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May 1, 2017

Shade Tree Commission Minutes

Present: Anne Lightburn, Elaine Hennessy, Peter Ritchings, Clem Bremer, and Peter Renner
Absent: Councilman Vogel

Anne Lightburn called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Minutes from the April 3rd meeting were approved as submitted.

Anne reported that a revised plan for Brave New World has been set to the Mayor for him to work with Bill Lamers.

Anne reported that Councilman Cortes is open to accepting proposals for planting at the RR tracks. Anne presented the draft developed with members of the Environmental Commission. Members voted to give their approval to the draft.

Peter Renner is following up with Elaine Petrillo regarding the tree removal by the county at 300 Chicago. The commission voted to request code enforcement to request a bond and requirement to plant in accordance with the borough’s ordinance.

Clem and Peter Renner have not been able to schedule a meeting with St. Peter’s to work out a solution for replanting three trees taken down as an emergency without a permit. They will continue to try scheduling.

Peter Renner developed a target tree planting list for Washington Avenue. He asked that commission members pick six sites that they feel would be best. Forfeited bond money will be used to plant the trees. This is a new initiative to “reforest” streets with very few street trees.

Peter Renner if following up with Elaine Petrillo regarding code enforcement correspondence for 307 Central, 119 Atlantic and 35 parkway regarding removal and replacement of their hazard trees.

Peter Ritchings is going to check on trees ordinances for Bradley Beach and Manasquan for potential improvements to ours.

Peter Renner is developing a tree inventory form that each member can use to begin building a much needed street tree inventory. Peter Ritchings volunteered to do district 4, Anne Atlantic, New Jersey and New York Avenues in District 3, Peter Renner Arnold to Forman in District 3, and Clem Philadelphia Avenue and south in District 3. Peter is going to see if there is an App for GPS for identifying tree location. This is a much needed new initiative.

Anne will send Mayor Reid and Eileen Farrell an email regarding Clem’s resignation.

Meeting adjourned 8:20 pm

Published June06, 2017 | Shade Tree Committee Minutes | 2589

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