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April 25 2017

Beautification Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:05PM by Jacqui Reid
The following members were in attendance Mary Steiner, Dave Cavagnaro, Beth Cox, Sandy Pasola., Barbara Russell, Mary Lynn Ritchings, Dorothy Hadley, Maureen Kale, Angela Fioretti, Sue Dietz, Andy Cortes
Minutes - Sue Dietz moved and Sandy Pasola seconded approval of last meetings minutes. Approved unanimously
Flags - Small flags will be put on poles downtown on Saturday May 6, four crews are needed meeting at Bank of America at 8:00am
Barrels - Andy to check the barrel metal rims, some are broken and need repair.
Flower Order - Placed with Barlow's, to be delivered week of May 14 to Jacqui Reid's driveway. Email will be sent after flowers are sorted as being available for pickup.
Mary and Liz to assemble fertilizer packets.
DPW advised there is a mulch shortage,
Flowers should be planted before boat race week May 18-21
Suggestion made that after flowers were planted in the barrels they be reviewed for appearance and cost per barrel for planning for next year
Garden Spots - Sprinklers reported to be turned on, check to see if all works ok.
Need to check with Gary as to status of thank you note to Lisa Faitoute at the high school.
Barrel and garden List - New list was handed out.
Gazebo - Town is getting estimates for scraping and painting Gazebo by Post Office.
Borough Hall - Environmental was meeting with borough hall about plantings along the railroad tracks
No members of the public attended
Meeting adjourned 7:45pm

Published May24, 2017 | Beautification Committee Minutes | 2570

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