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April 24, 2017

Point Pleasant Beach Recreation Committee
Meeting Minutes

CTO: 8:05 PM

Members in Attendance: Scott Crowley, Maryann Ellsworth, Chairman Sean Hennessy and Council Liaison Bob Santanello.
Park Co-Directors: Victoria Fioretti and Robert Maloney
Member of Public: Debra Vazquez

2016 Program Revenues vs. Expenses
Summer Park Program
Easter Egg Hunt Report

Gave park counselor applications to Victoria along with approval to reach out to 2016 Counselors to see if they are interested in returning for the 2017 season. Both Victoria and Bob provided contact phone numbers.
2016 Operating budgets for sponsored events were discussed. Park program cost $5,778.62; Surf camp made $660.00; Basketball Program cost $788.97 and Easter Egg Hunt cost $145.38. Non self-sustaining program costs were covered by annual recreation budget of $5,000.00 and what is left in the Recreation Trust Fund.
Discussion ensued regarding raising park program fee. Decision was made to raise registration fee to $225.00 per child for the six-week program with a late registration fee of $250.00.
Also discussed was internal refund program; no refunds except for pro-rated refunds in special circumstances decided by committee on a case by case basis.
Park Registration Dates:
05/08/17, 2:30 to 4:30 PM at the Antrim School
05/20/17, 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon at Pleasure Park
06/03/17, 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon at Pleasure Park

Chairman Hennessy will check for additional counselor applications.
Councilman Santanello will check on last day of school, availability of Antrim School gym and whether (when) there will be a summer enrichment program. He will also have Fire Chief call Victoria regarding wet-down day. Park program will run from 06/26/17 through 08/04/17 dependent upon last day of school and enrichment program dates.

Committee reviewed the policy for use of park by others, while park program is in session, with the new Park Program Directors.

Sean provided report on Easter Egg Hunt:
Costs: Prizes – Approximately $150.00; Eggs/Candy - $125.00
Donations: Big Fun Toys, Carol Anne, Hoffman’s Ice Cream, Jenkinson’s Boardwalk and Stop & Shop
Participants: 81
Pre-K: 27
K – 1: 26
2 – 3: 23
Special Ed: 5

Meeting adjourned 9:18 PM

Published May30, 2017 | Recreation Committee Minutes | 2574

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