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October 25, 2016

Beautification Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM by Gary Mecca

The following members were in attendance Mary Steiner, Dave Cavagnaro, Gary Mecca, Penny Mecca, Beth Cox, Sandy Pasola. Jacqui Reid, Jacqui Glass, Susie Carey, Dorothy Hadley, Maureen Kale, Barbara Russell, Mary Lynn Ritchings, Elia Desruisseaux, Donna Palsi, Andy Cortes

Minutes - Penny Mecca moved and Beth Cox seconded approval of last meetings minutes. Approved unanimously.

Gardens and Barrels - Clean out Barrels by Nov 6, contact Gary if you need bags or help with getting it done.

Town Mulch is available, plant refuse from Sandy's point not yet picked up, Andy to contact DPW.

Scarecrow contest - Eleven children's entries. Winners were
Patriotic - Trumpkin by the art club, second place - Mrs Mechler's Shining Stars 2nd grade,
Scariest - Rescue Crow - Ms Allizo 3rd grade
Individual - Join the Boyscout.s, Joshia
New Jersey - Bruce Scaresteen - Mrs Simonovich 4th grade
Original - Angry Birdcrow - Mrs Phrister, Second place - Sponge Bob Scare Pants - Mrs Moberg's 1st grade
Winners will announced by Sandy at Antrim school on Halloween.

Merchant winners - 1st place Bain's Hardware. 2nd place - The Bee, 3rd place - Valentine House. Acknowledgement of participation to be sent to Ocean Star for all merchants

Christmas - To meet at 9:00am Oct 26 at Women's Club to inventory Christmas decorations. Decision made that shiny red and silver balls will be put n wreath six on each side, twelve total per wreath for down town. Jacqui Reid coordinate acquiring from Dollar store and organizing attaching to wreaths. Greens for barrels to be delivered to Jacqui Reid's driveway Nov 9 and available for pickup after that date. Chamber to be notified about taking down corn stalks before we can decorate poles. Sandy, Liz and Mary to bands and bows on barrels. Wooden rain deer to be placed at Bird Sanctuary, Gazebo, Town Hall, Sandy's Point and the Welcome Sign

Flags - Need to buy additional straps and brackets. Company that sells them said that stainless steel brackets would not improve situation due to wind exposure, just cause the poles to break

DPW lunch to be in December form Jersey Mike's. Have all baked goods to Dave's porch on Sunday 12/11.

Christmas party to be held at Dave's house with tentative date of Dec 8 6:30pm (Thursday). If you wish to participate in gift exchange brings wrapped gift (up to $15). Liz to coordinate food, either appetizer or desert. Significant others are invited.

Budget update - All budgeted monies have been spent based on purchased for holiday activities.

Report form Andy Cortes - DPW to prune trees on Arnold Ave. Business owners are responsible for maintaining their properties including weeding. Can request weeding support from county detainees in advance for next year but cannot be guaranteed requested date. Police say security camera by Green Planet is working, but it did not cover viewing area on barrel destroyed. Strip of land on Rt35 North by BOA is owned by them and they are responsible for maintaining. Recommended that committee again request finds from Boat Parade for next year. Shade tree commission continues to review removal of tree by River Market. Cell tower by parking lot by Lake on Arnold Ave should be down by end of October. Elia brought up issue of maintenance around Tower ad as a problem to be considered for next year.

Member of the public Al Steiner had no questions or comments.

No November meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50pm.

Published April03, 2017 | Beautification Committee Minutes | 2525

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