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August 2, 2017


August 2, 2017 PB minutes

The August 2, 2017 Regular meeting of the Point Pleasant Beach Planning Board opened at 7:00 pm. The Clerk read the notice of compliance with the "Open Public Meetings Act. Present were Board members: Mr. Paesano, Mr. Tighe, Vice-Chair Russell, Councilman Migut, Mr. Babbini, Mr. Gant and Ms. Villani
Absent: Mr. Ritchings and Chairman Ammirata

Motion by Mr. Paesano, second by vice-chair Russell to memorialize the minutes of July 5, 2017
In favor: Paesano, Russell, Migut, Tighe, Babbini and Villani
Opposed: None

Motion by Councilman Migut, second by Mr. Paesano to memorialize the action and vote approving application #2017-401 of Larry Sarapochillo 212 Channel Drive Block 166; Lots 4 and 5; with conditions

In favor: Paesano, Russell, Migut, Tighe and
Opposed: None

Informal Clayton Family LLC 813 - 815 - Arnold Avenue - Review proposed plans for Ocean First ITM

Jason Shamy, attorney for Ocean Bank presented informal plans for an ITM (Interactive teller machine) teller machine. It will benefit the downtown parking area. Ocean First does not have a drive through. Ray Savacool informed the applicant that if they go forward with the application that it will need site plan approval.

Application #2017-400 Bulldog Beach LLC/Brian Boyle 141 Boardwalk Block 121; Lot 2.08; Zone RR 1 Applicant wishes to subdivide property so that each lot will have one principal structure variances required.

Mr. Paesano has stepped down from the following application.

John Jackson, attorney for application. Google Earth photo marked A-3.
Exhibit A-4 Copy of tax map. Exhibit A-5 subdivision plan A-6 1991-172 Resolution which was never perfected. Exhibit A-7 Zoning resolution 1992-182 A-8 PB minutes 4/15/1993 Exhibit 9 Easement Agreement Exhibit 10 Photo packet

John Jackson explained that the home was recently renovated and the applicant is now looking to sub-divide the two homes and eliminate the D variance condition. They believe they will be making it more conforming. Prior resolution restricts the rental of both homes and the applicant would like to sub-divide and they will pursue eliminating that deed restriction. Ray Savacool confirmed that the deed is filed.

Sid Husain, Professional Engineer with D.W. Smith Associates, sworn, has been an engineer and planner for 44 years, credentials accepted. Sid Husain reviewed setbacks and easements and stated that it will not impede on the easement. It is stated that there will be no additional building. Ray Savacool inquired if they are proposing easements. Ray Savacool said that an access easement would be required and would be a condition. Councilman Migut would like to see the rear home having access through the ocean front property. Ms. Villani inquired if the existing easement could be revoked to create another lot. John Jackson replied only if the neighbor agreed to it. Sid Husain reviewed the Board Engineers letter and stated that he believes this will be more conforming and eliminate the non-conformity of two principal structures. It was explained that 2.08 absorbed the empty lot and 2.07 got the easement. Ray Savacool stated that the sub-division map is not accurate because it is not depicting the stairs and they are actually crossing the proposed property line. Mr. Gant stated that the lot line should be moved to make it even because right now the deck is over the property line. Ray Savacool stated that the submitted plan does not accurately depict what is built today. Sid Husain agrees that is correct. Sid Husain believes that the variances can be granted without detriment to the surrounding area. Ray Savacool stated that the utility easements will need to be perfected along with access easements to allow them to exist.

The public does not want to comment until the plans are accurate. They would like to wait until next meeting. The public portion will be carried to the next meeting.

The Board does not want to continue with the application until the plans are accurate.

Motion by second by to carry application 2017-401 of Bulldog Beach 141 Boardwalk to September 6, 2017 without notice.

In favor - Tighe, Babbini, Russell, Migut, Gant and Villani
Opposed: None

Meeting adjourned at 8:50pm

Attest: Karen L. Mills, LUA, Clerk of the Board

Published September07, 2017 | Planning Board Minutes | 2645

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