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April 3, 2017

Point Pleasant Beach Shade Tree Commission

Present: Anne Lightburn, Elaine Hennessy, Peter Ritchings, Clem Bremer, and Peter Renner
Absent: Councilman Vogel

Anne Lightburn called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Minutes from the January 2, 2017 and February 3 minutes were approved with corrections.

Anne reported that she is working on a revised plan for Brave New World and Peter Ritchings will join here at the site to finalize plans. Mayor Reid will work with Mr. Lamers on the new plan. Clem requested using trees of different species.

Peter will check with Elaine Petrillo if the homeowner at 719 Trenton posted a bond as voted on by the council.

Anne will contact councilman Vogel to determine next steps for a tree and shrub replacement plan at the RR tracks next to borough hall. All are opposed to a fence.

The hazard tree at 300 Chicago has been removed but to the commissionís knowledge no permit was requested. Peter Renner will follow-up with Elaine Petrillo.

Clem and Peter Renner will meet with St. Peterís to work out a solution for replanting three trees taken down as an emergency without a permit. Trees removed under emergency condition still require bonding and replanting.

Anne will copy Elaine Petrillo on her communications with the Masonic Lodge to plant a 5-6 foot American holly as a condition for releasing their bond. They have not done so at this time.

Elaine will get the addresses of firms doing tree trimming and removal work for Peter Renner to send letters informing them of the boroughís tree removal ordinance and requirement for removing street trees or those in the borough right-of-way.

The commission discussed the need to update the shade tree ordinance. It was felt that involving councilman Vogel up front was important. Peter Ritchings said he would look at other town ordinances.

Meeting adjorned at 8:05 pm

Published May02, 2017 | Shade Tree Committee Minutes | 2553

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