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April 5, 2017


April 5, 2017 minutes

The April 5, 2017 Regular meeting of the Point Pleasant Beach Planning Board opened at 7:00 pm. The Clerk read the notice of compliance with the "Open Public Meetings Act. Present were Board members: Mr. Liotta, Mr. Tighe, Vice-Chair Russell, Chairman Ammirata, Councilman Migut, Mr. Babbini, Mr. Gant and Ms. Villani
Absent: Mr. Paesano

Memorialize minutes – March 1, 2017 – Motion by Councilman Migut, second by Mr. Ritchings to memorialize the minutes of March 1, 2017

In favor: Ritchings, Russell, Ammirata, Migut and Babbini
Opposed: None

Motion by Councilman Migut, second by Mr. Ritchings to memorialize the action and vote approving the amendment to Application #2016-396-Residences at Bay Point
CA – 320 Maryland Avenue – Open air Pavilion

In favor: Ritchings, Russell, Migut, Babbini and Ammirata
Opposed: None

2017-398 – Cincinnati Washington LP – 500 Washington Avenue - Block – 16.01; Lot 10.01 (including lots 25 through 27 and 30 through32) – The applicant is seeking approval immediately for a tenant to occupy one unit, 1,120 sq. feet for a Thai Restaurant with both takeout and sit down service. The owner is also seeking approval for any future change in use to permit up to 4,000 square feet of restaurant area in the shopping center.

Dan Popovitch, attorney for applicant. Dan Popovitch reviewed application and explained that the applicant is looking for an approval to have a certain amount of square footage preapproved for restaurants. This way when he gets a tenant they will not have to get a change of use variance which keeps them from opening their business in a timely manner. Philiaya Gibson, tenant, looking for change of use variance to open a Thai restaurant. It will be a sit down and take out facility. They will have deliveries in the future once the business is established. She presently works at Siam Basil in Sea Girt so she is very experienced. The building will be brought up to code. Hours will be 11:30am till 10pm; approximately 4 employees. She will be open 7 days a week during the busy season.

Dan Popovitch commented that there are different types of businesses located in the strip mall that draw customers at different times of day. Parking is more than adequate to sustain them all.

Gary Hofing, applicant, stated that the unit is approximately 1200 square feet. There are a total of 6 rental spaces with the largest being 2900 square feet. Country Farms (2900 square feet) busy time is early morning. Luigis Pizza Parlor is basically a takeout business. The hair salon is busiest on the weekend. He said this space had been previously utilized as a store that sold granola.

Dennis Galvin stated that the parking is adequate to serve the businesses presently but wonders if the uses change how that will affect parking. There are 50 parking spaces; Ray Savacool stated that if every space was a restaurant with 24 seats you would need 55 spaces but we are not approving every space for a restaurant. As long as the total parking demand does not exceed the amount available you should be able to do so.

The applicant has agreed to remove the dumpster (Country Farm) at north east end of the building and supply 2 yard dumpsters in rear of units (west side) after maxing out approved dumpster location and southern end.

Chairman Ammirata inquired how the dumpsters will be picked up. The applicant stated that the dumpsters are on wheels and can be rolled out. The applicant has agreed to replace the missing tree from the site plan. The applicant has agreed to replace the parking lot lights with LED 3000 kelvin.

No public questions/comments

Councilman Migut stated that it is a good site plan application, relatively basic, it will be a fine addition to Point Pleasant Beach’s culinary offerings, the parking will be sufficient, as far as future approvals, it will guide the land accordingly. Will be in favor of application

Motion by Councilman Migut, second by Mr. Ritchings to approve application #2017-398 – Cincinnati Washington LP – 500 Washington Avenue with conditions.

In favor – Ritchings, Russell, Migut, Babbini, Villani


1. The owner of the property is permitted to add additional restaurants or to expand the Thai restaurant, provided the total number of seats within the Center does not trigger the need for a parking variance.

2. The north end dumpsters are to be moved behind the building line. If the existing dumpster area becomes maxed out, the owner may permit additional dumpsters behind the building line, provided they are not visible from the street.

3. The owner is to replace the dead street tree.

4. The owner is to replace the site lighting with 3000 kelvin LED lighting.

5. The dumpster currently located on Washington Street will be moved behind the building and is not to be visible from that street.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25pm

Attest: Karen L. Mills, LUA, Clerk of the Board

Published May25, 2017 | Planning Board Minutes | 2571

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