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July 5, 2017


July 5, 2017 PB minutes

The July 5, 2017 Regular meeting of the Point Pleasant Beach Planning Board opened at 7:00 pm. The Clerk read the notice of compliance with the "Open Public Meetings Act. Present were Board members: Mr. Ritchings, Mr. Paesano, Mr. Tighe, Vice-Chair Russell, Chairman Ammirata, Councilman Migut, Mr. Babbini and Ms. Villani
Absent: Mr. Gant

Motion by Mr. Ritchings, second by vice-chair Russell to memorialize the minutes of July 5, 2017
In favor: Paesano, Ritchings, Russell, Ammirata, Migut, Tighe and Babbini
Opposed: None

Application #2017-401 Larry Sarapochillo 212 Channel Drive Block 166; Lots 4 and 5; Applicant proposes to utilize first floor as a retail lobster and marine supply store. Applicant also proposes to re-stripe the parking lot.

John Jackson, attorney for applicant stated that Michael Sarapochillo is a lobster fisherman. Michael and his father have arranged to rent this property and install a retail lobster and redistribution center; this way they can store the lobster and be able to wait to sell their catch. Most of the catch is sold directly from the boats. They want to be able thave a few tables to enable people to sit outside and have a sandwich. Fisherman Supply will continue to utilize the second floor for storage as they have been doing for years. There will be some deliveries; the boats roughly come in three times per week.

James Giordano. Civil Engineer/Professional Planner, sworn, credentials accepted reviewed existing conditions. Property located on south side of Channel Drive. The applicant has agreed to make some changes; propose to keep compressor in present location and buffer the sound and shorten the parking space for a compact car. Dumpsters will be relocated to east side of the building right outside of the garage doors and will be sealed containers to control odors. Open to planting a buffer along rear property line. James Giordano stated that there is plenty of room to install bollards in front of the picnic tables for safety. The site provides seven (7) parking spaces. Rear portion of store will be utilized for tanks and preparation of food. This will be providing a beneficial use in the area and James Giordano does not see any detriments to this application. Any lighting will be to code and there will be no spillage. Proposal is a good civic design and efficient use of property; no new variances are proposed. Chairman Ammirata asked for clarification of rear buffer zone. James Giordano clarified that buffer plantings will be installed which will reduce impervious coverage by 1.6%. Mr. Ritchings questioned if it was the structure was a house because it has been referred to as a dwelling a number of times. John Jackson clarified that it is not a house. Mr. Paesano questioned how many employees there will be. John Jackson replied that it is a brand new business at this time so they are not sure; but one or two to begin with. Mr. Paesano inquired if there is enough room for the garage trucks. James Giordano said that they will have to be side loaded or rolled out to be loaded.

John Doyle, attorney for John Hurler, questioned if the applicant had considered the hotel in the rear while designing the plans. James Giordano replied that they had and that the plantings will help reduce the noise. John Doyle questioned the parking requirements. Ray Savacool reviewed the requirements,

Michael Sarapochillo, applicant, sworn stated that he has three (3) Lobster Boats; has been in business since 2005. New fishing regulations have affected the industry so it was a good time to expand and be diverse and control our destiny. Now we can store our fresh product we sell about 50% right off the boat. This gives us a better chance to sell our product locally. The boats come in approximately three times every ten days off loading into the tanks takes about 15 20 minutes. To start there will be three (3) employees if business is good we might expand to another two (2) employees. Deliveries will be made to surrounding restaurants. Believes the picnic tables will allow the public to enjoy their product and maximize business. Fish market waste is purchased by cat food companies and stored in sealed containers for pick-up or delivery. Business will be expanded to lobster/fish retail market. Signage will remain the same - existing sign will just be re-lettered.

John Doyle questioned seating inside Michael Sarapochillo replied that there is no room for seating inside the only seating will be at the two picnic table located outside. Clarified that the only people utilizing the rear door will be employees.

Audience Questions/comments

John Doyle questioned his client John Hurler who is not there as an objector; he is attending to protect his interest (The Atlantic Motel). Just looking for some assurances that the macadam area is kept tidy.

Mr. Paesano inquired if the applicant will be storing anything outside besides fishing equipment. Michael Sarapochillo replied that he has nothing stored outside it all belongs to Fisherman Supplies.

John Jackson gave closing arguments


Councilman Migut Variances sought are pre-existing and relatively diminimus and can be continued without harm or detriment to the Master Plan or the public good. Find the use is inheritantly good for the neighborhood and the Marine Commercial Zone. We see a decrease in impervious coverage as a result of the buffer zone in the rear. Sufficient conditions have been entered into the record with input from a neighboring property owner and will be in favor of the application.

Mr. Paesano I agree with Councilman Migut. I think it is a lower impact than the present use by reducing the macadam add adding the shrubs. It will be more beneficial to the concerned neighbor and is a good application will be in favor

Vice-chair Russell After reviewing the Master Plan I see that the town has a great deal of regard for commercial fishing and wants to see it stay and grow and prosper and believe that the application is in keeping with the Master Plan and I will approve.


1. There will be no indoor seating provided
2. There will be two outdoor tables with a limit of 12 outdoor seats.
3. Sound buffer for compressor will be provided.
4. The dumpster will be relocated as testified to on the record.
5. A rear buffer of Leyland cypress will be provided on the 4 by 50 foot strip.
6. Downward facing lighting will be provided.
7. Sealed dumpsters will be provided.
8. Fish remnants will be stored inside in sealed containers until picked up.
9. Loading will take place on side of building.
10. Debris in rear of property will be cleared.
11. Co will not be issued until conditions are complied with.

Motion by Councilman Migut, second by Mr. Paesano to approve Application #2017-401 Larry Sarapochillo 212 Channel Drive Block 166; Lots 4 and 5; with conditions

In favor Paesano, Ritchings, Russell, Migut, Tighe, Babbini and Ammirata

Opposed: None

Published August07, 2017 | Planning Board Minutes | 2624

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