressed pear trees on 35S.

Anne will put a notice in the Ocean Star soliciting new members to the commission.

The committee approved a motion to request the Code Enforcement send removal and replace memos for the dead/dying trees at 412 and the Marina on Broadway and 219 Sanborn and 2019 Harvard.

Peter Renner requested that members do the street tree inventory with pictures.

The commission agreed on the plan for planting about 6 trees on Washington Avenue. Anne will draft a memo to homeowners for commission approval. The tree species recommended were Honey Locust, Zelkova and Black Gum Tupelo.

Peter Ritchings agreed to contact Manasquan and Brielle for information on their street tree planting programs.

Peter Ritchings will research other town ordinances, particularly Bradley Beach, for aggressive pruning.

Anne will send Chris Riehl a memo regarding dead trees at the bus stop on 35N at the train station and the street end on Trenton and the RR tracks. The memo will recommend that NJ Transit or the DOT remove and replace. Meeting adjourned 8:27 pm

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