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May 16, 2017

Council Meeting Minutes

Executive Session, indicated on the agenda, was not held due to lack of quorum.

Mayor Reid called the meeting to order at 7:29PM. Also present were Councilmen Cortes, Mayer, and Migut. Councilman Vogel arrived at 7:31PM. Councilmen Toohey and Santanello were absent. The Municipal Clerk read the notice indicating compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act.


The Clerk announced an amendment to the May 2, 2017 Council Meeting minutes. Motion by Councilman Migut to approve the May 2, 2017 Council meeting minutes, as amended, was seconded by Councilman Mayor and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Councilmen Cortes, Mayer, Migut….YEA


ZO Petrillo RE: Curb Cuts:
1 206 Central – APPPROVAL ADDED AS 2D (Contingent upon centering on garage doors)


Councilman Vogel: received positive feedback on two 5k runs that were held with the revised route – worked well; the Chamber Art Walk is on June 3rd; asked for fencing around the Inlet for events going on this weekend (Mayor Reid: that will be done).

Councilman Cortes: on May 6th, he and the Beautification Committee put flags out on the light poles downtown – are working on the gardens on Parkway today and getting the mulch out – thanked the County, BA/CFO Riehl, DPW Super. Trout for dropping it off in the Perks lot and the Storinos for allowing that; the Environmental Commission meets tomorrow – they submitted a planting suggestion, with a choice of plants, for feedback; Mr. Leach is moving things into the bath house; the Inlet breach is horrible; Route 35 looks good – thanked Councilman Vogel for his persistence and Mayor Reid for getting it paved (Councilman Vogel: kudos to the Engineer too – he did some follow-up and called them out as the original work was not done to even minimum standards); the State installed sidewalks handicap curbs at Maryland and Delaware Avenues – there is now no excuse not to use the crosswalks; met with JCPL about the Cooks Ln property – DPW Super. Trout will call the electrician to switch service at the Sea Coast property from 3-phase to standard service, so poles can be removed; he will be in Rotary dunk tank on Saturday (Councilman Vogel will be in as well).
On behalf of Councilman Santanello, gave the Police Committee report – recent training includes Taser instruction, canine training, NJ State Police supervision school, Ocean County Regional SWAT training – arrests for disorderly conduct, shoplifting, defiant trespass and possession of stolen property – warned of loose change and other items being taken from unlocked vehicles overnight – District 3 & 4 parking ordinances and seasonal one-way streets are in effect; 34 PPB Special Officers are graduating tonight and starting work on May 19th – it's National Police Week – honored 145 officers who lost their lives in 2016 and 48 in 2017.

Councilman Mayer: questioned what the Festival of the Sea is costing taxpayers – asked Councilman Vogel if there is any financial information – not ready to move forward on it because of his concerns – asked that item 1d be voted on separately (ITEM 1D WILL BECOME RESOLUTION 4); asked that it be clarified that APPROVAL OF ITEM 1R WOULD BE UPON BOND ORDINANCE BECOMING ADOPTED AND BECOMING EFFECTIVE; reminded Clerk to remind the Parking Authority of information that must be obtained for item 1w; asked that ITEM 3A BE HELD (no objection), as it is not just reimbursement for Special Officers, but regular officers as well – there is some history on this with the Court Shared Services agreement; not convinced that all police vehicles should become SUVs – sedans are cheaper by 15% or more (Lt. Quaglia: are significantly down on vehicles – if one breaks down or if there is an accident, will be dead in the water) also not clear on the account to which it’s being charged – needs more information from BA/CFO Riehl, so he would abstain on item 3f; 2 bond ordinances on are on the agenda for 2nd reading; spoke about Parking Authority Ordinances – explained that a Parking Services Agency would be part of the municipal government – not a separate authority – limited budget – provides for the appointment of a Supervisor of the Parking Services Agency (Councilman Vogel: still allows the use of PATS; Councilman Cortes....)


Motion to adjourn (with public hearings to be carried to the next regularly-scheduled Council meeting*) by Councilman Mayer was seconded by Councilman Cortes and carried by consent of Council. Meeting was adjourned at 7:55PM.
*Mayor later called for a Special Meeting on May 30, 2017 to address these & other matters.

Eileen A. Farrell, RMC
Municipal Clerk

Published May30, 2017 | Council Minutes | 2575

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