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March 6, 2017

Point Pleasant Beach Shade Tree Commission

Present: Peter Ritchings, Anne Lightburn, Clem Bremer and Peter Renner
Absent: Elaine Hennessy and Council Liaison Tom Vogel
Anne Lightburn called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Minutes from the January 9th meeting were approved as submitted. Minutes from the February 6, 2017 were approved as edited.
Anne reported that there is a consent resolution on Tuesday’s Council meeting to approve waiving the body and replanting requirements at 719 Trenton. As a decision to not issue a permit was made in September, the commission wants to ask the council to remove item 1u, to allow time for the Shade Tree Commission to state its case for not approving the removal of the tree and opposing waiving fees and replanting requirements. Anne will draft a memo.
Peter Renner has been in contact with Counsel Riordan regarding Brave New World and has been providing paper work to him. Anne has not heard if Mayor Reid has been able to talk with Mr. Lamers on the issue of replanting.
The commission voted No, at this time, on the request to remove a tree at 406 Broadway. As it is difficult to assess the health of a tree in March, the commission decided to revisit this request in May/June. Peter will notify Elaine Petrillo on the denial and let her know it is on watch list for review late spring.
The commission agreed to plant a tree at 115 Trenton or on Trenton with forfeited bond money. Peter Renner will come up with plans.
The property owner at 300 Chicago took down a street tree without a permit. Peter will follow-up with Elaine to request a bond and replanting or fining.
Peter Renner will draft letters to property owners with hazardous street trees for Code enforcement to send.
The commission decided to not participate in Arbor Day. Clem reviewed the I-tree software and thought it would be very beneficial for developing a tree inventory. Unfortunately no one is willing to tackle using it. Peter Ritchings is going to see if there is an interest by the Boy Scouts to work with the software and collect data.
Peter Renner plans to follow-up with John Mehan from JCPL He will notify commission members of the schedule in case they want to attend.
Meeting adjourned 7:52 pm

Published April24, 2017 | Shade Tree Committee Minutes | 2547

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