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June 15, 2017



The June 15, 2017 Regular Meeting of the Board of Adjustment opened at 7:30pm. The clerk read the notice of compliance with the "Open public meetings act." Present were Board members: Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Schneider, Mr. DePolo, Mr. Dixon, Mr. Davis and Ms. Crapser
Absent – Chairman Struncius, Mr. Kelly, Mr. Spader and Mr. Reilly

Motion by Mr. Schneider, second by Mr. Dixon to nominate Mr. Reynolds to be acting Chairman for the evening.
In favor: Schneider, Dixon, Reynolds, DePolo, Davis and Crasper
Opposed: None

Memorialize minutes –
Motion by Mr. Schneider, second by Mr. Dixon to memorialize the minutes of April 20, 2017 –
In favor – Schneider, Dixon, DePolo and Crasper
Opposed: None
Motion by Mr. Schneider, second by Mr. DePolo to memorialize the minutes of April 26, 2017 –
In favor: Schneider, DePolo and Crasper
Opposed: None

Memorialize Resolutions –
Motion by Mr. DePolo, second by Mr. Schneider to memorialize the action and vote denying application of 2016-40 of 3983 Destination LLC – 1601 – 1603 Ocean Ave –
In favor – Schneider, DePolo and Crasper
Motion by Mr. Reynolds, second by Mr. Dixon to memorialize the action and vote approving application 2017-03 of Kendall Keer – 602 New Jersey Ave – with conditions –
In favor: Reynolds, Dixon, Schneider and Davis
Opposed: None

Application #2017-23 – Jeanne Itak – 330 Curtis Avenue – Block 92; lot 6 – Applicant wishes to remove existing deck and construct two additions and a new deck to existing single family dwelling.
Application 2017-15 – Chesla Wechsler/CJ Olszewski – 706 Forman Avenue – Block 57; Lot 14 – Applicant would like to demolish existing detached garage and construct a new detached garage.
John Jackson, attorney for applicant, entered exhibits A-3 colored plot plan. Applicant purchased home in 2015 and would like to give the home a substantial makeover. Variances requested are building and impervious coverage. They would like to take the craftsman style home and upgrade it. Home is located across from the High School and parking can be a challenge. Home is modest in square footage and believes this home fits well in the neighborhood.

John C. Amelchenko, Professional architect sworn, credentials accepted. Home located directly across from High School and next to the church rectory. Home has good bones and character. Applicant would like to add some simple details (craftsman columns, decorative stone and widen staircase); minimally increasing encroachment for front porch. John Amelchenko sees advantages to preserving the home. In the rear of the home the applicants would like to increase the garage to a two car garage. The home does not have a basement and the applicants could use the storage. Seeking a couple of variances for the garage setbacks – the reason for that is we want to push the garage back so it is not compromising moving in and out of the garage. They will be removing the concrete in the rear yard. The garage is about 7% building coverage. Mr. Dixon inquired how the applicant will access the storage space. Mr. Davis clarified that there is a substantial addition to the second story rear of the home and it appears to be a two-story home. Mr. Amelchenko said that yes it is a two story home but from the front it looks like a story and a half and he believes the homes provides the adequate air, light and space. John Jackson stated that John Amelchenko has put a lot of thought on how this design will work.
1. Garage is not to be used for overnight accommodations
2. The garage is not to have any plumbing (except hose bib), air conditioning or cooking facilities.
3. The deck will be reduced to 8 inches off the ground and the concrete below the deck will be removed.
4. Any future expansion of the home will need board approval.
5. Resolution will be recorded as a deed restriction

Mr. Schneider – I think it is an excellent design – I appreciate the older designs – this will make it even look better. I am a little disappointed with the garage – but I appreciate the need for a two car garage.
Mr. Dixon – My concern was the setback of the garage – I still think that it could have been moved forward two feet. Looking to hear what everyone else has to say about it.
Mr. DePolo – Initially concerned about the front porch - but since it is just the stairs my concerns were alieved. I can appreciate the parking situation over at the High School – I can understand the need for a two car garage. Not too concerned about the garage setback and am leaning towards approval.
Mr. Davis – As an owner of an older home I can understand wanting to upgrade the character of the house but I believe the two car garage is simply overpowering and a detriment to the zone. It takes up nearly 40% of a small back yard. Point Pleasant Beach High School is not new, it has been here a long time – parking has been a problem in this neighborhood since kids started driving to school. It is just something that this generation has to deal with. I just think the addition of a two car garage is just too powerful for this space.
Ms. Crasper – I think the design is in character with the neighborhood; the garage is next to another garage but I also believe it is too large. I think changes could be made. I know a two car garage is a plus but sometimes it just can’t be done.
Acting chair Reynolds - I was also focused on the front porch – the garage is large – I did go by and the only people that will see the garage are the home owners. I think it is a nice design – the garage is large let’s see where it goes.
Motion by Mr. Schneider, second by Mr. DePolo to approve application # 2017-15 of Chesla Wechsler/CJ Olszewski – 706 Forman Avenue – Block 57; Lot 14 – with conditions
In favor – Schneider, Dixon, DePolo, Crasper and Reynolds
Opposed: Davis
Application approved with conditions

Application #2017-13 – White Sands – 1100- 1108 Ocean Avenue – Block 29.01; Lot 1 – Applicant wishes to erect two deck enclosures with additional seating for restaurant and a canopy with removable sides. Also applicant would like additional portable signage for the restaurant.
Robert Shea, attorney for the applicant, stated that the application only involves the enclosure of the deck area on the Oceanside restaurant. There is no change to the footprint, decking, operation or seating. Not doing anything other than enclosing the existing deck. This is just to provide more climate control for the people at the restaurant.
Massimo Yezzi, licensed architect/Professional Planner, stated that this is just a temporary enclosure to be a weather buffer from the ocean and enhance the quality of life for the patrons. The enclosure retracts and open as needed (telescoping). The enclosure is comprised of a Glass roof with canvass; there will be no electricity or heating. This will have no negative effect on the Master Plan; it will make the site itself more usable and improve the quality of life for the residents. Ray Savacool stated that plans would have to be submitted to the Building Department and they will make sure that they are adequately tethered and secured and that any runoff would be going into the sand.
Schneider – I do not see any negative impact in the area or neighborhood. See it as a positive for the operation; hasn’t changed the foot print – do not see an issue
Dixon – This will be nice for the restaurant – maybe they will get more customers this way. The White Sands is a very well run organization and this will be a nice improvement. Do not have a problem with it.
DePolo – Does not have a problem with it either – anything to help improve their business – no negative impact and once again the principals have been very civic minded and community oriented. Knows that it will only be used for good use.
Davis – Concurs and sees it as an enhancement – it adds to the utility of the outdoor space which is a benefit to the use. Has no objection
Crasper - Sees no negatives to installing the enclosure - it will be nice having everyone outside undercover – out of the sun.
Reynolds – As long as you have been there I have known it to be a good operation. Your place is beautiful in the back; looks great and this is definitely a positive move for your business. On a cool night you close it and the customers stay for that extra drink or dessert.
Motion by Mr. Dixon, second by Mr. Schneider to approve Application #2017-13 of the White Sands – 1100- 1108 Ocean Avenue – Block 29.01; Lot 1 with conditions
In favor; Schneider, Dixon, DePolo, Davis, Crasper and Reynolds
Opposed: None

1. All conditions of previous resolutions are to remain in full force.

Karen L. Mills, LUA

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm

Attest: Karen L. Mills, LUA
Clerk of the Board

Published August02, 2017 | Board of Adjustment Minutes | 2615

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